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Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, Super Danganronpa 2.5: Komaeda Nagito to Sekai no Hakaimono, https://danganronpa.fandom.com/wiki/Kazuichi_Soda_(Illusion)?oldid=347992. He quickly developed a crush on Sonia Nevermind, a foreign princess. Nagisa Shingetsu, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy This may or may not be because of the stress of being on the island. This sudden change in opinion clearly shows how much Kazuichi trusts Nagito. I'm the Ultimate Mechanic.

In one of his Free Time Events, he revealed that he planned to put pedals on the ship and pedal boat off the island. He also stated that he always wanted a beautiful blonde for a girlfriend, which fits Sonia's exterior looks. Blood Type He claims that he's dreamed of a beautiful blonde girlfriend since he was a kid and his affection towards Sonia seems rather shallow, as he actually seems to dislike some of her actual personality traits, such as her love for the occult. After Kazuichi joined and retrieved Gundham, Ibuki Mioda, and Peko Pekoyama, he and his classmates came to an area outside the school to search for Nagito Komaeda. Anime Another invention which Kazuichi was working on during his first school year at Hope's Peak Academy is unidentifiable, but is very large and Kazuichi is very invested in this project, skipping class in order to complete his invention in a short amount of time.

The following models and icons are used in the Neo World Program section of Danganronpa V3. Get up to 50% off. Alongside Mikan Tsumiki, he is commonly Monokuma and Hiyoko Saionji's target and often ends up being the butt of their jokes. Aoi Asahina | Nekomaru Nidai | So is it okay if, "I mean it, I promise I'll give it my all to serve you so everyone has fun! Unnamed parents For example, he claims in Chapter 2 that he has always wanted to see Sonia wearing a sexy swimsuit. In one of his Free Time Events, he states that he had never been on a field trip, and spoke quite casually about his father beating him when he didn't attend school on those days. Sprites of Kokichi which appear during the Death Road of Despair minigame. 64 kg (141 lbs)

Birth Date The plan fails and Kazuichi flat out gets blown across the room by an explosion after apprehending Nagito with Fuyuhiko and Akane. Sayaka Maizono | When Sonia worries about being a low-ranked demon, according to Gundham, Kazuichi responds by telling her that she was an angel.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School/Despair Arc (English), Nagito Komaeda • Kazuichi Sōda • Fuyuhiko Kuzuryū • World Destroyer • Peko Pekoyama • Sonia Nevermind • Mikan Tsumiki, Hajime Hinata • Hiyoko Saionji • Makoto Naegi • Sayaka Maizono • Chisa Yukizome • Ruruka Ando • Seiko Kimura • Sonosuke Izayoi • Ibuki Mioda • Ryota Mitarai • Super High School Level Imposter • Nekomaru Nidai • Ibuki Mioda • Mahiru Koizumi • Gundham Tanaka • Teruteru Hanamura • Akane Owari. Splashing around at such a gorgeous beach is really the best! He was also able to verify the elevator turned 180 degrees with the help of Nagito's compass. Shuichi Saihara | Kazuichi went outside the school grounds with the rest of the class to look for Mikan who Nagito says he saw heading for the West District. He has thin eyes with hot pink prescription contact lenses on them at all times. - Kazuichi Souda "Ambition makes you look pretty ugly; creepy Sonia-stalking little PIGGY" I couldn't listen to this. Kazuichi managed to survive the final trial and escape back to the real world with the other survivors at the end of Danganronpa 2 and remained on Jabberwock Island. Occupation Kazuichi disliked Gundham and refused to invite him to the beach party. Unnamed Parents Mechanic skills 86 cm Kazuichi and the class continue down the corridor after making their descent of the stairway, Mikan eventually catching up with them. Gadgeteer, Sonia Nevermind (victim of Kazuichi's stalker-like crush and unwanted advances)MonokumaJunko EnoshimaRyota Mitarai (formerly). Full Name As time passes, though, their disagreement with each other seems to dissipate, and they become tolerant of one another. Height

He suspected Peko because during the blackout in the old lodge, the place where the students threw a party, Peko guarding the office room, the place where the old lodge electricity sourced.

These were minor inventions that he created when learning to become a talented mechanic in his father's workshop and he inputted his innovative ideas into these various technologies, despite these inventions not being successful Kazuichi's inspired work clearly has success when it comes to motorization. Althrough Fuyuhiko is easily annoyed and angered with Kazuichi's obession with Sonia. ", "Anyway, let's cherish the coincidence that brought us together!

", "The truth is we don't know anything about, "Like that matters! The remnants of Despair are later found by Future Foundation. He also has earrings that resemble screws. Once Chiaki reaches the "goal" in her execution, she opens the door. Kazuichi has a tendency to neglect his need for a verbal filter and often blurts things out without thinking. He doesn't let it get him down, but he neglects to simply let the death of his classmates be shaken off.

