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The author supports the tale with fine pacing and does take time in introducing new aspects of character development. As overweight and unattractive loner guy, he always had to keep up with the daily life of humiliation by the hands of the bullies at his school. The plot is rather simple. Take a peek into his life as he begins to follow his true passion while dealing with friends, loves, and adventures. Here is the list of 25 top Manhwa (Korean Webtoons) for you to check out. The art style is well recognizable if you know of the author but individually you might find it comparatively simple and messy. Unlike others, he wishes to climb the Tower only to find his friend Rachel. Tales of demons and gods is a manhua and we have covered it here: http://thebiem.com/manga-similar-to-tales-of-demons-and-gods/, I will include legendary moonlight sculptor, Did you guys saw solo leveling viewing number in manganelo.com?? A high school girl falls asleep one night and wakes up to find herself married to an overprotective demon who's got a penchant for eating cats... yeah this is one of the more unusual ones. Genres: Action, Martial Arts, Romance, School, Harem. Just like most people she now believes that a good education guarantees a good life and she continues to study hard. You can search for any Korean manhwa, Japanese manga or Chinese Manhua that you need easily with the search icon on header of this website. I was looking for some new webtoons to read as well as you guys probably have when you searched for this post, I’ll definitely check it out and if it’s good at it to the list.

(Official summary), She’s a hopeless romantic who’s turning 30 – and is not super happy about it. After all, people always say the book is better than the movie, right? Where is “Solo Leveling” on the list? Check out other K-drama articles: K-dramas adapted from webtoons; Underrated K-dramas; Iconic K-dramas; Thriller K-dramas; Romantic K-dramas The killing has been happening for years, but when his father takes an interest in the pretty transfer student Yoon Kyun, Jin must make a decision—be the coward who sends her to the gallows like all the rest or be the bastard of a son who defies his wicked parent. keep up the good work and take care!! As these are some of the best webtoons you must have already heard about them from your friends. This top manhwa is one of the best romance manhwas out there. Her plans to live a normal life at school flip over when she bites a particularly sweet-smelling boy who hates vampires. Here's seven webtoons you should start reading to get some K-drama vibes in your life. An unattractive high school student who's bullied constantly suddenly transforms into a person with two bodies - one being the exact opposite of who he is. Enjoy your reviews. Naver webtoon: [1] Largest Webtoon Portal Notable webtoons: Tower of God, Noblesse 157 Webtoons listed 2. Is it not nice if life has a rewind setting? Really good list. Korean webtoons are growing in popularity, thanks to the variety of genres available at your very fingertips. This pair have been besties since childhood but everyone around them thinks it's more than friendship. We believe that the great stories in different Manhwa, Manga or Manhua works should be shared for all readers around the world. It has the potential to make it into this list, I will definitely check it out, thanks for the recommendation.

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Why is “vampire” listed under genres for unordinary? As Hong Sul begins to discover his dark side, how is it going to end this time? An ordinary high school student discovers her talents and herself when she joins a drawing club called 'Spirit Fingers', filled with eccentric characters. Her childhood friend Shion assists her in managing the shop and she is very thankful for it. Genres: Thriller, Psychological, Mystery, Drama. When Song Jae Gu spills coffee on Queen, the bloody champion of Wild’s League, his survival in the school becomes questionable. It’s so thrilling, We have other posts for more specific genres of webtoons. To accept Shioon as his disciple, Chun-Woo asks him to prove his commitment by jumping off a bridge. I read Tomb Raider King and I love it, everyone says it might look too much like Solo Leveling but the main character has his own vibe and I dig that. because I don’t really enjoy reading, but my god.. that series is just too good, not just the story but the artstyle and everything!

The struggle is real! The plot is known yet pretty original. To make it easier for you, we have made a comprehensive post listing websites where you can read webtoons in English.

With this chance encounter with the magician, her life is changed forever.

Throw in a love triangle involving two feuding boys and you've got yourself romance, intrigue and comedy all in one! best manhwa/webtoons similar to The Gamer, List of 18 Best Romance Eroticism Smut Adult Manga Like Sweet Punishment (18+), Top 100+ Hot Anime Guys – They Make Your Heart Skip a Beat, 40 Best Korean Mature Adult Webtoons (Manhwa) For Webtoon Lovers, 45 Best Gay Anime Worth Checking Out – 2020, 40+ Best Websites to Discover and Read Korean Webtoons (Manhwa) in English, 9 Best Romance Smut Ecchi Anime Similar To Sweet Punishment (18+), http://thebiem.com/fantasy-webtoons-manhwa/, http://thebiem.com/manga-similar-to-tales-of-demons-and-gods/. We believe in the freedom of reading comics and that motivates us to pursue the goal of spreading the love for webtoons in the world.

His new English teacher, Chun-Woo witnesses him getting bullied but offers no help. Of course some obstacles will be coming their way that'll have them questioning their relationship too. He grew up to his state all by himself by using his usual knowledge. He is drawn into an organization Catharsis which helps ordinary people combat their demons which are their fears and insecurities. We made this website in such a way that it is easy to use for all people.

The only person he interacts with is his middle school tutor, stand in the guardian, and now teacher, Ami. Both the manhwa and light novel is very good. So we anticipate our readers to be patient and wait to read the manhwa, manhua and manga that we recommend. The Breaker… I remember those issue releases were highlights of my week or something to look forward after being in the field for like 2-3 weeks. Genres: Comedy, Mystery, Romance, School, Slice of Life. The first chapter switches from past and present and so we are behind on a journey where the protagonist wants to achieve all relics at all costs. Now as a young girl high school girl, she is embracing her unsocial existence. Genres: Romance, School, Vampire, Slice of Life. Sololeveling is a typical chinese manhua in the form of a webtoon. Its sad that a lot of people dont know about it. With a long list of new Korean dramas in 2020, you’ll definitely be thoroughly entertained till year end. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a52e8b02189ecc5b0f756c8c8c14f62c" );document.getElementById("e1760341a1").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Can such a fantasy world be real? The writer Ha Il-Kwon is quite a talented artist, all his works are likable and utterly unique in genres or in plotting. Romance, face-blindness, drama - what more could you want. We are sorry for your inconvenience. And what about that cute boy she likes? These tombs consist of various relics that were all-powerful and soon the motion of getting into tombs, surviving the odds and achieving power, breaks into the world. Thus, paving a way for himself under other strong people and makes a name for himself. All webtoons include manga, manhwa or manhua on Webtoon.xyz are and will always be free however we have to show ads because we have to pay for server services.


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