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On May 5, 2016, Mango TV was reported to have 39 million daily active users on its website, with the content from Hunan Satellite TV only accounting for 38% in all that Mango TV has produced. CN / EN. 'Chinese Restaurant Season 4' Zhao Liying joins surprisingly, Huang Xiaoming becomes the leader again to challenge the operation of restaurant with everyone. [22] In addition, the LGBT flag and tattoos on other performers were also blurred out from the broadcast. To improve the utilization ratio of employee’s card, the company cooperated with a number of merchants to offer many benefits of clothing, eating, and living to employees. March 2002—April 2004: Served in Finance Department of Hunan TV. On March 8, Mango Xiaoguanjia did something nice for the female employees of the Company. To response the call of Labor union, the energetic football team of Mango TV takes part in the third five-player football match of Hunan Broadcasting System. Subscribe for MGTV VIP with your Facebook/Google ID, or your phone number to experience more programs same time with TV in high …

Our excellent content and services let you watch to your heart's content, anytime and anywhere. Dec.--Mango Hefeng Internet TV was renamed “Mango Internet TV”. Some of his adplans have won the Most Profitable Idea Awards of Advertising Operation and Management Center, Top Ten Advertising Profitable Cases Awards and other awards. Business News; Statement of Anti-piracy Lin Mango TV (芒果TV, Mángguǒ TV) is a Chinese Internet enterprise operated by Corporation, a subsidiary of Mango Excellent Media.

Jan.--Golden Eagle Networks (renamed now) started operation. All employees were actively involved to electrify the event! Oct.--The Oversea Division of Super Boy 2010 was organized. [3], Mango TV was established on May 26, 2006, in Changsha, Hunan by Ruobo Zhang, the former Mango TV Chairman&CEO. [19] But the plan failed and Mango TV ended up in being included into Happigo Home Shopping Co. Ltd, going public with other six companies. Same, own, have sprinkles interface, we combine specific mango with process and your truly world-class english. Receive virtual gifts that you can turn into real cash rewards, and be the next social media star! May--Mango Internet TV is officially launched. Race of Siena, English [19] But the plan failed and Mango TV ended up in being included into Happigo Home Shopping Co. Ltd, going public with other six companies. Not valid with any other offer, discount or promotion. Loanwords, Mimetic Signs, Wine and Shui, Zodiac In June 2018, Happy Go (300413.SZ) got the formal approval for restructuring of assets, and Mango TV, as one of the “dual-core driving” strategy implementers designated by Hunan Broadcasting System, joined Happy Go with MangoFun, EE-Media, Mango Studios and Mango Entertainment as a whole, officially becoming the first state-controlled video platform in the Chinese A-share market.


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