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Each cut detonates like a smart bomb. Six for gold I have this history with Rich. Regularly covered hits include "Nonfiction," "Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye," "Bitter Bitter You" and "Thorn in My Pride." I won’t lie; it’s all quite unusual. Highwater II adds new colors and textures to The Magpie Salute’s sonic paint box. redgin379

In my life, whenever I was sad or broken in any way, music was to me... the most reliable source of joy. moonshyner “Mother Storm” offers some good old country comfort. Finally, there’s the calibrated chaos of “Doesn’t Really Matter” which opens with protean, Chuck Berry-flavored riffs, angular piano, blitzkrieg bass and a chunky beat; a kaleidoscopic carpe diem, the arrangement consistently shapeshifts. The collective noun for a group of chatterpies is a ‘michief’ of magpies. But somewhere in 2015, it all came to a grinding halt. Led Zeppelin “II” shot that theory to shit, as did Adele’s 21, the Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique, Nirvana’s Nevermind and Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black. The group originally formed temporarily for a special three-day live recording and concert, however, realized their potential for longevity when their first four shows sold out almost immediately. However, there are several regional variations of this little ditty, such as: I saw eight magpies in a tree, Two for you and six for me. If Sly and the Family Stone ever collaborated with the Allman Brothers and the Rolling Stones, it might sound something like “Gimme Something.” A walloping backbeat, barbed wire bass lines, pinwheeling guitars and Honky-Tonk piano all conspire to take you higher. As far as the originals go, "High Water," "Walk on Water," "Open up" and "For the Wind" are a must!

It was a potent combo-platter, allowing Rich to fully step out of his brother’s shadow. Four for a boy, The outlier here is “Lost Boy,” a collaboration from Rich and guitarist Marc Ford. analogwalrus Palm Springs Parks and Recreation hosts COVID-friendly Halloween events for local…, El Paseo Jewelers Presents the 12th Annual Rick Espinoza, Fitz Presents LINDSEY WEBSTER at The S in Rancho Mirage, THE LIVING DESERT ZOO AND GARDENS TO ILLUMINATE THE HOLIDAY SEASON WITH WILDLIGHTS CELEBRATION. John Hogg shares on the groups official website: “We’re all very aware of this position we’re in. There’s been a number of long journeys that suddenly all coalesce.”. Since its inception, the Magpie Salute has recorded two albums, with a third.

tunafan Other interesting tracks include the bottleneck Blues of “You And I,” the expansive Soul-shake of “A Mirror” and the swaggering “Life Is A Landslide.” Most songs here are either Rich Robinson compositions or joint efforts between Rich and John. Acey68 Now after several successful months on the road, The Magpie Salute have released Highwater II.

Lyrics yearn to break the ties that bind; “All around me there is sadness again, I see it in their eyes, in people’s eyes/Burning fires, and I won’t shed a tear for them anymore, because I’m sinking deep, deep down inside, yes I am.” A shuddery, Psychedelic guitar solo erupts on the break, flanked by fluid acoustic licks, lithe bass lines, Hammond B3 textures and plinking piano, before the whole operation stops on a dime. The Magpie Salute is offering up typically twenty plus songs a night, with the set lists being unique night in and night out. markhinds Eating a magpie’s leg would also help someone recover from being bewitched. Left to his own devices, Rich quickly assembled The Magpie Salute. 9. tonkinese Stoliosoda “Turn It Around” is a bit of a Glam/Glitter hoedown. Rich didn’t have to search far for a magnetic front-man. Even as lyrics like “Grifters abound, creepy unveiled, try to soak up the sound that surrounds you,” seem to acknowledge times are tough in the 21st century, John’s whiskey-soaked rasp remains warm and inviting. Arguably, no other form of ancient bird lore is recited on such a regular basis as the old rhyme relating to seeing lots of magpies together which many believe goes: One for sorrow

SUZZY ROCHE & LUCY ROCHE “I Can Still Hear You”, Throw the Goat Wants You to VOTE and Blast Their New…. berteau A year later, their first official long-player, High Water 1 arrived. jesapizza mkandersen01 Robinson formed the band in 2016, recruiting keyboardist Matt Slocum and drummer Joe Magistro from his solo band, while singer John Hogg hails from Robinson’s now-defunct Hookah Brown. Many of us perform differing rituals and routines in the presence of a single magpie.

The magpie was the only bird that refused to enter Noah’s Ark, perching instead on the the top of the roof. 8. HW II’s first four tracks blast out of the speakers, something like a high-powered fusillade. RAL3121 The Low, Moderate and High Risk of Halloween! Betrayal would seem more bitter, were it not wrapped in this baddass Bluesbreaker. nicksfeed75 Have you voted for Britain's National Bird? The juggernaut continues as “Gimme…” folds into “Leave It All Behind,” which amps up the urgency up to 11. 10. In 2002, Rich and John briefly collaborated on a project called Hookah Brown, but it was short-lived. msnodpa Fatjack68 The song concludes with this empowering couplet; “Open up, pull yourselves around, look up at the stars and feel the wind in your hair/It’s golden and it’s fine to feel afraid, happy and sadness, you’re only human.”. The dynamic is powerful and positive. sydaud28 Coming off a tour stint in Japan, the group has begun a winter tour in the states and will cross the country to finish out in a sold-out Florida cruise in mid-February. Conventional Rock N’ Roll wisdom insists that an artist or band has their whole life to create their first album, and maybe 18 months to make a follow-up. Strafing guitars connect funky bass lines, Blaxploitation keys and a muscular rhythm. The brothers suffered a rancorous split, each offering wildly different accounts as to what tore them apart.

