mallory santic looks familiar
Obviously my video story needs a bit of work. Compère's star is clearly on the rise. I still need to add music, and I would like to see if I could figure out why the quality is poor. See how things shake out for her when Love Island premieres July 9. About Krystal. In the future, I believe I will find myself using the blog creation tools that we learned in the beginning of the semester. I wanted to take a scene of me walking, but it was dark out so I had to do without it. She now works as an equity opts analyst for Nike. Baltimore, Maryland. He's an Irish model, and he's quite proud of his heritage. 819 Likes, 20 Comments - Mallory Santic (@mallorysantic) on Instagram: “Buy her a burger and she’ll look at you like this” Education. I might add some music into the background or maybe change up my story line a little bit, because right now I think it sounds kind of random and a little all over the place. When she's not modelling, she's tearing up stages as a rising musician. I am pleased with the way this video turned out and I enjoyed making it.

As you can tell, I stuck with the theme about me. Thanks for listening! Opening: Roll title “A Very Small Day in the Life”, Cross dissolve from the opening to me straightening and doing my hair, Barn door transition into me trying on different jackets and leaving my room, Cross dissolve transition into me sitting at the table doing homework, Cross dissolve into me taking my make up off, and getting into bed, Cross dissolve transition into still title “The End!”. While the Islanders won't be personally posting to Instagram while they're on the show, it's still possible to keep up with their progress on the show through their feeds. For this project, I decided to just talk about my friends and the memories we have together. I think this took me the most time And although I was already familiar with most of these tools, I did find myself learning a few new tricks. Since they were so long,  it looks like I am moving at lightning speed because of how fast I had to make them so they didn’t take up too much time.Next, I did a scene of me trying on three different jackets, putting on my backpack and walking out the door. To connect with Krystal, sign up for Facebook today. Obviously each day for me is a little different, so to make this video I just thought of a few small things that I do everyday and mushed it up into a little video.To begin, I started with me doing my hair, then transitioned into me doing my makeup. Also, on some scenes it doesn’t cut out or transition as nicely as it should and that is something I would like to fix as well.


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