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And the quest simply said to steal something, that would be harder to pull off that what he was willing to do. I said, [To the left of your inventory is your Equipment screen, while it's not necessary to use it to alter your equipment, it can sometime be faster than what you've got equipped, now let's check out the last screen, your Quest screen.]. You're a really smart boy!". Value cannot be changed through normal means. Being a leader, he had to keep a level-head to … Full set bonus active:+20 AGI+15 INT+10 STR+5 MP. ], [Video Game Materialization (passive) lvl MAX: User can bring to life and wield the worlds created by video games into reality and may only be restricted by the game or their own imagination/creativity], [Video Game Mimicry (passive) lvl MAX: Users of this ability are to mimic video-game characters in real life and live it as if they were the actual characters in the game. ], [Gamer's Mind (passive) lvl MAX: Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through. This would have been such a great, or normal moment for a child, had we not been in one of the back rooms of a strip club, and the woman in question wasn't skimpily clad in a mini-skirt, topless, and did not have a roll of weed in her left hand. I deadpanned, [By understanding lower levelled stats rise faster you have increased your WIS and INT by 1], [Good, now I believe that a gamer like you knows about most of the things listed in this screen, if not refer to the manual available in the Help section that will be available after the tutorial, now let's return to the menu. The Rest of these skills are really going to make everything and I mean everything completely easy' I thought.

yet thanks to the rampaging demon soul bonded to you, you’re stuck on the team until your debt to society is paid. I had unusually thick skin, but that had hurt, even by my standards. Ding!INT was unable to progress to C rank due to current level Letter Rank, received "+" denotation to reflect this. 'I thought. Not very happy with this chapter, I noticed that as a gamer fic, a lot of the chapter ends up being the system talking to the gamer, from next chapter on I'll find ways to minimize that clutter (Hopefully). I said, "Quest." It wasn't surprising given how little he worked out, but it still stung slightly. ): ?Description: ?Relationship: Neutral. ", "So brat, you better remember, and you better be grateful.". Oh yes you filthy whore – take my – what the fuck?! The Gamer's Mind, this was the cause of this, a blessing. Blessed Gains, enables the user to gain 10% more XP from each quest completed (Will begin the Adventurer Path). No need for a subway ride! Saying: If you don't have enough money to put toward your retirement funds, then why are you buying a flat-screen TV? Points: Earned through leveling up, can be allocated to stats. "And the sooner he learns how shitty the world is, the better." Except, the circumstances of his reincarnation, are less than satisfactory. Fucking more and more men than even she can handle just to make sure you don't starve. She worked a minimum wage job that earned enough to pay for some food and her a little to support her drug addiction. ], [Gamer's Body (Passive) lvl MAX: Grants a body that allows for the user to live the real world like a game. So Gamer's Body makes my body just like a video game characters, meaning so long as I keep my HP up I won't be affected by pain as much, or need to sleep or eat , Gamer's Mind allows me to keep calm in any situation and telepaths can't really mess with my mind. Hehe my life is taken from me by a FUCKING RAPIST. So me being me I swooped in and I saved her, I knocked the guy down and beat the ever living shit out of him all the while giving the woman a chance to run while telling her to call the police. It had gotten to the point where he could trust it to be his alarm clock for waking up for school, it was certainly louder than his old cellphone. Does it mean like games like FPS with guns or RPGs with statuses? "Okay I have 1 Payday and Skill Book that says will not be revealed till the end of tutorial "I said.

"As if you wouldn't have done the same. levels like Barbara Gordon had. He seemed like a country-pumpkin that had never been to the big city with all the gawking he was doing. Coming from the sleazebag fucking me?

Had I been any other person, any normal child, this would have been an impossible task, but, I wasn't. Selecting 'Yes' Damien felt a boost in power surge through him. He began to wonder how something like this came to be, everyone knew of the Metagene, but those things tended to be way more physical even if they also had weird abilities, but this was vastly different. Justice League and Game of Thrones crossover fanfiction archive with over 5 stories. INT: Represents the amount of intelligence you possess. Because after she leaves here, some of those men are going to be fucking her hard, for some more cash.".

They were all D and in the range of 10-35. Belatedly, I knew, or I realized, that the reason I had not yet completely freaked out or gone insane or lost my mind at the lifestyle which I now lived, was due to the Gamer's Mind skill. Level: Represents the current overall rating of your status, a higher level means higher overall ability, each level will naturally increase your attributes. Deals 200% True damage, ignore all armor and resistances (100 SP per usage). Should this drop to 0, you will be unable to perform magic. Gamer can use Inventory and Observe. (MANDATORY MUST COMEPLETE)]. Not bothering to say goodbye to his mother, who would not wake up for another few hours, he walked out of the two-bedroom apartment. By: Sir Lucifer Morningstar. "Get pregnant for a while they said – customers are into the breast milk fetish they said, it'll boost your average rates by over a hundred percent they said!" : Know your limits.Use Observe on a target whose level greatly exceeds yours. A spectacle to be sure. No. First level up will be commemorated with a skill.Please select one. And then came the slaps. yet thanks to the rampaging demon soul bonded to you, you’re stuck on the team until your debt to society is paid.

