land rover series 3 dashboard layout
Reckon its going to be a bit of a pain but it,ll be worth it eventually. (centre mounted), There is no cowl around the steering column either and the wiring that would normally sit behind the clocks is hidden by a canvas bag.Its going to be a busy day or so sorting out what wire does what and goes where as none of the original switches have been used at all. Building a decent looking dash is not trivial, I'd go standard, although I'd look at a few wiring nicities like blade fuses & adding a relay for the headlights. I know this doesn't apply to those in the all metal set but for those S3 owners out there I have a question about dash repair. Sockets facing towards the Right Side. Going to completely do it from scratch myself (built a few chop looms) .Real rats nest isn,t it ? Land Rover Series 3 was the most common of the Series vehicles built. Allows easy fitting of four additional gauges / instruments to the, Genuine Lucas 2 Position 18amp Switch for Single speed, © 2018 Bits4Landys all rights reserved - Bits4Landys are independent non-franchised manufacturers & suppliers of parts for the Classic Land-Rover™ Marque. Allows easy fitting of additional switches to the dash / bulkhead. One the least well-known outside its native country is the South African Series IIIS, built by Leyland SA during the first half of the 1980’s and using two locally-built engines not available in Land Rovers anywhere else in the world. South Africa has never had a motor industry it can call its own. That stuff sticks like nasty stuff to most things. It was also the last leaf sprung Land Rover model made before the introduction of the 90 and 110 coil sprung models that preceded the Defender. Everybody moans about the the lack of effective heating in a Series Land Rover, but there are some simple things you can do to make it better. Cars and trucks sold there have almost always been assembled locally from imported CKD (completed knocked down) kits. Here, Leyland SA put together vehicles from kits shipped out from the various Leyland owned companies in Britain. The Series 3 was the most comfortable and refined of the leaf sprung Land Rovers. I think. negative earth. Paste as plain text instead, × 12v Standard car power socket 120w - 10 AMP - for positive or, 2 * USB power sockets, 2 * 12volt standard car power sockets. negative earth. The Series IIIS was distinguished from earlier locally-built Series III’s because it had the flush front of the Stage I V8, a model which was never sold in South Africa. These vehicles were also the last of the 2-wheel drive with selectable 4-wheel drive, as the later Defenders came out as permanent 4-wheel drive.   Pasted as rich text.

I think I will be attempting to go back to putting an original dash and clock set-up into the SWB after much head scratching today. Locally-built cars had no tax penalties as long as they had at least 60% local content. Green bible shows all the wiring, including a full layout of behind the instruments. Shop at for new and used Land Rover Series 1, 2, 2a and 3 Interior Dash, parts and spares Series 3 Land Rover Heater/Dashboard. Genuine Lucas 3 Position 10 amp Switch for Lights, Wipers & Heater. The station wagon had a maximum cruising speed of about 130 km/h (81mph). In the Maxi, the engine was installed transversely and drove the front wheels. but if you can get hold of some vinyl and contact adhesive, i would have a go at covering it. output of the 12v sockets is 3 amps - for negative earth only. max. On the road the Series IIIS in four cylinder petrol form performed very much like any 2.25 litre petrol Series III. Series IIIs are getting more popular as 'classics' now, but the fact that only very early ones (line mine ) are exempt from our UK road tax may well push people to earlier Land Rovers instead. This engine was the E6 and it later went on to power versions of Leyland’s unloved wedge-shaped Princess range. Still, there are plenty of Series IIIs about! Size 6” X 6” Made from 1.5mm (5083 grade aluminium) Powder coated in gloss black. × Posted on April 8, 2012 by Size 7” X 2.5”   Powder coated in satin black. You can buy material that has a very similar grained pattern in it. this is because the earlier dash models didnt have any holes in the steel dash back plate that sits on an angle. Sad to say I quite enjoy wiring and thank goodness its not too complicated a loom to do if I divide it into sections for the rewire( indicators,then lighting etc etc), ive totally rewired a series 2 (slightly less complicated) and it took me about 2 full days worht of work but i did it nover about 3 as i always get pulled away from jobs living on a farm.


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