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I thought it sounded really exciting. I was presenting Escape To The Country, Cash In The Attic and Britain's Empty Homes for BBC daytime – plus a series called Dig 1940. Published by National Trust Books on 1 March 2018.

BBC One’s Britain’s Empty Homes where he was an initial presenter for more than 2 years from January 2010 to February 2012.

This quarter, I've lost between £50,000 and £60,000 of anticipated income. I was 26 by then and was quite used to roughing it because I had been in the Army.

What I find interesting is the emotional story behind each weapon and the person who carried it – I wonder about what they were thinking, what they saw and witnessed. My investments are probably on the floor right now. There were days when I was on TV three times on three different programmes. If you were Chancellor what is the first thing you would do?

Plus, both my parents invested in pension schemes which went bust and they lost their money. We bought it in 2012 for £600,000 and we have spent about £100,000 on it. To get rid of the mortgage and have enough money to feel secure. In yesterday’s episode of Escape to the Country (Monday, December 16th), Jules Hudson was reminded of his past days in the military, a previous occupation that might shock some of his fans.. I can command quite good sums of money hosting corporate gigs. My diary is absolutely empty. I've always loved Land Rovers so last year, when I thought I had enough money, I bought our son Jack his own 'mini' Land Rover for Christmas. What is the most expensive thing you bought for fun? Jump to navigation Jump to search. I have money invested in stocks and shares Isas, but I have opted for simple investment funds that track the stock market.

Follow Jules on Twitter The Escape to the Country Handbook, Signed ", He previously opened up about his love of the countryside, saying: "I like the pace of life, the space and the shared fellowship. From his 16th Century farmhouse in Herefordshire, he spoke via phone. He was the initial presenter on BBC One's Britain's Empty Homes, fronting the first series from January 2010 to February 2012. For an Englishman who’s lived in the Principality for much of his life, what could split loyalties more than watching England v Wales in the Rugby Six Nations Tournament? I've lost a lot of expected income. I was ripped off by a scammer in Spain. They're good fun and I'd love to do more of them. Jules Hudson’s Age. Join writer and broadcaster Jules Hudson as he shares his experiences of seeking out captivating country homes in this inspiring and practical guide. But just like you, we celebrate our dogs every day. Activate HELLO! I once bought a quad bike for £1,600 on eBay thinking it was too good to be true – and it was.

He's having a great day! But, of course, all that has been cancelled.

Never happier than when he's making things, his workshop is his own escape. ", MORE: Escape the Country's Nicki Chapman opens up about devastating brain tumour diagnosis, Celebrating these two on #NationalDogDay... To be fair, we celebrate them every day! To keep my living expenses down, I lived on my dad's old wooden boat. That's not the case. I'd love to be one of those people who could analyse the peaks and troughs of the stock market coming and make a fortune. In 2015 Jules Hudson became President of CPRW. How have you been affected by the coronavirus outbreak? A keen countryman and craftsman, Jules spends his spare time renovating his period home and garden in Herefordshire and rescuing old furniture, ably assisted by his partner Tania, their new baby boy Jack, and Labradors Teddy and Iolo. The only upside has been spending more time with our five-year-old son Jack. One of the phrases that’s proved most incisive to Jules over the years comes from his time in the army and was spoken by one of history’s most audacious military leaders, Looking to the natural landscape is the key to protecting communities against flooding – something the Environment Agency would do well to heed, says Jules, © Jules Hudson 2018Web site design by DMD, countryman, craftsman, archaeologist, historian. Moreover , ... Jules Hudson Biography with Social Work and Charity. Jules Hudson. It's a late 16th Century timber-framed farmhouse with five bedrooms. Sadly, I'm not. What was the best year of your financial life? With plenty looking to escape a country on the other side of the Atlantic, Jules looks at the fallout from last month’s presidential election through Limey eyes, Jules visits former wartime airfield RAF Madley to discover how a quiet corner of rural Herefordshire came to be at the forefront of the satellite revolution, With the mussel season in full swing and the town’s annual food festival about to begin, Jules Hudson, the face of TV’s Escape to the Country, heads to Conwy to try his luck at the ancient craft of fishing for mussels, As the creation of a new bridge across the Menai Strait is announced, Jules wonders if the new structure can live up to the triumphs of engineering that went before it, After a monumental month in the arena of European politics, Jules ponders the brave new post Brexit world we as a nation are stepping into, With his two labradors, Teddy and Iolo, sat by his feet, Jules muses over our relationship with man’s best friend as he looks forward to Ludlow Dog Day 2016, A spot of otter bother leaves Jules dismayed and delighted in equal measure, but it also prompts him to think about the future of this elusive waterborne mammal, A Welshman’s contribution to the Mulberry Harbours, legendary feats of British engineering, helped secure the Allied victory in the Second World War, says Jules. The head of daytime BBC knew about it and suggested I would be the perfect person to get involved with the programme. It was a total wreck, I rebuilt it from scratch with the help of a redevelopment grant. The TV presenter and archaeologist was helping a military couple – Gillian and John – look for their own unique countryside property, after three decades of living in service family accommodation. It doesn’t matter if there are no shops nearby now as long as you have the internet.". No. Escape to the Country is the perfect daytime TV tonic when the weather is miserable outside and we're all in need to a little pick-me-up.

