m115 road construction

The project involved asphalt crushing, shaping, and reconstruction of the road, drainage, and traffic signal work for the entire six-and-a-half-mile span. Nearly 8 miles of M-115 from South Pioneer Road to US-31 near Benzonia will be resurfaced at a cost of $1.7 million.

Route Description County Closure Type Start Date End Date; Route Description County Closure Type Start Date End Date SAFETY BENEFITS: Challenge: A multi-divisional project; maintaining traffic during construction, Solution: Drawing upon Team Elmer’s depth and diversity; meticulously planning work in day-by-day stages. Highway M-115 is a key highway in northwest Michigan, stretching nearly 100 miles from Frankfort to Clare. CADILLAC — A road construction project beginning Sept. 6 will cause single-lane closures and a 9-foot width restriction. This work will require daily single-lane closures with traffic regulators.

PROJECT: To handle that part of the project, Team Elmer’s had to remove about 40,000 yards worth of unsuitable material and replace it with 30,000 yards of fresh sand. DATE STARTED: May 2016DATE COMPLETED: September 2016SELF-PERFORMED: 85%PARTNERS: Bella Concrete, Dale Dukes & Sons, J. Ranck Electric, C&D Hughes, Wadel Stabilization, PK Contracting, Give ‘Em  A Brake Safety. Wexford County Road Commission.

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