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Kinda odd your first post would be a long testimonial of a very specific fitting experience, and in Mississauga, only Ontario Canadians would know.   Your link has been automatically embedded.

My current driver is the Titleist 913D2 @ 10.5* with a Diamana +Plus Blue 62 in a Reg. But that’s not the only pitfall.

flex .

It's a boutique golf store for the super privileged, you won't see many everyday folk going there for club work. So then John took me up to the Quintic Ball Roll putting system. That makes a difference. I brought 2 sets of irons with me, Mizuno MX-1000, with Grafalloy Prolaunch Blue graphite shafts in reg. There are times when I felt like I wanted to punch some of my colleagues because they did a lot of damage.

  You cannot paste images directly. I have to know, what did you end up with for 5700? Next was the TM M2 @ 12.0*.

Trade friendly! Although I am best described as a typical hacker I'm prob. We take a different view. This was by far the most eye opening part of the fitting. High Court approves €308k fees for liquidators of facility which cares for vulnerable adults, Lead detective: I owed Adrian Donohoe justice, Michael Clifford: Evidence doesn't support family's belief Ian Bailey got away with murder, Michael Moynihan: Sport or arts for mental health, not both, Larry Ryan: The sacred routine of a match on the box has somehow been protected, Michael Moynihan: The Francois Truffaut explanation for GAA resumption, Southampton striker Danny Ings ruled out for up to six weeks with knee injury, Covid-19: 'Positive signs' as HSE ramps up weekly testing capacity to 140,000, Sligo footballers 'angry' Galway game wasn't refixed after Covid outbreak — Paul Taylor, Hiqa finds conditions in disability centre may constitute neglect. Things have changed, of course, in that sports people now seek to control access.

“Deadly sin number two, then, is the double-barrelled question, asking two questions at once.”. I've been to that establishment too. “As far as I know, ESPN is the only organisation in the US, if not the world, with an interview coach.”. Registered in Ireland: 523712. He quit daily journalism in 1979 [1] and wrote a number of books, including a biography of Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney published 1991. A true gentleman. “Deadly sin number one is failing to ask a question. I used to be after bottom line savings on equipment but as the years went by I started to put a premium on service and I can relate to OP's post. If you have the money, why wouldn't u want to get fit like a tour pro? Callaway Mavrik 3 Fairway, Mizuno MP20 HMB 2i That is customer service in my books. in order to get my Odysssey to launch correctly, John had me do a huge forward press to de-loft the putter. Next up was the driver. I was willing to purchase a whole new driver so we didn't just try new shafts in my 913D2. In the past I just played what I felt was good for me and what I like. My post is going to outline my experience; thus far, with my club fitting at Modern Golf. golfer. FWIW I am a manager for a luxury automaker so I put a premium on service and customer experience. for me it was worth it, I learned more about optimal data for my game. Taylormade SIM Driver Long story short, I ended up with the TM M2 with an Accra Fx 150 M3 (M3 being a regular flex shaft I believe). PXG Gen 2 0317X 4 Hybrid PXG Gen 2 Mini Gunboat. My current putter is an Odyssey Pro Type Black 2 Ball. Admittedly it's somewhat due to my low confidence. A lot of interviewing going on. John Sawatsky has the kind of reputation that makes my opening an uncharacteristic one. This is my 1st post on the forum. 16). “If you have more than one interviewer you have more than one goal — the other journalists have their own goals, their own paths they want the interview to go down, and they destroy each other.”. “Well, before I run through the seven deadly sins in the workshop I always tell those present that if any of them who can claim to be innocent of any one of them, then let me know — because they’d be the first.

That alone is almost worth the cost of the fitting. You can post now and register later. That's fine if you get a very knowledgeable employee (John said he worked there a long time ago).

My post is going to outline my experience; thus far, with my club fitting at Modern Golf. If we let them do that then, they’ll use that interview for their own vested interests. The Canadian’s response is to laugh: “Hey, you be gentle on me.”.

I always was given my fitting + prescription and didn't get a sense of dissatisfaction if I chose to purchase elsewhere as I purchased half my fitting from another source due to huge difference in price and the other half from Modern themselves because I felt all factors were acceptable. My putting is not up to par, so they say. Perhaps you work for a competitor of Modern Golf ? John definitely knows his stuff. This worked but I would not be able to do this on every putt. The process is important. Stability putter shaft with Cameron flare tip-SOLD, ——TOUR AD DI 60X Titleist Tip - $220 shipped!——, FS/FT $1700 set of Ping Blueprints for $1275 & Glide Forged 50 56 60 heads for $325. Gary Sharpe : ... Hidden Lake Golf Club - New Course scorecard : GAO Golf Association of Ontario. Because our job is to inform our audience or readers about what’s going on in the world of sports. × John was very patient and explained everything in great detail. They have good service and very knowledgeable of their stuff, It is very expensive, I got my set for like 5700 (just for irons and driver). “Not that long ago, journalism was a lot less independent than it is now, so what did people do with that access? × “Once you become aware of it, you can improve. I am like the avg. Our Covid-free newsletter brings together some of the best bits from, as chosen by our editor, direct to your inbox every Monday. I wouldn't hesitate and recommend to anyone looking for more knowledge on the tech side and how the numbers work.

John Campbell : Parry Sound, ON : Parry Sound Golf & Country Club scorecard : PC. I get all my stuff from Modern Golf Vancouver now from Andy and he's treated me exceptionally well. John discounted the shaft 15% because he originally quoted me the incorrect price. If you’re unsure, a close-ended question is one that’s answered with a yes or no; clearly that doesn’t help an interview progress.

I went for a full bag fitting yesterday, Thur, Mar.2nd. This portion of the fitting took a long time, probably because of me.

flex and Ping i25, with CFS steel shafts in reg. Maybe two thirds of the questions that journalists ask are close-ended.”. RBZ 25* hb; RBZstage 2 19* hb

So, I am purchasing the Fujikura graphite for my Mizuno irons. I should also state that my driver swing speed is apx. © Irish Examiner Ltd, Linn Dubh, Assumption Road, Blackpool, Cork. Anyone have anymore info?

This is a gr8 site in every way, very informative. John Sawatsky has made a career of asking the right questions. a 15-18 hcp, and I have the potential to shoot par (I shot a 73 at Royal Niagara), or shoot 100, I believe that this was a very good investment. Graduating in political science, he started his career as … But I'm not thrilled with their overall experience. Received both the new MB and X Forged today... will post pictures later comparing with prior generations... any requests? Current Events. GM Never Compromise GM2 putter Sometimes there are other factors. Paste as plain text instead, ×

A surgeon going to operate will go through a set procedure. great post.

Ferdinand John Sawatsky is a Canadian author, journalist and interviewer.

I'm out of town, so frankly I'd rather have the information, take it to my pro to have the set made, so that if there are issues, I have an easy way to get them addressed. Sports journalism has a history of doing that, reporters rooting for the home team and being in the team’s pocket. So although my time was up; John scheduled me to come back and finish the putter and fairway woods, at no extra cost. Mint Cobra SZ Xtreme 10.5 - regular flex. Modern is a very nice facility, the people are knowledgeable from all that I've heard and you are actually the first I've heard indicate having had a bad experience. Many of you will say "just go to Golf Town" etc. I'm not here to argue this or that, I just wanted to give a shout out to John and everyone at Modern Golf !!!!!!!!!!


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