letter to fanny brawne summary and analysis
The fault is in the Quill: I have mended it and still it is very much inclin’d to make blind es. A miserable existence for something brought into this world from the intoxicating ecstasy of love & poetry.

On awakening from my three days dream (“I cry to dream again”) I find one and another astonish’d at my idleness and thoughtlessness – I was miserable last night – the morning is always restorative – I must be busy, or try to be so.

None of Fanny’s letters to Keats survive. Indeed I will not deceive you with respect to my Health. To Fanny Brawne - letter by John Keats (Newport, July 3, 1819), My dearest Lady I am glad I had not an opportunity of sending off a Letter which I wrote for you. Do not take the trouble of writing much: merely send me my goodnight. My greatest torment since I have known you has been the fear of you being a little inclined to the Cressid; but that suspicion I dismiss utterly and remain happy in the surety of your Love, which I assure you is as much a wonder to me as a delight. Recipient: Fanny Brawne (1800-1865) was first Keats’s neighbor and later his fiancée. Letters of John Keats to his friends, family and Fanny Brawne, complete list of Keat's letters by years from 1816 to 1820 Toggle navigation Poems by John Keats (1795-1821)

They fell in love, though Keats’s friends were against the match. Do not let your mother suppose that you hurt me by writing at night. I would have borne it as I would bear death if fate was in that humour: but I should as soon think of choosing to die as to part from you. Now I have had opportunities of passing nights anxious and awake I have found other thoughts intrude upon me. The utmost stretch my mind has been capable of was to endeavour to forget you for your own sake seeing what a change [for chance] there was of my remaining in a precarious state of health. As next door neighbors, they exchanged numerous short notes, and occasionally more passionate ones. I have several things to speak to you of tomorrow morning. Recipient: Fanny Brawne (1800-1865) was first Keats’s neighbor and later his fiancée. The raspberry will be too sweet not having any acid; therefore as you are so good a girl I shall make you a present of it. A greater love through all my essence steal. Thank your Mother, for the preserves, for me. I cannot say forget me – but I would mention that there are impossibilities in the world. The scenes that include some of the passages above are particularly charming and will stay with you long after watching. Just like this one, and other letters later this year, I shall write a bit about it in a week’s time on its bicentennial anniversary. Discusses the effectiveness of the letter.

It is a film I watch every year, beginning in April and usually ending in early June when I begin my “Haunted Summer” inspirations. J.K –, My sweet love, I shall wait patiently till tomorrow before I see you, and in the mean time, if there is any need of such a thing, assure you by your Beauty, that whenever I have at any time written on a certain unpleasant subject, it has been with your welfare impress’d upon my mind. Toggle navigation Poems by John Keats (1795-1821) John Keats's poems, odes, epistles, sonnets; Keats's biography, letters, quotes… PDF-files; JOHN KEATS BIOGRAPHY . Do not send any more of my Books home. Come round to my window for a moment when you have read this. If you use any of the content on this page in your own work, please use the code below to cite this page as the source of the content. Yes, give me but three summer days in the throes of such poetic love-sickness and I shall die happy and without regret. What would his Ladies have said!

The eldest child of a widowed mother, she at first perplexed and exasperated the poet. The morning is the only proper time for me to write to a beautiful Girl whom I love so much: for at night, when the lonely day has closed, and the lonely, silent, unmusical Chamber is waiting to receive me as into a Sepulchre, then believe me my passion gets entirely the sway, then I would not have you see those Rapsodies which I once thought it impossible I should ever give way to, and which I have often laughed at in another, for fear you should think me either too unhappy or perhaps a little mad…I am now at a very pleasant Cottage window, looking onto a beautiful hilly country, with a glimpse of the sea; the morning is very fine. Examines Keats' tone and his romantic, exaggerated style and use of emotive language. If you come for a few minutes about six it may be the best time.

Like all Sinners now I am ill I philosophise, aye out of my attachment to every thing, Trees, flowers, Thrushes Sp[ r]ing, Summer, Claret &c &c aye every thing but you – – my Sister would be glad of my company a little longer. To see you happy and in high spirits is a great consolation to me – still let me believe that you are not half so happy as my restoration would make you. I wish I had read your note before you went last night that I might have assured you how far I was from suspecting any coldness: You had a just right to be a little silent to one who speaks so plainly to you. Forman privately published a small volume for auction titled Letters of John Keats to Fanny Brawne. Love letters of John Keats to Fanny Brawne: Frances “Fanny” Brawne (1800-1865) To Fanny Brawne (Newport, July 3, 1819) To Fanny Brawne (July 8th, 1819) To Fanny Brawne (11 October, 1819) To Fanny Brawne (13 October, 1819) To Fanny Brawne (19 October, 1819) To Fanny Brawne (10 (?) Will you come towards evening instead of before dinner – when you are gone, ‘t is past – if you do not come till the evening I have something to look forward to all day. Perhaps you had better not come before tomorrow evening: send me however without fail a good night You know our situation – what hope is there if I should be recovered ever so soon – my very health with [for will] not suffer me to make any great exertion. Thus, as it happens, on this day two hundred years ago, 1 July 1819, Keats would write his very first love letter to Fanny Brawne while staying at Eglantine Cottage in Shanklin on the Isle of Wight. You will have a pleasant walk to day. politeness strategies in seven love letters written by John Keats addressed to Fanny Brawne. Close textual analysis; A worked example; How to plan an essay; Sample essay questions on the poetry of John Keats; John Keats: Resources and further reading . His illness brought them closer; when he left for Rome, they were engaged and deeply in love.

I hope he was fortunate in his choice this year. No more of this – I am not strong enough to be weaned – take no notice of it in your good night. Perhaps he would have been horrified, but perhaps not. I don’t care much – I would sooner have Shakspeare’s opinion about the matter.

I almost wish we were butterflies and liv’d but three summer days—three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain.


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