koyfin vs bloomberg
Others have piled on, too. For $20,000 or more per user each year, it is considerably expensive for a retail investor. There’s an API connectivity feature that enables programmers to link applications based on languages such as Java, C#, Matlab, amongst others. Coupled with that, users can gain seamless access to the software using a computer, smartphone, or a web-based application.

(Scraping SEC filings is doable, but there are many edge cases. A Bloomberg terminal allows direct access to Bloomberg's data service which includes real-time financial data, analyst estimates, messaging, and trading capabilities. Bloomberg’s edge in news is its instant summarisation.

I also am a happy (paying) customer of FinBox... Its not free but for what you get might as well be: they use the S&P Global Fundamental dataset and you can pick what regions of the world you want, and they have Excel and Google Sheets integrations... pretty incredible. Hence, you can use the platform with ease and familiarize yourself with features like Advanced Graphing, My Dashboards, Macro Dashboards, and Financial Analysis.

According to this interview with Morgan Downey, the founder of Money.net (the leading contender for a Bloomberg killer), the backend for getting real-time data from exchanges to customers costs $10 million to $20 million.

Users in 120 countries can use the Bloomberg Terminal.

Google Finance gave up completely this year which is saying something because over the last 10 years it was a stomping ground for pissing away money for executives from Bloomberg and Reuters amped to turn it into a Bloomberg killer. Note to founders in this space…only Bloomberg can kill Bloomberg. The quality of free resources for investors has dropped since I first got interested in the topic in the late 1990s. Koyfin – An amazing free dashboard that looks and feels a lot like FactSet. If you’re a professional, you know this bias is totally wrong: Bonds can be more fun than stocks, because given enough leverage, you can make a portfolio of treasuries just as wild as a concentrated bet on penny stocks. I love the BBG news feed. Relative to other platforms I’ve tried, there are three big differences. Eikon provides data and news feeds in real-time. What’s “key” varies from one company to another, as well as in context. One debt collector said that 30%-50% of some non-bank consumer loan books may have gone bad. It had done the usual back-of-the-envelope math: You can copy 99% of the functionality you use for cheap, charge 95% less, capture a bigger market, and eventually make inroads on institutional investors. ), And then you have to figure out news.


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