To be prudent with it. Jules uploaded this adorable snap on Twitter Jules lives in Hertfordshire with his partner, Tania Fitzgerald, and their young son, Jack. I was in among all these super-duper yachts while living on Fray Bentos pies out of tins. According to the presenter's website, Jules is also a "keen countryman and craftsman". Inside Katie Price and Carl Woods' £800 a night Maldives trip with romantic bike rides and spa room. His father is a retired mechanical engineer who worked mostly abroad, with most of his time spent building grain storage systems for the UN in Africa and the Middle East. Jules at PlayAt heart, Jules is by his own admission just a big kid. Buying my first house in Wales for £29,500 in 1997 when I was 27. It was in Llanddewi-Brefi, a small village in the countryside and dates back to about 1800. Do you invest directly in the stock market? I lived like that for more than two years. But it didn't feel like a great hardship. Escape to the Country star Jules Hudson's army career revealed, Escape the Country's Nicki Chapman opens up about devastating brain tumour diagnosis. When I first started out in TV in 1996, I was a runner – a general dogsbody. I have never worked for anybody who's ever provided a contributory pension so I was never incentivised to do it. Follow Jules on Twitter, Published by National Trust Books on 3 April 2020. I would rather not say exactly how much I earned but it was a low six-figure sum. ", A second person gushed: "They are gorgeous! pic.twitter.com/EZTXGEHOG6, Jules uploaded this adorable snap on Twitter.

I think, in general, work helps to define us. What is the one little luxury you treat yourself to? I would estimate it has gone up in value by at least £100,000 since 2012, but it's our forever home, so we're not too bothered if we spend a bit more on it than we think it is worth. I came out because the regiment I was going to join after Sandhurst got chopped in some defence cuts. I think I got something like £120 a week. Normally, I'd now be filming Escape To The Country and I was planning to go on a tour to promote my latest book. Countryfile and Escape To The Country presenter Jules Hudson is an avowed foodie, as his columns in Welsh Border Life often reveal. It's been financially devastating. The weapons are not worth a fortune, but they don't go down in value and as objects they are great talking points at dinner parties. That bike never existed.

He is a real little helper to me and my wife Tania. In those days you could park a boat in St Katharine Docks in London for £50 a week. Don't get me wrong, I love to switch off and relax – but I do also love going to work. Slim Patches: Do They Help You Lose Weight. What's revolutionised country living is next day delivery. I have a 1910 Maxim machine gun in my hallway and a whole collection of other British and American militaria, including a Sten gun. He drives it every day to get firewood and terrorises our two labradors with it.

We are not there yet, sadly.

Designing, upcycling and renovation are lifelong interests that are now much employed as he and his family continue the restoration of their 16th century farmhouse and garden on[...] Yes. There have been occasions where I have earned a week's wages in an afternoon. Jules at home Jules Hudson, presenter of the BBC show Escape to the Country and Countryside's cover star for March, is pictured at his home in Herefordshire, a 16th Century farmhouse. Yes, my home on the Herefordshire border. They are a big part of our family and I don't want to have it any other way. I'd say we were comfortably off. I sold it eight years ago for £250,000.

Jules Hudson was born on 9 January 1970 to mother Pam and father Cliff. 's newsletter, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted hellomagazine.com's privacy policy, the cookies policy, and the website terms of use, and that you consent to hellomagazine.com using your data according to the established laws.

He has presented Defenders of the Sky for the History Channel H2 from March 2015. MORE: Escape to the Country star Jules Hudson's army career revealed, Posting on Twitter to celebrate National Dog Day back in August, Jules shared two images of his two Labradors, Teddy and Lolo, writing: "Celebrating these two on #NationalDogDay... To be fair, we celebrate them every day! I'll wager they keep you very busy," while a third user simply wrote: "Fine couple of Labs Jules. Deactivated war weapons.

When will we know the US 2020 election result? And having been invited round for tea and cake in the fabulous kitchen of his Herefordshire home, we can see why! Jules lives in Hertfordshire with his partner, Tania Fitzgerald, and their young son, Jack. Like this story? It isn't just the lack of income, it's the fact that we are missing the people we work with and the intellectual challenge of what we do. He grew up in bed and breakfast, which his mother ran for forty years. Yet his passion for the past has also brought an enthusiastic and accessible approach to military history, notably Dig 1940, Dive World War 2, and How we won the War, all for the BBC. It felt like an adventure. Having grown up with that, I have always favoured bricks and mortar. I think that's what makes this time so frustrating for so many people.


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