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Discover today's celebrity birthdays and explore famous people who share your birthday. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. He also runs a program accusing Mao Xiaotong of being unfilial and not giving himself living expenses. So does Nothing But Thirty mark a breaking of new ground for feminist narratives in the mainstream, or are its themes mere window-dressing for more TV fluff? [8][9], In 2017, Mao played her first leading role in Hunan TV's romantic comedy drama Delicious Destiny. First Impression: What do you think of Tang Yan and Shawn Dou’s The Legend of Xiao Chuo?

Ew what a jerk. Cannot bear to watch this guy who hurt such a sweet girl. I like the person you are.”. She net worth has been growing significantly in 2018-19. He ends with an apology to all the friends who were dragged into the issue and hopes that the internet can stop adding adding fuel to the fire. – Cdramas Airing Schedule 2020, ♦ Ongoing ENGLISH SUBBED Projects:

[4] Thereafter Mao also starred in Sword Family Women (2014), The Romance of the Condor Heroes (2014) and Love Yunge from the Desert (2015). Xiaotong clearly loves him alot.

Wǒ Men Podcast: How Porn Helped Me Through Lockdown, Wǒ Men Podcast: How Covid-19 has Changed Chinese People’s Attitudes to Personal Finance, Wǒ Men Podcast: The Unsung Heroes of International Media’s China Coverage. [3] Douban gave the drama 7.4 out of 10. Unrelated, but this reminds me of my friend’s recent breakup. Mao Xiao Tong’s vague post feels like it’s pointing towards a third party, but we may never know. 5 thoughts on “ Chen Xiang and Mao Xiao Tong officially break up….

Despite her protests that she is six years older than him, and divorced, he says, “Those things have nothing to do with it. In 2012, she starred in wuxia drama The Magic Blade and was nominated at the LeTV Awards for Best New Actress for her performance. How will the three women deal with the challenges of turning thirty? Before this, fans from both parties were arguing intensely on weibo after Xiao Tong posts a vague message on weibo on saying that she’s “Never imagined this scene to appear in front of me….”. She and her boyfriend were a really cute couple and had been together for four years. [1] The series airs on Dragon Television and Tencent Video starting July 17, 2020.[1]. The video is quite blurry that it’s not easy to tell who’s who but netizens have pieced together clues through the clothes that the actors have been wearing on the same day to make a convincing argument that it’s the real deal. She is best known for her supporting roles in Empresses in the Palace (2012), Love O2O (2016) and The Princess Weiyoung (2016). She net worth has been growing significantly in 2018-19. In an interview with Beijing News, producer Chen Fei said the show seeks to reflect the sentiment that, “nowadays, women are more likely to face their own desires and live for themselves in accordance with their hearts.”, A “30 Over 30” TV Contest for Chinese Entertainment’s “Leftover Women” Has the Whole Country Talking, He also said that both the male and female characters were written to be imperfect and true to life: “We hope that what the audience sees is not a drama that looks down on reality from on high, saying that women are all-powerful. Gender-Reversing Drama Where Women Rule is Applauded and Criticized. "By virtue of their own efforts and the help of friends Zi Jun entered the information investigation company, she has become more mature. It also comes hot on the heels of the viral success seen by talent show Sisters Who Make Waves, which pits a host of female stars over the age of 30 against each other. This is not our method, nor our intention.”, Says one Douban reviewer: “More shows about women over 30 should be made like this. Girl deserves way better. However, their lives are suddenly disrupted by external factors. She is from China. She is also a casual writer. Now he is famous, but he is asked for 50 million alimony by his father. Nothing But Thirty (Chinese: 三十而已; pinyin: Sān Shí Ér Yǐ) is a 2020 Chinese drama television series directed by Zhang Xiaobo and starring Jiang Shuying, Tong Yao and Mao Xiaotong.

",, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Articles with Chinese-language sources (zh), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. She is best known for her supporting roles in Empresses in the Palace (2012), Love O2O (2016) and The Princess Weiyoung (2016). One day, the unthinkable happens when the copyrights for her novels are suddenly sold at an exorbitant price, thus turner her into the breadwinner of the family. Does China’s New Hit Drama “Nothing But Thirty” Accurately Portray Women’s Struggles?

Then, Mao Xiaotong appeared in the elevator and left overnight with the suitcase. In an age when issues such as sexual harassment, reproductive rights, and abuse are finally being discussed on China’s main stage, a show like Nothing But Thirty has the potential to carry real momentum in the cultural sphere — if the remaining episodes continue to strike a chord with viewers and really examine such issues. Wǒ Men Podcast: Has Covid-19 Ended China’s Consumption Boom? So far, it has a 7.8 rating on Douban, an IMDB-like forum for TV shows and movies that’s renowned for its discerning user reviews. DramaPanda - Asian Dramas, Celebrities and Entertainment News Notably, the show claims to bring forth a new narrative to Chinese television: one that centers women in their own stories and seeks to tell realistic tales of struggle. She is a million times too good for him! However, the show’s hit moments have consistently made it onto Weibo’s trending list, sparking meaningful, Several one-star reviews, however, criticize. Shanghai Ningmeng Film & TV Media Co., Ltd. Zhang Yue as Lin Youyou (林有有), an amusement park employee and Xu Huanshan's mistress.

We have estimated Mao Xiaotong's net worth, money, salary, income, and assets. She is from China. ♦ Ongoing Vision: Like Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen, Mao Xiaotong (Princess Weiyoung) and Chen Xiang (The Legend of Modern Man Steps into the Past) were another reel-to-real couple from Romance of the Condor Heroes, but they broke up last October. [10], In 2019, Mao starred in the science fiction romance drama My Robot Boyfriend,[11] and modern workplace drama Who's not Rebellious Youth.

Wish them all the best! He hopes others stop probing and attacking using baseless matters and give them privacy. Others say that the characters don’t represent the working class, who make up a majority of Chinese women. In the midst of a female-centric reckoning whose success is yet to be determined, netizens’ reactions are the only way to gauge whether or not the show is truly making waves. Beatles Nods, Virtual Pop Idols and Hazy Island Vibes: Freshen Up Your Fall Playlists with Our New Music Picks, How Hip Hop Star GAI Went From Violent Offender to Mainstream Success, Unconventional Art Prankster Xu Zhen on “Moving Beyond the Boundaries”, Here’s a Playlist of Terrifying Tunes to Get You in the Mood for Halloween, 10 Spectacular Chinese Architectural Projects that Won 2020 Architizer A+Awards, “A Painful Read”: New Report on the Dangers Facing China’s Delivery Drivers Goes Viral. The husband with wife to buy shoes so embarrassing situation can easily cope with the calm. Thank you for keeping it professional.

The post doesn't have direct relationship with Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen, there names are mention because they are more well known than the parties involved. Cheney Chen first gained fame in Guo Jingming’s movie Tiny Times and he has been slowly but surely establishing himself as …, Hu Xianxu may not be a household name, but you’ve probably seen him as the kid actor in this drama …, Oh noes, more cheating news have surfaced since the, Never imagined that such a scene will flash before my eyes.”, allegedly taken from Chen Xiang’s condo reveals the backstory.


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