marseille soap vs castile soap
Today there are only a few. It is REALLY good for your skin. When I use this pure Castile bar, it feels like such a traditional (and Italian) way of bathing. Then I thought: Maybe I should try Castile soap? Here are the differences: Castile soap is made ONLY with pure olive oil, lye, and water. What are they made of? Finally, the last difference between those soaps is the concentration of oils used in the mix. Here are my soap spoons. And which is better?

In fact, it can be a bit drying.

The law has since been amended to allow other vegetable oils to be used. I NOW have the answers! By 1688, Louis XIV introduced regulations in the Edict of Colbert limiting the use of the name savon de Marseille to olive oil based soaps. I read somewhere is that it is "bastardized" Castile soap (hence the name). It's all about the additional oils used in the recipe. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published, Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. You know why I'm a hot process soap making girl? First of all their geographic origins. In this section, I'm going to give you a quick bullet point rundown of each kind of soap. Is one better than the other?

It has a very creamy lather, but it's NOT bubbly, and it is not very cleansing either. But when mixed with 75% (at least) olive oil, you will have a soap that is not only cleansing but still highly conditioning. I really do. If I'm not sure how the soap will turn out, I try to create smaller batches. I love both of these soaps. Then I came across bastille soap. They provide a great chart so you get an idea about how the soap will cleanse, lather, and condition skin. And here are the differences between each kind of soap in this soap science experiment! It can also be used in agriculture as a pesticide. Production in that city started at least 2000 years ago, in Europe soap was introduced in the early 16th century. I found out the answers to this one when I made my first Bastille-Honey Handmade Soap., Privacy Policy, Affiliate Disclosures, Disclaimers. Traditionally, the soap is made by mixing sea water from the Mediterranean Sea, olive oil, and the alkaline ash from sea plants together in a large cauldron (usually making about 8 tons). To do this, you need to know the qualities of different oils. What you can do is add the kind of oil that will help give your Bastille soap extra qualities that Castile soap just doesn't have. Bastille soap? They should always be wooden or plastic (heat resistant). Just saying. You’ll also get access to the Free Resource Library, where you can download your copy of the Hot Process Soap Making Checklist and LOTS more!


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