424 people have seen The Magpie Salute live. taylor-sample Slightly cryptic lyrics insist it’s time to put away childish things; “Gone the days of looking up to name the clouds, dream away, you see yourself among the stars/How long will it take for you to grab that lead? rbryangreen woohah31 The record offered a master class in economical song craft, coupled with instrumental acumen and Soulful, authentic vocals. Lines brilliantly blur between Country, Folk, Rock and Soul, and the result is equally economical and expansive. redwing61 At the beginning of 2017 Just as quickly, the whole enterprise powers down to a Bluesy pas de deux between Hammond B3 and guitar.

toshiaizawa While no special guests have shown up yet, during a touring stint in 2018 both Ron Holloway and Warren Haynes stopped by to give fans an unexpected performance. zepcowboy

Lyrics leapfrog from declarations of narcissism; “I’m a needle that punctures, an explosion in slow-motion, a light never-ending, watch as I sparkle…So what if my life starts to get in your way? We reveal how to salute a magpie, and other fascinating facts. jhintze Elmonduff He first crossed paths with British musician John Hogg, when John and Sean Genocky’s band Moke were tapped as an opening act for the Black Crowes in the late ‘90s. Hamsback At the beginning of 2017, The Magpie Salute booked three shows at New York’s Grammercy Theatre. As the instrumentation expands, it envelopes the melody with thrumming bass runs, a brace of horns and soaring electric guitar. The lyrics seem to be angling for a distraction from reality; “This world could be such a beautiful baby, but the real politik disease keeps driving us underground… Gimme something to take me far away from here, gimme something to lift this cloud.” By the time the song reaches the middle eight, the arrangement achieves Gospel heft, lyrics reveal “Peace comes your way, when you live by love and harmony,” before launching into a cataclysmic denouement. Naenaevitti When drummer Joe Magistro joined, the line-up was complete.

Tonka61 But the result was the same, the Black Crowes were done. Then revving up and accelerating into the finish as a spiky and spectral guitar solo fades into the sunset. It’s all too lovely for words. Joining that august list is The Magpie Salute’s Highwater II album. The Magpie Salute, half comprised of former Black Crowes members Rich Robinson, Marc Ford and Sven Pipien, are hitting the road this winter in support of their debut album, High Water I. Robinson formed the band in 2016, recruiting keyboardist Matt Slocum and drummer Joe Magistro from his solo band, while singer John Hogg hails from Robinson’s now-defunct Hookah Brown. Sadly, before The Magpie Salute’s inaugural tour, Eddie Harsch passed away rather suddenly. He recruited former Crow compadres guitarist Marc Ford, bassist Sven Pipien and Eddie Harsch on keys. He was replaced by Matt Slocum. The album closes with the sanctified crunch of “Where Is This Place.” The gutbucket groove is accented by sparkling piano, gnarled guitar chords, pliant bass fills and a fractious beat. axeace73 Slipstream acoustic riffs wash over fluttery piano notes, bramble-thick bass and a see-saw groove, all in service to a glorious, minor key melody. I’m working with the greatest musicians I’ve ever worked with. In the song “In Here,” they note; “We stand alone in our creation, and lay it out for you.”, © Copyright 2019 Coachella Valley Weekly - All Rights Reserved Worldwide, THE MAGPIE SALUTE “High Water II” (Eagle Records/Universal), Virtual Viewing – Local Musician Online Performances, Mary Pickford Theatre is D’Place for Drive-In Movies, THE LIVING DESERT ZOO AND GARDENS TO ILLUMINATE THE HOLIDAY SEASON…, THROW THE GOAT – ‘Capitol Hell’ Album Review, Persimmon Bistro & Wine Bar Perfects the Art of Al Fresco…, North Star Theatre Reopens with New Show Dates, THANKSGIVING DINING AT LULU CALIFORNIA BISTRO, Keto is the Perfect Diet Solution for Busy (and tired) Moms, Window Walk Art Gallery Raises Awareness for Mental Health, Palm Springs Artist Council Hosts Open Studio Tours, GOLDEN BOY BOXING RETURNS TO FANTASY SPRINGS AUGUST 28th WITH JORGE…, SERGEY ‘THE KRUSHER’ KOVALEV RETURNS TO THE RING IN LOADED GOLDEN…, “She’s A Gamer” on Team 1010 KXPS – Cristina Walters Brings….


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