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This site uses cookies. Sounded like a Johnny Mercer tune. In Savannah, for the past 183 years, it has meant something very different. Joe Odom was indeed a real person, an ex-lawyer who opened a piano bar with the real-life "Mandy", Nancy Hillis, but Odom and Hillis were never romantically involved, and Odom died of A.I.D.S. On the corner of Jones and Bull Streets, south of Madison Square, is the substantial 1853 Smets House. Joe Odom has been called everything from a crook to a “rapscallion;” the former if he owed you money, the latter if you were a neighbor and were scandalized by the partying that went on for days at a time. – Historic Forsyth Park After the conclusion of the Civil War, his collection of rare books was shipped to New York, where it was sold at auction. On Saturday morning, March 17, you will not find a place to park in Savannah’s historic district. Some of guests were dressed in tuxedos and evening gowns. Odom died three years before the book's 1994 release. 115 East Jones Street, built in 1853, was the venue for Joe Odom's party While entertaining the role of being the film's director, Clint Eastwood visited Savannah, Georgia, where the entire film would be shot, in … [4][8] (Odom was also friends with and a business partner of Emma Kelly, dubbed by Johnny Mercer as the "lady of six-thousand songs", who also appears in the book. “The best thing about the book was he nailed my friend Joe Odom on the nose,” said Alex Rosen. The house at 16 East Jones Street, constructed by Eliza Jewett in 1847, is better known for its appearance in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, as the residence of lawyer Joe Odom and venue of his famed open-invitation parties.

Alexander Augustus Smets, a native of France, arrived in Savannah in 1816.

Having kids that young attend the parade seemed rather crazy until a friend of a friend of mine invited our new foursome to view the pomp and circumstance from the balcony of one of the beautiful historic homes lining Lafayette Square. Enter Claxton on Hwy 280. In the 1960s, it was the subject of one of the Historic Savannah Foundation’s early large-scale restoration projects, which renovated many of the historic properties around West Jones Street and adjacent Pulaski Square. But the165th parade, for my little family, was definitely the most memorable. A few pioneer houses were constructed south of Madison Square in the late 1840s, spurred by the establishment of its southern neighbor, Monterey Square, in 1847. Additional investment properties were constructed from the 1840s, including two behind her own Bull Street house and several on Jones Street. Eliza Ann Jewett died in 1856, but additional properties were erected out of her estate, including the house at 20-22 East Jones Street, built for her granddaughter in 1861. People were already milling about with mimosas in their hands. It was just a little after eight in the morning when we were escorted into the home of our friend’s friend. [4] He is buried, in a family plot in Bull Creek Cemetery in his hometown of Claxton,[5] beside his father, Herman (1921–1995),[6] and mother, Gwendolyn (1920–2013). Israel Tefft, originally of Rhode Island, was born in 1794, a year older than Smets. The interior layout of the house also reflected the mores of the time, with the upper three stories intended for the use of the family and the ground floor, for the people they enslaved. By the time the Budweiser Clydesdales passed before us, about midway through the parade, I too wanted to know where Joe was, if only the shut “Ms. The truth is somewhat more prosaic: Berendt met her through Joe Odom, a contact in Savannah provided to Berendt by a mutual friend before the writer ever arrived in town. Everybody had on something green.

A Whole Lot of Fun, Craving Connection? About the time March 17th rolls around, I can still hear “Ms. We were immediately offered our very own by a maid. The Smets House, after a lengthy spell as the home of a prominent social club, was bought by SCAD in 1990.

Its charm lies in the picture presented by its mid-19th century architecture and its trees, with its many high-stooped Greek Revival houses softened by the fronds of moss suspended from its overarching canopy of trees.


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