louisiana snake poster
First, a quick glance at a map shows that New Orleans is surrounded by water and wetlands. Snakes, Turtles, Fish. Kingsnakes are beautiful, beneficial non-venomous snakes. Here is the link to posters available from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

The numbers continue to change over time, but currently Louisiana snakes number close to four dozen species. Dekay’s Brownsnake (Storeria dekayi) is one of a few common eastern snake species that is adapted to urban life. Her finder du et stort, varieret og inspirerende udvalg af nye og klassiske varer – design, interiør, plakater, bøger, tøj og meget mere. This species field guide introduces you to the numerous flora and fauna species in Louisiana. Snakes are an extremely important part of the food chain and the cycle of life. It’s a small, 3-6 inch snake that is native to south Asia and introduced into the city during the 1990s. Best estimates can be deduced by looking at range maps of Louisiana snakes in general and recording the species that fall into the New Orleans grid on the map. This page contains photos, info and personal experiences about the only aquatic viper. Canebrake Rattlesnakes (Crotalus horridus) or Timber Rattlers also make news when they are discoverd within city limits.

AnimalSake provides a list of species of Louisiana's snakes, and a brief description of each. They are very informative about species that live on the land and in the water throughout Louisiana. I loved them. It’s an average number of snake species for states along the Gulf Coast. So, how does that large number of Louisiana snakes translate into New Orleans snakes. The warm climate fits their needs perfectly. When tourists think New Orleans, they think Mardi Gras, food, jazz and other fun types of entertainment.

The Brahminy Blind Snake is also another star snake attraction in New Orleans. If a single individual arrives and lives, it may eventually establish a population. After all, with few exceptions such as locals wrapping snakes around their necks and walking around the French Quarters, snakes don’t receive the tourism PR that other city events receive. Here you'll find photographs and information about this attractive large reptile. That’s especially true for the local watersnake population.

Yellow-bellied watersnakes are non-venomous reptiles with a dark back and yellow underside. Prairie King Snake : Lampropeltis calligaster calligaster A resident of the grassland prairies, open woodlands, and patches of prairie in the midst of essentially forested country. The Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain are the city’s star attractions. They eat water based amphibians such as sirens and salamanders. They grow to be about a foot in length and as the picture shows, the name brown snake applies to the body color. Filed Under: State of Louisiana. Any of four different species could be found along the Mississippi or in the city parks such as City Park. This page contains photos and information about the habits and habitat of this beneficial snake. Here you'll find information and photos about this delightful creature. Five additional snake species with common names know to most people also can be found in the city’s residential areas: Tourists and residents need not worry crossing paths with them. Most visitors do not know that the Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge is also located in New Orleans, and it’s advertised as only 15 minutes from the French Quarter. That is, it is an all female species that automatically begins to lay fertile eggs when it reaches sexual maturity, without the need for males. New Orleans snakes probably don’t make the top ten list for any tourist. Interestingly, the snake has staying power. Diamond-back water snake is a non-venonmous reptile which is common in the rivers and water ways of the Southern U.S. You'll find photos and information with links about the unusual eastern hognose snake in Louisiana.


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