lost treasure found in oklahoma

This was a route that had been taken many times before and was considered safe. The wounded guard and driver were already on their way to Ft. Sill, and a great number of men were out hunting for the outlaw. The group that headed towards Arkansas was caught by the army and slaughtered to a man after putting up a brief, but deadly fight. Among the legends of Spanish treasure is that more than $30 million worth of gold and silver was buried in the 1830s near Vanoss in Pontotoc County by a group that came to Oklahoma … If you would like to contact Mary Phillips about The Archivist, email her at gapnmary@gmail.com. The servant who had assisted in the burial of the treasure shortly after disappeared and was never seen again. After the outlaws secured their twice stolen loot, they continued south. As was common during this time, gold was moved between neighboring towns by mule. Eric Standridge is a freelance writer with an interest in history. UnclaimedMoney.org © 2019 All rights Reserved. After interrogating the outlaw, the soldiers still never learned of the exact location of the loot. They made quick work of it and once finished, scrambled to escape. Roads were almost non-existent.

OCT 31, 2020 - HOCHATOWN When Cephis Hall searched Pine Knot Crossing, he was following generations of those who hunted its legendary treasure and spread its lore. It served as a passage between Kansas and Texas, as well as a haven for outlaws. Did Ben Marshall leave gold buried somewhere in Oklahoma? The map showed the location of the fort, the creek, and the locations where the gold and silver could be found. Davis had come to Indian Territory in 1887. Unclaimed Money and Unclaimed Property Search Resources. Oklahoma’s unclaimed property department auctioned off over 600 safe deposit boxes including a dollar bill from the 1800’s, a Steve Young signed football, and other valuable items. You can initiate a claim online, but you must mail proof of ownership along with the form. One fact in the Ft. Sill story...Wichita Falls is not in Kansas but in Texas.

Now bleeding badly, the outlaw made quick work of hiding his ill-gotten gains.

He arrived just after sunset the following day. During one of his famous raids, it is said that he stashed a bit of his loot in one of the rear tunnels. This past fiscal year was the best year ever since the state treasurer took over returning money in 2000 with nearly $52 million returned. Upon the return of Marshall to Stonewall, he buried the money so secretly that even his wife did not know its location. He was said to have buried immense wealth and died without ever revealing the place of its burial.

As they made their way south across Oklahoma heading for Texas, they were ambushed by a group of outlaws a few miles north of Durant.

In today’s economy, it would fetch more than 1.3 million dollars. In the 1904 report, Stonewall, located a few miles southeast of Ada in Pontotoc County, was correctly included as part of the Chickasaw Nation. While in the Arbuckle’s, they made camp inside a large cave where they discussed their options. One of the guards had been injured by gunshot, so he was easily overtaken. While in route, the caravan was attacked by a group of seventeen outlaws near the mountainous area of Mill Creek.

When … "People like to tell big stories, he said.Using a specialized device, Hall found no trace of missing Confederate gold said to have been lost or left where the Old Military Trail crosses the Little River. Each wagon carried two large barrels of gold coins. The outlaw was quickly arrested.

Following the outlaws death, the caretaker moved to Davis, Oklahoma where he would spend many years searching for the treasure. Wagons, similar to the one pictured here, would have been used by the military to transport goods throughout Oklahoma. However, that morning, it was anything but. After holding it up, they discovered a heavy iron-bound chest filled with gold.

He drew a rough map that outlined where the gold could be found. Another tale from the area speaks of boats traveling along the Blue River.

Soldiers left Fort Leavenworth in Kansas earlier that month to transport the payroll to Fort Arbuckle in Oklahoma. Instead, after returning to visit with them, the rancher found several holes dug up along the creek bed. Samuel Davis was the founder of Davis, Oklahoma. Those carrying large reserves of gold made easy targets for outlaws, as pulling the wagons slowed down the money trains significantly. It is believed that the outlaws were killed within months after hiding the loot. During the early part of the century, the land was owned by France. What Is Unclaimed Property and Unclaimed Money? Eric Standridge (author) from Wister, Oklahoma on April 03, 2018: Sherry, Thanks for the correction! They stopped and set up camp along the Blue River about 10 miles north of Durant.

Counting themselves lucky, the remaining twelve outlaws loaded the loot of gold and silver coins onto pack mules and began to stage the battle. Although wounded badly, he ordered the driver and guard to lay down face first on the ground.

Somewhere in the heart of Oklahoma lies several million dollars of buried loot. Fill dirt had been brought in which erased any landmarks other than the well he may have used. These treasure tales from Oklahoma tell the story of a number of outlaw treasure gained and then lost again.


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