maramarua forest permit
The area is good for upland game but with limited waterfowl opportunities. Take a means of communication in case of emergency i.e.

To hunt on any private lands, hunters must approach the landowners for permission.

Department of Conservation | Te Papa Atawhai, Permits for use of weapons not covered by the national hunting permit (i.e.

The northern side of the property is bordered by the ocean and it's an extremely beautiful coastline. Access is easily achieved with a permit required outside of the normal balloted week. Te Miro and Te Tapui hunting blocks are open for balloted hunting only from 1 March through until 30 April. You can also request a permit from your local DOC office. Follow advice provided on all warning signs. High fire danger, adverse weather and operational requirements do require us to close our forests from time to time. Topuni Forest Wellsford; Permits are only issued through the Fish & Game Northland office. When applying you will need to give personal details of the hunter and then select each area in which you expect to hunt over the next four months. Ensure you do not hunt on restricted hunting areas unless you have received separate consent from the relevant DOC issuing office.

The area has mostly been shot over for waterfowl but has numbers of upland game including pheasant & quail. Additional information may be provided on gate or road signs. For information on smaller, separate reserves or conservation areas contact the DOC office. This hunting block forms part of the remnants of the original well known Hikurangi swamp. See Te Miro and Te Tapui Scenic Reserves. There is camping and other  accommodation handy, but it's best to phone around to see if dogs are allowed to stay. This site abounds with waterfowl as well as native species. Shot Sizes & Non-Toxic Energy Equivalents, How to build a Maimai - Plans and Construction Guidelines, Making and servicing grey teal nest boxes, Safety notes from the Mountain Safety Council, The Clinton and Worsley Controlled Backcountry Fisheries, Turning the Tide – Speakers Presentations, How to plug your pump-action shotgun magazine, Jenn Sheppard accepts PhD for mallard thesis dedicated to ‘all keen duck hunters’, Effects of Surgically Implanted Transmitters on Reproduction and Survival in Mallards, Insights into Duckling Survival & Female Mallard Brooding Behaviour, Leading Mallard Duck Researcher Jenn Sheppard Updates Fish & Game, Tracking Mallards – Latest Word from the Researchers, Top Canadian Duck Researcher Recruited For Mallard Team, Citizen Science For Reporting On Mallard Brood, Survival And Habitat, Northland Secondary School Clay Target Competition, Auckland / Waikato Region Contact Information, Nelson / Marlborough Region Contact Information, North Canterbury Region Contact Information, Central South Island Region Contact Information, Felt Soled Waders Restrictions New Zealand, Wairua River Wildlife Management Reserve, Hikurangi, Manganui River Wildlife Management Reserve, Waiotira, Puwheke Recreation Reserve, Cape Karikari, (Weekends only) Te Hiku Forest, Kaitaia /Houhora/ Te Kao, Hancock Forest Management (NZ) Ltd - Various (60,000 plus hectares) Throughout Northland (Weekends only). To view the boundary between the Northland and Auckland/Waikato Fish & Game regions, please click here to download the map. Forest Roads. Shooting opportunity varies with the presence of flood water but it can produce good results. Species available are the usual mallard, grey, paradise, spoonbill and pukeko. Hunters must contact the Northland Fish & Game Office with their details and pay for their permit (see fees below). Birds available are mallard, grey, shelduck, swan and pukeko. This area of swamp land holds a variety of bird species. The permit is for the full length of the open game season. Hunting rules - Regions with magazine restrictions, Max. When this occurs all public entry (permitted or otherwise) will be suspended. The area also has a reasonable number of wild pheasants.

harvesting operations) unless this has been pre-approved by a Rayonier Matariki Forests representative. Accommodation on offer is the same as Puwheke. This block is situated on the west coast side of State Highway 1 in sand dune country. Dogs are permitted and accommodation is available in and around Kaitaia. Waterfowl hunting opportunities are also available at Lakes Omapere and Owhareiti in central Northland. 3.

Maramarua is a locality in the north-eastern part of the Waikato District of New Zealand. The Waikato embraces the lower reaches of the Waikato, New Zealand’s longest river. The local DOC office details are: Whangarei Office, 2 Southend Ave, Raumanga, Whangarei (09) 470 3300, Bay of Islands Office, 34 Landing Road, Kerikeri (09) 407 0300, Kauri Coast Office, 150 Colville Road, RD 7, Dargaville (09) 439 345, Kaitaia Office, 25 Matthews Ave, Kaitaia  (09) 408 6014. Amongst the fertile pastureland are a number of low bush clad ranges, which provide good habitat for wild pigs. Terms and conditions for forest entry and road use are provided with your permit. As such we have three arrangements in place for public access. Most forests are open weekends and a number are available for hunting seven days a week. Production forests carry risk - high winds, fire hazards, logging trucks and machinery operating, to name a few - and we need to know when you are in our forest and that you are safe. Postal Address:PO Box 25003, Whangarei 0148.

