manipulation hatsu ideas
Intentions, reasoning and luck can only go so far. I'm not too sure about the second Hatsu though... Yeah the limitations and what not are fine, it's the secondary hatsu types. Description: The user can "bidd" on a targets Aura by punching them and giving them Aura (similar to Knuckle), an IOU note of Nen will appear above the target showing the "bidded" amount relative to the remaining amount in an bbbb/rrrrr stats, an opponent can make a "counter offer" within 3 seconds to take even more (or less) Aura instead. If the user is not able to land a hit on their opponent for a long enough span of time, they will once again be forced into a state of Zetsu on their fists, and will have to build up their power all over again. At a -100% bad luck rate a random risky event will occur. Extra: This can be used against Nen Curses and Nen Beasts as an Exorcist, forcing a Nen curse, Nen Beast or conjured item into "zetsu" will result in exorcising it for 24 hours and the Aura needed to be "Bidd" is the amount used to summon it, a curse will typically dissapear altogether.

The key will get much, much heavier on his back as he winds it. + Specialist. It's sort of like a sharp pain and then intense itching before it finishes healing. All intentions must affect the holder directly. Horrid Hospital: Doctor Wu: When Wu is summoned it creates a unleavable zone of 25 meters known as "The Hospital" when people are trapped in this zone they are more likely to get cut and fall as they move through the area they have to dodge objects. 1) User can only imitate one ability at a time. 3) The only way to restore the user's immunity is through the use of Decay.

-The more specific the better the chances the luck will work exactly the way you want it to. 3rd scroll of intuition. 1) As stated previously, Decay must always be in contact with the users left hand. Type: Conjuring and secondary Manipulation. Although to use the scroll of luck they must dispel the other scrolls in usage. description : Decay allows user to destroy anything his hands touch, making it crumble to dust and/or emitter type is usd it will be like an area of efect. 2) The user cannot wish to do more than share understanding or it applies the technique to the user as well. 2nd scroll of protection. Maybe add a third nen type to both of them with Specialization being the main, I don't know.

As a suggestion, it may be interesting to force the user to balance the regeniterive and destructive properties of the ability. For instance, rather than the user being injured by using Decay for too long, they might instead be damaged by using it too much, and the only way to reverse this would be to use the regeneterive properties of the Hatsu instead. Horrid Hospital: Doctor L. Dovey: When anyone enters the hospital they lose the ability to activate Nen they can also not hold a weapon also if they hit someone with their fists when they leave any damage that they dealt while in hospital will be released back on to them ten-fold exactly 24 minutes after leaving hospital. When sharing the effects of the scrolls with other as a boost the effect scroll would have individually on the user is divided making it overall weaker for them.

What should your ability look like in combat or in other situations ? The puppets can be "killed" by reciving "leathal damage" (about the same that would kill a human of the same stature). Their aura will also reflexively block any physical attack that doesn't use a hatsu ability, unless the attack is out right stronger than the user, acting as a buffed version of Ten.

name : decay (like tomura shigaraki in bnha but buffed). Green Hair: Specialization, Will get the ability of any of the other of its brethren it is touching or the users ability if it touches the user. 2. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Application #2: it can manipulate a person's wounds into healing faster like automatic regeneration. 1) The mark will disappear after three days. This would deben whether you see Rock as a heaviy thing or not.

What is it used for (combat, utility, smth else entirely) ? 2. The user can also smell blood from very far away. major limitation is you cant destroy things what you cant touch even if using emittion. Break the contract rules aka cheat, 1. Limits: Horrid Hospital cannot bring people back to life Horrid hospital cannot heal its user, Horrid Hospital affects its user. The majority of them said manipulator, which wasn't what I wanted but I went with it regardless. Black Hair: Transformation, Can change its Aura to have the attribute of any Element (air, fire, earth water) it touches. Manipulation Hatsu Ideas. 3. **THIS THREAD HAS REACHED ITS 500 POST LIMIT - PLEASE CLICK HERE TO POST ANY NEW CONCEPTS, OR HERE TO SEE THE ORIGINAL THREAD ; OTHERWISE FEEL FREE TO READ THROUGH WHAT OTHERS HAVE POSTED**, Well look at that! The users senses become sharpened to the point where they can perceive attacks that are due to happen a limited amount of time into the future.

For mending clothes this means the cut off section must be touching the same hand as the majority of the cloth. The ability will affect any solid matter, however, the stronger the material is, the more time/nen is required to destroy it. It does not steal other peoples abilities, but simply imitates them. However, Naruto is going to have at least one hatsu for each nen type thanks to his near limitless amount of clones.

2) Decay can only be used against solid matter; liquids, gases and plasma will not be affected. I've been trying to find a unique and interesting Hatsu, but I'm struggling.

The user is also able to emit the aura from their fist in order to hit their opponent from afar, though in this case, the power of the attack would be halved, not doubled. OSU! 2) Every time the user imitates another abolity within a short amount of time, it uses up stamina, meaning if a group were to constantly attack the user, causing them to constantly force-switch between abilities, they will eventually tore out and loose their aura's defense. For example, if the user were to throw a punch with their full power and weight behind it, their power would increase drastically, whereas a small jab would only net a small amount of aura. A place to post your own original Hatsu (nen abilities from the Hunter X Hunter manga series) ideas, complete or incomplete. However, Naruto is going to have at least one hatsu for each nen type thanks to his near limitless amount of clones. -If a person has a bad luck rate of -100% but go past 0% their bad luck will neutralize and turn into good luck if they still have the clover before time is up. You could start with a theme and develop an ability off of that. Blonde Hair: Emission, Can shoot aura from its hands. Red Hair: Conjuring, Can recreate any non living object it is touching and wraping its aura around the object will dissapear after 15 minutes. Anything touching the user will burn(but not like immediately, it's like if u touched a kettle with boiling water inside), and the user has a greater chance of surviving from a high drop. 2) As stated before, the entire time the user is not punching their opponent, the amount of aura in their fists will decrease until their fists are in a state of Zetsu. The majority of them said manipulator, which wasn't what I wanted but I went with it regardless. Description: this hatsu allows its user to make things whole. I think object manipulation would be cool!

Manipulator. Please set out any concepts you may have in the following format: Nen Type: (your Hatsu may incorporate multiple Nen Types, in which case you may identify the main Nen type in brackets).


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