lds account help

As a result of this project, LDS Account users will have access to more information to help them quickly resolve their problems without a call to the GSC, which in turn increases the GSC’s capacity to support other Church products. Enter your Mobile Phone number or Email address and tap “Continue”. Yes! Under the "Profile" heading, select "Membership". When you join the project, Ben will contact you by e-mail. Enter the six-digit code provided by the Google Authenticator app. After signing in, find "Mobile Phone" under the "Contact Settings" heading. Follow the on-page prompts to verify the email address.

Hundreds of thousands of people have an LDS Account, both members of the Church and people not of our faith.

Make donations, view past donations and generate donation statements.

Home2. If you are using Two-Step Verification, you will be required to verify your identity with two factors before recovering your account. Work with your Ward Clerk or other Church leader to update your phone number in your local Directory. Tap the link in the message to be resent verification links. The LDS Account development team is interested in using this LDSTech project to provide volunteers with the opportunity to test the new version of the website. After signing in, find "Personal Information" under the "Profile" heading. Find messages of Christ to uplift your soul and invite the Spirit. This page was last modified on 7 May 2012, at 07:08., We're done with the writing tasks for now. Tap the Security Key when prompted. Thanks for your help with this project. 1-801-240-HELP (4357) U.S. and Canada toll free: 1-855-537-4357; Europe and Africa toll free: +800-2950-2950; Additional toll-free numbers; By email. We hope to be adding some testing tasks or other kinds of tasks in the near future. Your identity must be verified via Email or Mobile Phone before using your account. Make donations, view past donations and generate donation statements. As a result, LDS Account results in a high number of support tickets created at the Global Service Center(GSC). Please note that available Recovery Options are dependent on what was previously set up for your account. to open Account Recovery. For account security, we recommend not sharing your email address or phone number with another account. Follow the prompts to update your password. Please note that available Recovery Options are dependent on what was previously set up for your account. Contacting IT Support. See new ward and stake calendar, repeating events, and group calendars, sync to Outlook or Google calendar, and more, Access contact and unit information for Church organizations and leaders worldwide, About, access information, online audits and audit reports. Terms of Use   |   Late this year, we'll reassess and determine whether we need to add content to the LDS Account help. Most Security Key devices can be used, such as YubiKey. Sign into your account. Calendar. The edits to the e-mail notifications are being reviewed. Recovery Options may include verified Mobile Phone number, verified Email address, the Google Authenticator App, or a Security Key. to open. In the error message that displays, request a new code. Note that this URL is for use only for this project and is not intended as a public beta test. Enter the six-digit code that arrives via SMS. I'll keep our team posted on what happens with this. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) User Forum; Provide Website Feedback; Reference Documents Reference Documents. Authorized individuals may contact IT Support in the following ways: By phone. Apple or Android device with Internet access and/or cellular service. and then "Forgot Password?" We are looking for volunteers who can help develop quality content for LDS Account users and test the new version of LDS Account.

Where do I find my Membership Record Number (MRN)? An error message will display. Additional factors for verifying your identity may include responding to a Push notification on your mobile device, entering a code generated through the Google Authenticator App, entering a code received via SMS messaging, or tapping a Security Key device. Follow the on-page prompts to verify the phone number. The purpose of this project is to write updated help material for users of LDS Account for the upcoming redesigned version. to open Account Recovery. As a result, LDS Account results in a high number of support tickets created at the Global Service Center (GSC). Sign into your account. Double-check your email address, then use the option on this page to request a new email. Please note that available Recovery Options are dependent on what was previously set up for your account. and then "Forgot Password?" Why can't I sign in with my Church Account? By default, your role is "observer."; Help Center; Meetinghouse Technology; Support and Help; Global Service Center; Toll–Free Numbers—Global Service Center Read Print; Last Updated: 5 August 2020 at 09:30 All help topics in the initial scope are being prepared for inclusion in the LDS Account online help. Why sign up for an LDS Account? What options are available for Two-Step Verification on my Church Account? Why can't I access my local Directory, Calendar, or other Church tools? If cell coverage is not available, you can enter a code found in the app instead.

and then "Forgot Password?" On the Sign On page, tap "Need help signing in?" Support Support. Privacy Notice   |   On the Sign On page, tap "Need help signing in?" Additional answers may be found on the general. Please let Ben Minson (project lead) know at any time if you have a question about the project, either as a message to the discussion group or to Ben directly. Enter your new phone number and tap Save. This page provides the current status of the LDS Account Help project and information to help volunteers get started. Use Account Recovery to identify the account(s) using this information. Double-check your phone number, then use the option on this page to request a new code. It also enables you to help do service and missionary work online, such as at and Your device is sent a Push notification to respond to. If your Membership Record Number (MRN) was not entered during registration, you will not be able to access tools requiring membership information. See resources available to meet welfare needs; place and manage orders from the bishops’ storehouse. Online Donations. Mobile devices that support text messaging. LDS Account is one of the most widely used Church products. Follow the prompts to update your password. Please note that changing your email address within Church Account will automatically update it throughout the Church system, including your local Directory.


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