Nagito immediately got up from where he was seated, clasping Kazuichi's hands and proclaiming tearfully how happy he is to see Kazuichi's dream come to fruition. Don't act like our loss has been decided yet!" As the broadcast ends, Kazuichi and the class fall silent, with a patterned swirl in their eyes, they are now Ultimate despair. His bright blue jumpsuit is half unzipped, revealing a plain white t-shirt underneath. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I'll never forget you guys, or others! Kazuichi dislikes Nagito because of this, though the other boy is seemingly oblivious to it. Kazuichi and Sonia have their date at a café near the school campus and both enjoy each others company, both sharing romantic feelings. His passion for inventing is what allows him to build on his creativity. From changing his hair color to losing his glasses, and presumably sharpening his teeth so that he could fit in better with people around him. White or transparent. Reasons why I hate Sonia: Also parodied by Filburt in the Rocko fanfic "Filburt's Postmodern Wife" When Fuyuhiko notices that both Mikan and the Ultimate Imposter are missing from the classroom, Kazuichi thinks that they're doing "extracurricular studies" together.

The class reconvenes at the school classroom as they are unable to find Mikan. DR3 (Despair) Nekomaru is seen facing off against a robot unit from the Super High School Level Elite Task Force of Future Foundation but became surrounded, fortunately, Kazuichi sent an army of remote control Mini-Mecha Nidai robots (The same design of the one he made for the class in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair) to defeat the second monobeast.

As a result, every time he attempts to flirt or get close to Sonia, he just winds up creeping her out, as well as everyone around him. ... Souda Kazuichi …

The Ultimate Imposter reveals his true identity, to Kazuichi's shock along with the rest of the class although they come to accept it quickly. Kazuichi Souda doesn't get along with homeless people. Kanji The following sprites appear in Danganronpa V3's bonus mode: Ultimate Talent Development Plan. Later on, Kazuichi helped convince Ryota to abandon his plan to brainwash the world. However, his focus soon shifts from a constant fear of dying to try to get Sonia to be his girlfriend. Makoto Naegi | When Kazuichi saw his chance to reach Sonia, Fuyuhiko desperately trying to stop him. Kazuichi's talent as it appears in official translations of Danganronpa material. Kiyotaka Ishimaru |

Byakuya Togami | Kazuichi succumbed to despair along with his classmates after being brainwashed by Junko Enoshima and became a part of Ultimate Despair. In the end, he is convinced by Hajime to create his own future and says the choice of initiating the shutdown sequence is now incredibly easy, while on the verge of despair he managed to overcome that with hope for the future. Kazuichi puts a hand on Nagito's shoulder when walking to school together and is concerned for him when discovering his earlier injuries, requesting he go to the nurse's office and is even more worried when Nagito returns to the classroom having sustained further injury showing he cares for his friend. Height Kazuichi is later seen with all of his face bandaged due to the accident earlier (possibly treated by Mikan). Alias

Kazuichi continues to flirt with Sonia and seek her affections much similar to his real-life counterpart, however this time she enjoys his company due to him receiving good luck from Nagito.

He and Nekomaru are the ones who tie up Nagito, and Kazuichi is the one who punches him unconscious. Nagito Komaeda • Kazuichi Sōda • Fuyuhiko Kuzuryū • World Destroyer • Peko Pekoyama • Sonia Nevermind • Mikan Tsumiki, Hajime Hinata • Hiyoko Saionji • Makoto Naegi • Sayaka Maizono • Chisa Yukizome • Ruruka Ando • Seiko Kimura • Sonosuke Izayoi • Ibuki Mioda • Ryota Mitarai • Super High School Level Imposter • Nekomaru Nidai • Ibuki Mioda • Mahiru Koizumi • Gundham Tanaka • Teruteru Hanamura • Akane Owari. Soon enough, Kazuichi was hit by a truck and sustained an injury, while Nagito won a lucky streak on a vending machine when the truck flying high in the air bounced off it. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Kazuichi liked to improve many things, such as his greatest invention, attaching an engine to the machine that draws the chalk lines on soccer fields. Looking at Sonia from across the classroom, she noticed and gave Kazuichi a wave to which he responded the same, blushing happily. Kazuichi and his classmates moved to the new school building starting from that day. He has badly layered hot pink hair which is plaited at his left side, hidden underneath a grey cap which he wears backward. As a child, Kazuichi was also very skittish and easily picked on. He has taken a strong liking to Sonia Nevermind, to an extent of being a pervert, and in constant jealousy of Gundham Tanaka. Kazuichi Soda (Illusion) Despite the amount of "respect" he gives her, he's constantly making comments about her body and appearance, in a rather gross fashion. They're the biggest and the fastest! Thanks to his great mechanic skills, he later enrolled in Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Mechanic, in Class 77-B. Before Chisa went to retrieve two remaining students, she tasked everyone to clean the classroom. During the break time, Kazuichi and the others ate nikujaga that has been cooked by Teruteru and Hiyoko.

172 cm (JP)5'6" (ENG) Blood Type Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older. With the battle won, Kazuichi and the Class 77-B return to Jabberwock Island. Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, https://danganronpa.fandom.com/wiki/Kokichi_Oma/Sprite_Gallery?oldid=341001. After being collected, he is a playable character in the minigames Ultimate Talent Development Plan and Despair Dungeon: Monokuma's Test. IF I'M A F***** PIG, YOU CAN SAY SO!!" In the final chapter, Kazuichi is one of the final five students out of fifteen who enters the final class trial, along with Makoto, Byakuya and Kyoko also entering the program later. Gonta Gokuhara | So even if I was betrayed or lied to, I always believed they had a good reason for it. While it seems to suggest he's been injured by the bomb Nagito placed in the lobby, he's surprisingly left unharmed despite it being rather ambiguous when he hadn't spoken for a while during the aftermath.


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