le club nyc 1970s

No one knew about health hazards to come, nor did they He was soon contributing his candid snaps to Interview before going on to launch NIGHT in 1978, his very own publication. Mouches and Le Jardin. This was something extraordinary, and I was given the privilege to see it and to capture it. Connecting the two places was an affinity for great music, glamour and flat-out whoop-whooping. Upstairs had some Warhols. disco ended up bubbling above-ground and drawing in the throngs, in between catching the edgiest musical talent on the planet, like the The image becomes painterly, totally encompassing, like a hologram. If you've ever indulged in line dancing, tambourine shaking, glitter wearing and coke, you owe a heavy debt of gratitude to the 1970s. There was cross-pollination: I saw Chamberlain talking with Gregory Corso. 6 / 30.

care much about the concept of rehab, so they simply partied to the max, I was elated to be in such a company. And since Top 40 pumps out of a lot of dance clubs these days,

Slowly you start responding to the avalanche of self-adoration. I celebrate every single person that I photographed.

Warhol was there before my time, in the late 60s. It was a real Beckettian situation. Grace Jones talking with Glenn O’Brien.

1,488 Followers, 176 Following, 74 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Le Club New York (@leclub_newyork) leclub_newyork Follow. 1973, soon to be joined by Hurrah in '76 as a haven for bands and the Anton Perich: The future.

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Photo by Allan Tannenbaum. There were haze and daze. The official page of the dirty, old, affordable, real, honest, gritty, rough and tough New York City of the 1970s. They wore every colour in the rainbow.

As he remembers, the best time to work was late at night, when the famous and the infamous alike could come and let down their hair. ; Actor Alec Baldwin worked for two months as a waiter at Studio 54.; Sally Lippman, also known as "Disco Sally", was a 77-year-old widow and regular dancer at the club. How would you describe the perspective?

exude some 'tude and mix with celebs like David Bowie and Debbie Harry Story by Nicolas-Tyrell Scott / Fashion direction and styling by Misa Hylton / Photography by Canon, 100 Years of New York Nightlife: How the '70s Was a Decade of Glitter (and Powder) Amidst Decay, Voters Are Memeing How They Felt in 2016 Vs. 2020, Meghan Markle Made Royal History By Voting in the 2020 Election, Of Course, The Misshapes Still Threw Their Halloween Party, Passing the Hood By Air Flag to Rolling Ray, Lil Wayne's Girlfriend Dumps Him Over Trump Endorsement.


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