lament poem structure
Gillian Clarke’s poem, ‘Lament’, draws upon the themes of oil staining the land and sea creatures. Lament, a nonnarrative poem expressing deep grief or sorrow over a personal loss. We can identify two main genres of lament in the Bible (and beyond) that serve such purposes. lest my enemy say, “I have prevailed over him,” you copied off the enote website…. Clarke uses the line ‘For the gunsmith and the armourer’ in order to describe people that work for war. Clarke’s ‘Lament’ is about mourning for all the animals and people suffering. The idea of migration brings to Lament the theme of running away, though it is clear that there is nowhere to run away to, as the entire Earth is falling apart, as both the sun and the seas are described in various states of turmoil. This requires faith. this was not very helpful. in search of the breeding ground.

Even the seemingly immortal ocean now has a “mortal stain”. Lament affirms the applicability of God’s promises by asking again and again for divine help. ‘Dying’ is a very strong and scary word for some, which here reinforces and reveals the real meaning of what occurs in a war.

The word ‘For’ and ‘The’ give us specific images which is happening in the world right now. A lament poem takes advantage of a non-narrative structure to convey deep personal feelings of grief or loss. This is a testament to the immaturity of war and violence. The line ‘For Ahmed at the closed border’ represents the refugees that fled during the war, yet were trapped in a country of ‘the scalded ocean and the blazing well’. This is how Psalm 13 concludes. When the hip-hop artist Jay-Z was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, he made a stunning statement: Hip-hop has done more for racial relations than most cultural icons. In the first two verses, Clarke describes a turtle and a cormorant (a diving bird with a famous appetite), both searching for their naturally fulfilling habitats. Wonderful stuff Brian – I especially love the way you keep close to the animal imagery and decribe the slight shift from this to desribing people.

You certainly have an excellent understanding of the poem as indicated by your detailed response. (vv. The poet then decides to close this stanza by stating a very strong line: “For the soldier in his uniform of fire”; which in my opinion transmits a strong image and heartrending emotion towards the reader. Nothing survives the deadly weapons man has manufactures. ‘For the cormorant in his funeral silk’ conveys the message that the birds are jumping into oiled seas, killing the bird. For many artists, their craft is a means of reaching out to others, to tell stories that have not been told, but that the author feels should be. Another example is Percy Shelley’s “A Lament,” which centers around the question, “O World! Instead of stuffing our struggles, lament gives us permission to verbalize the tension. present here. The ‘boy fusilier who joined Lament Analysis Lament for Nature.

They have no idea what lies ahead of them. ( Log Out /  In the third stanza, Clarke decides to show how humans get affected, and she approaches this by using a very common name that will symbolize everyone else, Ahmed. The writer uses a few literary devices like personification, alliteration and metaphor to make a better picture of understanding what actually is happening in this world. The war had devastated the habitat of many species who were not even involved in the combat. lest my foes rejoice because I am shaken. The form developed as part of the oral tradition along with heroic poetry and exists in most languages. For the gunsmith and the armourer, These oil spills are slowly killing many sea creatures such as the cormorant mentioned in stanza two. More often than not, when a person reads a piece of poetry — or appreciates any art form, really — it is easy to focus on that work from a very singular perspective. Psalm 13 wrestles with why God isn’t doing more: How long, O Lord? She writes how it is the ‘veil of iridescence on the sand’. when Iraq invaded Kuwait, and the United States and its Christina Rossetti’s “A Dirge” provides a useful example. When I remember God, I moan; Let me briefly highlight four elements.

The thousands of gallons of oil split during the gulf was have taken their toll on him, for the cormorant now lies covered in a thick, black layer of oil. You still need to work on your introductory sentences – usually you should applied the terms of the question, or, keep it simple by introducing the poet and the title of the poem. Every single theme comes together to mean the same thing. At the end of the poem, the last stanza, “For vengeance, and the ashes of language” has a meaning that war is useless, and there is nothing gained after the war except, regret and sorrow. Lament, a nonnarrative poem expressing deep grief or sorrow over a personal loss. The third and fourth verses focus on a number of thematically related images. Laments help us through suffering by directing our hearts to make the choice—often daily— to trust in God’s purposes hidden behind the pain. In the fourth stanza the poet mentions ‘…the boy fusilier who joined for the company, the farmer’s sons, in it for the music.’ The poet tells us that a young man joined the war in the music band. In addition it seems like Clarke dedicates this writing to both sides of war, between human and the animals. The tone the poem contains is quite strong but containing sadness at the same time, and the language and imagery that Clarke uses reminds the readers what the meaning and consequences of war is. This poem deeply mentions different animals, especially mammals.

Turning, complaining, and asking lead here. 12:15). In the first stanza, she uses the word ‘pulsing burden’ to describe an innocent green turtle that is looking for a safe place to lay her eggs in the sand covered by oil. Clarke’s “Lament” is about how oil spills and pollution affects the lives of different animals. there is nothing about the stucture of the poem, and i spent a freaking hour reading everyones comments. For example, the line ‘the dugong-missile’s thunder’ contains 3 words that start with the letter ‘D’. All in all what Clarke is saying is that even though we have some world wide problems, created by us, hope is not lost. For the turtle, it is a place to lay her eggs, and for the cormorant, it is the sea, where food can be easily found. The poem has a background of a Gulf War; Clarke illustrates this based on oil spill causing colossal damage towards nature and animals (destruction by humans). Furthermore, the whole poem is written in the tercet form; all her ideas are written in three lines per stanza. The metaphors used in this poem are gloomy but shocking, creating a depressing and melancholic atmosphere in this poem. This possibly also means that he lost his parents due to war, and that gives a sense of sadness towards the boy, therefore, making the reader want to help put a stop to wars around the globe. The burning oil seemed to put

These four elements (turning, complaining, asking, and trusting) serve as the basic ingredients of lament. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. . It is through advertising that we are able to contribute to charity. The poem addresses on issues like refugees, arguments, animal casualties, man-made environmental disasters and soldiers from different cultures.


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