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Have We Become Too Politically Correct? Government support vs. parental financing. Click to select the duration you give consent until.

Trump’s legislative agenda; e.g., health care, tax policy, deregulation, etc. The Black Knight: Space Waste or Alien Satellite? European Union in competition with the U.S. Christian right influence on foreign policy, Obama’s National Strategy for Counterterrorism, Drawdown of U.S. Armed Forces in the Middle East. How did or might the reading public respond to such a view of marriage? The dangers of breast implants for teenagers, Are surgeons “scissor happy,” and are surgeries widely unnecessarily, Negative texting, instant messaging, email. The differences between life in the city, suburbs, and/or rural areas. Is homosexuality a choice, or are people born gay?

Note that this excerpt refers specifically to his play A Doll�s House, but the non-specific statements can be applied to Trifles or Fences as well. What makes people end up with so many mismatched socks? Is English literature relevant for today’s teens? Should government impose restrictions on what kinds of foods can be served in school cafeterias? The impact of the Haitian Revolution on slavery in the Caribbean. � Explore the story and the typical life of the American wife of the late 1800�s. Do they ever cross the line between reporting the news and creating the news? Breaking the glass ceiling: the impact of the women’s rights movement. Media response and public outcry to political ads, Campaign funds and their relation to political advertising, Judge nominations and make up of supreme court, Congressional opposition to presidential nominees/filibusters, Erosion of civil liberties vs. protection against terrorism.

What were the circumstances leading to World War I, and how might the war have been averted? Obstacles to women running for political office?

Investigate Dr. Eileen Powers’ claim that the Roman Empire was lost primarily due to an inability to perceive itself as subject to the change inevitable to all governments, or her “force of nature” theory.

Should there be a constitutional amendment that allows gays and lesbians to legally marry?

Sandra Cisneros� “Woman Hollering Creek”: � Women and Ethnic Beliefs: Using the story as a jumping off point, explore the Mexican Legend of La Llorona and what it says about the public perception of women and marriage. To what extent is sexual orientation dictated by culture, and is there an orientation not subject to social and cultural influences?

Should obese people have higher premiums? � Discuss how we each use faith differently, focusing on Troy and Rose and how faith plays into their lives. This will get the professor’s attention in a good way. � The Concept of the �Divine Right of Kings� in Oedipus and in America (see various presidential speeches which invoke God or speak of divine sanction for an administration�s actions � ex. Democratic kingmaker, influence on political succession, Promotional techniques, such as 1st time scholarships, Stalking, invasion of privacy vs. reasonable access. Examine the modern history of viral epidemics, researching what is known about the emergence of deadly viruses. The Moon Landing: Real or Hollywood Hoax? As you begin researching your topic, you may want to revise your thesis statement based on new information you have learned. If you are writing a persuasive or argumentative essay, also consider their point of view on the subject matter. What forms of physical degeneracy are seen as linked to aging? Has it harmed men’s sports? Investigate differences in rates of injury recovery and overcoming illness based on cultural parameters. How did Cleopatra come to power in Egypt?

Defend or support Bloom’s assertion of Shakespeare as the “inventor of the human being.”. Send us your question on and get an answer promptly. Easy way to earn revenues vs. social damage. Domestic slavery in Medieval Florence. � Beginning with the story and expanding the discussion to the public sphere, discuss how racism and sexism go hand in hand in America.

Discuss what sociologists, psychologists, or other scholars say about the challenges they face. What causes desert mirages, and how do they affect wanderers? � Use the story to discuss the difficulties of the African Male as he comes of age in America. For whom? Are dreams hidden messages or just hot air?

Should it be illegal to use animals for sports and entertainment? What ingredients can be found in a hotdog? You cannot reset your PirateNet password from here.

You may find some of the great tips on our website.

Explain why. Iraq War Vets: Are they being cheated on medical benefits?

Research question : Does the alternative medicine is safe and standardized Do states that allow citizens to carry guns have higher or lower crime rates? For example, an economics class may require a business research paper, while a class on human behavior may call for a psychology research paper. Greek organizations and rituals of hazing, Statistics of death or injury due to Hazing. If you are in a class that allows you to choose your own term paper topic, there are some important areas to consider before you begin your project: Your Level of Interest: Research papers are time-consuming; you will be spending countless hours researching the topic and related topics, developing several primary and secondary sources, and putting everything together into a paper that is coherent and accomplishes your objectives. Connect that to the characters and plot of the play. Support the belief that Shakespeare is representing himself as Prospero through evidence, or similarly refute the belief. Are there beliefs in the public forum that correspond to this concept of the dawning of a new age, or of the end of times?

Compare and contrast Jung, Freud, and Adler: explore distinctions and commonalities. How are compulsive behaviors determined as such? Research the city/state of Florence from the 13th to the 16th centuries, discussing how and why it evolved as so fiercely republican. � Polarities: Explore one or two of the contrasts in the play ( i.e., youth vs. age, gods vs. humans, pride vs. wisdom, freedom vs. bondage). Do children learn better in boys-only and girls-only schools? What are some common sleep disorders and how are they treated? Your email address will not be published. Should media producers prosecute students and individuals that they suspect of downloading copyrighted materials?

Cell Phones: How have they changed us socially? What dangers and hardships did Lewis and Clark face when exploring the Midwest? Research and analyze the nature of codependency as both a normal state of relations and as an unhealthy extreme. Investigate and explain the trajectory of ALEXANDER THE GREAT’s empire, with minimal emphasis on personal leadership. If not, ask experts how to polish your paper on the following popular blogs.

Compare and contrast the consequences of the industrial revolutions in England and America in terms of urbanization.

Should those who text while driving be put in jail? How effective and fair is the system of taxation for immigrants in the U.S.? Coma recovery: techniques, successes, new strategies. Drilling for oil in Alaska’s ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge), Gasoline consumption vs. SUV’s popularity, Wildlife protection vs. rights of developers, Clean air and water standards–weakened vs. strengthened. Have the benefits outweighed the costs? How is internet censorship used in China and around the world?

How does stealth technology shield aircraft from radar? Identify and analyze the point at which the Reformation became fused with European politics and nationalist agendas. Easy research paper topics will always be topics with enough information to write a full-length paper. During the latter part of high school and throughout college, you will be required to write several of these types of papers.

Free proofreading and copy-editing included. What is alchemy and how has it been attempted? How has airport security intensified since September 11th, 2001? Should parents avoid vaccinating their children?

Should “under God” remain in the Pledge of Allegiance? What are the origins of the conflict in Darfur?

Decline of communication due to technology, Online social networks and their influence.

A researchable topic with several potential sources gives you access to the level of information you need to become an authority on the subject. © What were the circumstances surrounding the death of Osama Bin Laden?

Is it effective? How Bill Gates and Steve Jobs changed the world.

We have topics which fit into categories that cover such areas as education, environmental sciences, communication and languages, current events, politics, business, criminal justice, art, psychology and economics to name just a few.

Examine any existing controversies regarding Shakespearean authorship, citing arguments on both sides. A view of home life and its effect on child development. Why and how? (address issues of relationships with husbands, position in marriage, duties/responsibilities, societal expectations, or hidden resentments) — choose one of the following —, o Compare the wives in Trifles and one of the following: Fences, �Story of an Hour,� or �Woman Hollering Creek.�, o Husbands: compare how the husband is characterized in Trifles and one of the following: Fences, �Story of an Hour,� or �Woman Hollering Creek.�.


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