If your HP going down to zero you do not die you go into a death like sleep into your HP is half full. Short and sweet right just how I like it. Testing the motion of his head again, he realized that the paper was centered in his vision, it would move to wherever he looked. His thoughts began to shift to the quest, he needed to steal a thousand dollars worth of stuff, the suit was very cool and literally doubled his strength but he couldn't simply walk into a store with it on and steal stuff. Judging by that final alert, it seemed INT was meant to evolve into a C rank but was unable to, likely due to his D rank for his level. Damien stood in front of his classroom door, it stood a monument to his failure. You see how well she does that?

Chance to be invisible to perception within shadows, chance will decrease with enemy's level (Will begin the Rogue Path). The Title section mentioned skills, did he have some sort of menu-. Thinking I was done I open my eyes to see I am in a completely black area with a holographic blue screen in front of me with a message on it. He had spotted the irregular obvious thug that was bigger than his peers that reached into the 40s, but aside from that no one else had '?' He's just a kid!". "Yeah I understand." Damien ignored the 'Lvl up!' Quest Updated! This could work... Quickly heading out to the nearest big-box store to him, it was only a few blocks away. Gamer Fanfiction. "This is for the kid. Now that I think about it, Barbara's level wasn't the only thing that was '?' ], [Meditate: Level 1] Active: Through continuous inner focus, a skill to sharpen focus, order thoughts, and increase clarity of mind and awareness of body was created. Founder: Lupri - Stories: 980 - Followers: 812 - id: 123758 A collection of Videogame and Gamer Fanfiction, like Uzumaki Naruto: Dawn of the Gamer, Naruto: The Gamer Files, Gamer Arc. Other than that, I think that's everything. I was walking home from the bar when I came across a man trying to rape the woman 5 blocks from my place. Who knew everyone would end up falling in …

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Footsteps slowly made their way to the door and Damien waited as his stomach dropped, it was his first time being late to class in all his life. It simply vanished. Fucking hell.". Damien spent the rest of his day simply observing everything he could see, items, people, and even places. He lifted his mother's mattress slightly and pulled out one of the crumbled up bills. He wasn't a coward, but he certainly wasn't the kind of guy to mouth off to the teacher if he got in trouble. Why am I entering a dead man's body? [This is your Inventory, perfect infinite hammer space to store anything and everything you can horde, but if I was you I would keep it organized. He wasn't weird exactly, but his social awkwardness was like blood in the water to the sharks that lived in the school.

- Assassinate: No armor can stand against you, this is a true hit. The team changed much in that time; this is especially true because most of the team had undergone puberty as the time passed. Had I been any ordinary child, any ordinary baby – I would have long since died from starvation and malnutrition, if not from the fact that my mother smoked and drank heavily, and it was clear in the acrid taste of the milk. Gamer of Mana by Manifested Earth reviews. Now for beginner stats here let's give you 12 Stat points to alter your stats.].

2. ], [Magic (P) lvl MAX: User has access to Magic, the use of rituals, symbols, actions, gestures and language to exploit supernatural forces to varying degrees, with only their skill, personal power-level, imagination/knowledge, and/or morality to define the borders. messages and instead went straight for the Skills/Blessings section, he was really interested in the System's Blessing. ], [Reality Playing (Active) lvl MAX: The user can transform normal games into reality, using them to fight, enhance the user's probability, remove boundaries, make any rule of the game real, and adapt laws], [Team Combination (Active) lvl MAX: by working together to defeat the bosses and challenges. The higher the skill, the greater the data obtained. Passive effect: increases VIT, INT, WIS by 20%. He tapped each of the items and they read: Scarf of the Initiated Rogue (D): +5 INT, part of the Initiated Rogue set (1/7)Grips of the Initiated Rogue (D): +5 STR, part of the Initiated Rogue set (1/7)Vest of the Initiated Rogue (D): +5 DEF, part of the Initiated Rogue set (1/7)Boots of the Initiated Rogue(D): +5 AGI, part of the Initiated Rogue set (1/7)Cloak of the Initiated Rogue(D): +5 MP, part of the Initiated Rogue set (1/7)Pendant of the Initiated Rogue (D): +5 WIS, part of the Initiated Rogue set (1/7)Dagger of the Initiated Rogue (D): +5 STR, part of the Initiated Rogue set (1/7). Do you understand?]. I always hated the party system and the MC telling everyone about the gamer power so there will be none of that in my fic. There was a snort, which came from another stripper who had entered the room at that moment. All it'll take will be one person figuring out what or who his mother does for a living before child services come knocking at her door. Like the previous screen Damien opted to simply press Ok once more, it was definitely weird, but more than likely it was the weird that would get him a one-way ticket to the Arkham Insane Asylum. But for what end? A gamer enters the world of the justice league (might turn to M) i have not given up on this i just have been doing research and rewriting the story it will be up soon and thank up waiting (Read the Chapter FOUR) poll is up now . I could not stand this sight for that long. : Path of the RogueSteal $1,000 in any form. On top of his status he noticed a blue bar that was almost full slowly begin to move as the XP was gained, it seemed to be his level bar. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Justice League and Game of Thrones universe. Barbara Gordon, the redhead beauty. I said, then the menu showed up I figured I'll hit the next one on the list, "Inventory.". I barely noticed when the woman had left, instead, my eyes were still focused on the woman in front of me.


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