Comply in full with the conditions under which the hunting permit is issued. Dogs are permitted and generally  needed for birds taken over water. Operational Activity. A permit is required through any DOC office in the Northland region, and dogs are allowed. Major pond site excavation works have provided hunters with eight shooting sites with formed access roads.

Terms and conditions for forest entry and road use are provided with your permit. Select a region to discover the role of local Fish & Game Council, find freshwater fishing and game bird hunting information specific to that region. Comply with each area's special conditions for hunting and the use of dogs.

This property has been developed to enhance its waterfowl potential. Numerous shelduck, black swan and mallards inhabit these areas. Hunters who want to hunt on Fish & Game wetlands or forestry lands, must  apply for a permit which allows them to carry a firearm and use a dog on those properties.

The following areas are available for game bird hunting: This is a DOC-administered property, which has been developed for the recreational use of licenced hunters. Upland game can be found here. Permits for weekend hunting only are only issued through the Fish & Game Office. cell phone.

The issued permit is for hunting in the conservation area only and not in the pine forest. Access is relatively easy with accommodation at Houhora.

This hunting block forms part of the very extensive Manganui River flood plain. Dogs are permitted but hunters need to carefully consider the native bird species present and ensure ensure their dogs are controlled. Do not block entry by parking in front of gates. Access to these lakes is across private land and hunters who want to visit these sites, should contact this office to obtain further information on landowners.

Find out about pesticide use in the area you are hunting in before your trip.

The following locations are available for game bird hunting: Please note that the lakes and associated wetlands in the Te Paki Reserve will be closed due to the invasive aquatic weed, Gypsywort. Access is by road to the perimeter and then on foot to the interior. The permit is for the whole game season. Do not block entry by parking in front of gates.

The area provides a significant habitat for all swamp wildlife, and has been the mainstay of waterfowl hunting the Whangarei area.

The birds tend to drop into the pockets, which make for some exciting shooting during flood conditions. A permit is required for each licenceholder and does not cover a party or group of hunters. State Highway 2 runs through the settlement. Get permission from any private land owners before you cross their land.

The permitted areas cover blocks either side of the Karikari Peninsula with plenty of room to explore. There is road access to the property's  perimeter with some stands being located on an offshore area, which is reached by boat or punt. An extensive series of access maps provides hunters with good directions and descriptions.

The permit fee covers a requirement for each licenceholder to have a $2,000.000 Public Liability insurance and $500,000 Rural Fire insurance before they can enter any of Hancock Forest Management (NZ) Ltd forests. This wetland is open to all licenceholders following the second weekend after opening week, and may be used for the rest of the season. This excludes all hunting. Gun dogs are allowed but they must be well controlled. The  block also has a reasonable number of pheasants and quail. 1. Species found there include mallard, grey, paradise, pukeko, pheasant, quail and the ever-elusive spoonbill. Because forests are workplaces, there is an element of risk, for all visitors. Legal access is by walking downstream from the bridge which goes over the Manganui River on Waiotira – Mititai Road and into the Reserve. An extensive series of access maps provides hunters with good directions and descriptions. A permit to shoot the lake areas can be obtained by phoning any DOC office in the Northland region. The property is owned by Northland Fish & Game and all hunting is via a ballot system. Any particular hunter may only book one of three hunting blocks at a time, and may only book in the current year. Game available includes mallard, grey, shelduck, black swan, pukeko, pheasant, and California quail.

This extensive property has been returned to something close to a pure swampland state. Licenceholders have access to many thousands of hectares, and in some cases areas which have not previously had any hunting pressure. The permit fee covers a requirement for each licenceholder to have public liability and fire insurance as noted, before they can enter any of the Matariki/Rayonier Forests. The area covered by this permit is large and should provide hunters with excellent hunting in scrub and grass terrain. Ballots may be applied for when stands are advertised as vacant. The permit fee covers a requirement for each licenceholder to have public liability and fire insurance as noted, before they can enter any of the Matariki/Rayonier Forests. Access is by road to the fringes with foot access to the rest of the area.


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