landing paint ideas
paint from Farrow and Ball, Dulux and Crown.

A durable painted stairway is also a great option for high-traffic areas, like farmhouses, entryways or summer homes. These vertical lines work well against the hardwood floors, especially the pastel blue-ish color which creates a summery feeling to the staircase. Green is the most relaxing of colors, making it perfect for a busy family hallway. Black paint is used only for the top of the stairs while the white is for the bottom of the stairs. The result looks amazing! Here an old chest of drawers has been painted in a lovely bright blue which contrasts so well against the rest of the monochrome hallway. Gray color is seen as neutral as white, but it has a little bit of black shade in it, so it complements the white just perfect. Or leave it as it is? It needs to be walked all over of course. Neutral shades are a tried and tested way to combat this problem, but why not go a step further and cheer up your hallway with a sunny shade? Start early and preferably when everyone is out for the day. Combined with the grey-pink paint pairing, the black creates an effortlessly smart finish here, and picks out the black of the floor tiles and lamp base, neatly tying the color scheme together. When finished, let the first coat of paint dry for 6 to 8 hours. Therefore, this should be suitable for a staircase that leads to your daughter’s room.

The pop of colors on this idea is interesting as well.

Since hallways tend to be, for the most part, pretty much unfurnished spaces, there is little to worry about in terms of hallway colors clashing with furniture. Repair any loose or broken parts, and fill any dents. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, (Image credit: Geraldine Tan for Farrow & Ball), First-time buyer? You could number the risers to count your way up the apples and pears, or buy a set of letter stencils and let your stairs do the talking. If you fancy giving it a go yourself, it's a pretty simple DIY job – just check out our guide to painting floorboards. White as a neutral color is commonly used in modern houses. If you are feeling really adventurous, and your home's (generous) proportions can accommodate a bold, contrasting scheme, why not use the hallway to really explore the potential of unusual color combinations? This type of paint pattern is very suitable to be applied to homes that have a unique and minimalist style. We'd recommend you also read our comprehensive guide on hallway design, if you're starting from scratch. Bear in mind, too, that a dark shade on woodwork only will still make a big impact on the natural light in the space. After the coating paint is dry, you can apply the main paint from the top of the stairs to the bottom. Visit our corporate site. If the spiral staircase is too steep for your taste, then you should take a look at this idea. Monochrome is used by many people and this idea will set you apart from them. Yes — this budget redo was only $524. The triangles are well-coordinated one after another which creates ease on eyes.

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In a stairway by Centered by Design, risers are white, treads are deep mahogany, and the walls are painted in swirled yellow marble pattern.


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