lister engine models
Lister Petter engine applications…Powerscreen unit in Finland, Introducing the Lister Petter Gensets Range, Lister Petter launch the Fire Pump & Water Pump engine ranges. 1. Stroke: 76.2 mm. But if you can get the size generator (in Kw) and how many cylinders it is, we can narrow it down. Thanks retired HT-2 DV-1 Randy Buswell. I’ve just inherited a generator from a neighbor. 1000-3000. I plan to clean it up and see if it will fire. Lister Petter has pre-configured engines for the following sectors: ✓ POWER GENERATION This has been the back bone of the company and has pushed everybody involved in Lister Petter to achieve more and deliver nothing but the best. 3.00 in. ✓ AGRICULTURE As a result, the engines with proper planned maintenance and overhaul can be operated 24/7. 3.25 in. Lister D series Petrol Engines • Lister D Sheet Part 1 • Lister D Sheet Part 2 • Lister D Sheet Part 3 • Lister D Sheet Part 4 • Lister DK Sheet Part 1 • Lister DK Sheet Part 2 • Lister DK Sheet Part 3 • Lister DK Sheet Part 4 : Lister F series Petrol Engines • Lister F Sheet Part 1 • Lister F Sheet Part 2 • Lister F Sheet Part 3 • Lister F Sheet Part 4 Bore: 82.6 mm. Lister Petter has been supplying durable and hard working engines into different market sectors for decades. Over recent years Lister Petter has changed ownership but it is proud to remain a 100% British owned business with all of its manufacturing and assembly still within its home county of Gloucestershire. 3.37 in. I’m curious, anybody have and idea what this generator is. The links below demonstrate the engine serial number patterns used by Lister and Lister-Petter from 1930 to 2000. It is important to remember however that in some cases, engine serial numbers were stamped incorrectly or failed to follow the specified pattern. Details on over 250 marine and industrial diesel engines produced by R A Lister & Lister-Petter. Lister Petter Engine Illustrative Identification. Power Output @ 3000 RPM: 7.5 hp (Continuous power) 9.0 hp (Continuous power) 8.3 hp (Intermittent power) 9.9 hp (Intermittent power) Number of Cylinders: 1. Lister Petter CDT4: 4: 5000: 4.4 X 5: 103.7 @ 2100: Water: 1250 lb: Diesel: Turbo, Direct: Lister Petter CD6: 6: 7500: 4.41 X 5: 108.4 @ 2100: Water: 1446 lb: Diesel: Direct: Lister Petter CDT6: 6: 7500: 4.41 X 5: 146.4 @ 2100: Water: 1477 lb: Diesel: Turbo, Direct: Lister Petter CR3: 3: 3160: 4.4 X 4.2: 41.5 @ 2100: Water: 893 lb: Diesel: Direct: Lister Petter CRK3: 3: 3160: 4.4 X 4.2: 48.8 … ✓ MARINE

Over the 85.7 mm. ✓ TELECOM. The engines are capable of continuous operation at prime, not standby power. required to travel to remote locations for planned maintenance, with all the service parts on one side enabling easier access when fitted to equipment, and a wide range of accessories to support the majority of applications. 3.25 in. R. A. Lister and Co: Model A (1923-1960s) R. A. Lister and Co: Model B (1923-1960s) R. A. Lister and Co: Model CS; R. A. Lister and Co: Model D (1926-1964) R. A. Lister and Co: Model F (1928-1948) R. A. Lister and Co: Model H (1912-1926) R. A. Lister and Co: Model J (1911- … It has obviously been paint black, but under the plug wire housing it’s OD green. Lister Petter engines are adapted to a diverse range of applications including generating sets, pumps, agricultural machinery, construction plant and emergency equipment operating reliably in all conceivable ambient conditions. 24.9 in.3 years, we have carefully configured our engines for each individual sector. 0.477 litre. List of Models. I’m most interested in this unusual piece of equipment due to the fact that the hour meter reads two hours. The only thing I’ve been able to see under the years of grit and oil is “Bendix Aviation Corporation” on the generator frame. Your Lister Petter engine is precision engineered to give years of outstanding reliability and consistent performance in the most extreme temperatures and conditions. Lister Petter engines are adapted to a diverse range of applications including generating sets, pumps, agricultural machinery, construction plant and emergency equipment operating reliably in all conceivable ambient conditions. Lister HL3, HL4 and HL6 Range of Air Cooled Diesel Engines. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Any help would be appreciated. respond quickly to different customer specifications, whilst keeping lead times short. Hard to read but it referrers to clothing warming, with a dial in increments from start 5 to 20 and high. Technical Information for Older & Obsolete Diesel Engines Diesel Engine Technical Information, Contact: Email Telephone +44(0)1213776029. It’s a inverted (upside down) 24 volt 100 watt 5.75 ohms with two twist pin type outlets for a heated suit. Lister HL6M Six Cylinder Air Cooled Marine Propulsion Engine with Twin Disc MG506 Gearbox. Specifications for “L” Series Engines LT1. What is the phone number for GMG? List of Lister Petter Engines and Their Specifications, Military Diesel Generator Filters and Gaskets, Ambac M-50 Fuel Injection Pump: 50-2/4A-80A-9540A Manuals, AMMPS (Advanced Medium Mobile Power Sources) Manuals, Press Releases, Brochures, MEP016B – MEP701A – MEP016E – MEP021B – MEP026B Manuals, MEP804A – MEP804B – MEP814A – MEP814B Manuals, GMG Refurbishment Program for Military Diesel Generators,, Lister JWS6MGR Marine Propulsion (< 1981), Lister JWS6MGR Marine Propulsion (> 1981). Picture aids to help identify specific Lister and Lister-Petter engine models Identification. Our flexible and nimble team are able to 82.6 mm. The rheostat looks to have been altered. You can see manuals here: FREE MILITARY GENERATOR MANUALS Cylinder Capacity: 0.408 litre. Is it WW II heater for bomber crew high altitude suits, Korean war era, or Cold War era equipment. Being a collector and lover of early Listers myself, I set up this website purely because I was unable to find any other public register for vintage Listers. Lister engine serial number date guide for all models from beggining of production to 1951 … Over the years Lister Petter has become a household name for many companies worldwide. I need to ask a question about a voltage regulator order for my MEP803a. ✓ INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS Lister Petter Engine Information Database. The Lister Engine Register was created in February 2020 as a place for collectors of vintage Lister engines to share information on surviving Lister engines in preservation or otherwise. Manufactured by JOELCO for the US Army. In some places an engine is not just an engine, its a ‘Lister’. Not quite sure make or model, as there is no nomenclature plate visible. The engines are designed to help the operator with service intervals from 250-2000hrs reducing the time and expense ✓ WATER PUMPING Our engines and generating sets can be found on every continent and in almost every country in the world. RPM: 1000-3000. Lister HA4 and HB4 Four Cylinder Air Cooled Diesel Engine.

Details on over 250 marine and industrial diesel engines produced by R A Lister & Lister-Petter, Picture aids to help identify specific Lister and Lister-Petter engine models Identification. From the freezing sub-zero temperatures of China and Northern Russia, to the scorching heat of the deserts in the Middle East, India and the vast plains of Africa. Best to submit question via our contact form here: Lister HA6 and HB6 Six Cylinder Air Cooled Diesel Engine. But we do not have many gas. This ensures your engine is configured for your application before it leaves our factory, meaning it is ready to be put to work immediately. LV1. It’s a V twin air cooled with vent tubes running from a fan shroud to the cylinder heads and generator frame.


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