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Lydia wakes up and accuses Braulio of drugging her. Diego and others post the video of Rafael’s murder online. TV Shows Based on Books, TV Dramas. The Doña makes a connection between the tattoo on the criminals that raped her and killed her parents and those that attacked Margarita. Braulio confirms his suspicion. Felipe organizes a press conference. Mónica, su hija sufre un ataque, que sospechan tiene que ver con los matones de Arcoíris. Altagracia asks her shaman to heal Saúl and unite them forever.

Mónica and Saúl find out about how Leticia was unfairly fired and Mónica organizes a protest march. Altagracia finds Lázaro and demands to know the truth. Mónica goes in search of Altagracia intent on exacting justice.

Rafael tries to tell Regina the truth. The neighborhood resists heroically. Gabino fights with Adolfo. Adolfo wines and dines Mónica in vain. Altagracia manipulates Daniel to get to Rafael. Karen investigates why Emiliano hated Rafael. Under threat, she demands the names of his accomplices.

Emiliano runs over Lydia and flees with Isabela, but Saúl gets the license plate number. She causes an accident, forcing him to show her the tattoo identifying him as the murderer. In mid-'90s Andalusia, two sisters face rejection and search for the truth when their missing parents are accused of killing 23 people in a cult ritual.

Braulio will be the Colonel’s lawyer. Later, the lawyer is arrested and refuses to testify, so Felipe, Saúl, and Leticia set up a media campaign. Aracely Arámbula, David Chocarro, Danna Paola.

Worlds collide and lives shatter when Altagracia, a powerful and elegant businesswoman, plots a twisted revenge while falling in love.

Altagracia and Rafael’s meeting goes terribly wrong. Altagracia and Mónica fight because of Saúl and the Doña threatens her father.

Daniel asks Mónica to run the foundation. Emiliano is filmed taking drugs and Saúl sees it. Mónica confronts the Delegate and is sent to a punishment cell. Yesenia unwittingly lets slip that Altagracia was a victim of the Monkeys. Braulio discovers Ximena’s cameras. Mónica wants to know the truth about her father’s health. Altagracia seals a pact with Céspedes, a soldier feared by his subordinates who in the past shot César, her ex. Gabino offers for Mónica to run away with him. Altagracia performs a ritual to make Yesenia tell the truth. Meanwhile, Elena searches for Braulio. Adolfo agrees to join forces with Altagracia. Braulio dreams about Altagracia and she asks him about Jaime. Altagracia visits Mónica to intimidate her. Saúl asks Valeria to be his ally. The police confuse Saúl with an assailant. Rafael puts in a special order with Gabino. Altagracia offers to pay for Lázaro’s treatment.

Altagracia wants to know how Jaime died. Gabino informs Rafael that Sandoval’s oldest daughter survived. Altagracia stops Gabino from attacking Mónica. Daniel confesses to Mónica that he abused Altagracia and she rejects him in disgust. Altagracia gives her business card to her worst enemy. Saúl fights his mounting distrust in Daniel. Gabino hits Mónica. Francisco threatens to kill Rafael to make Altagracia talk. Valeria testifies in Braulio’s trial. Saúl interrogates Altagracia about being a murderer and a victim. Margarita tells Saúl about la Doña’s threats. Valeria frees Mónica and Margarita. Saúl professes his love for Mónica and she warns Isabela about Emiliano. Braulio finds out the truth about Mónica and has to take extreme measures. Saúl sees Mónica as a safe haven and Altagracia as the woman who has brought her conflict. Mónica and Mago are arrested. Saúl confronts Braulio and they threaten each other with death. Braulio remains in charge of torturing and extracting information from Miguel Preciado.


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