jodi and john
Also, he said, "Between 4 and 5 a.m., at least one scream was heard. Caroline Lowe: We're not giving up. Ani Kruse: If we were out somewhere … if she was visiting with somebody he would come join the conversation. She'd never hurt anyone. Amy Kuns of KXLT Fox 47 listens to the announcement by Sheriff Kevin Pals on July 15, 2004, that the remains found were not that of her former KIMT co-worker, Jodi Huisentruit. Staci Steinman and Kim Feist actually were Jodi's best friends. At 6 a.m., Kuns had to step up and deliver the news in Jodi's place. Huisentruit had just returned from “a road trip to Iowa City ... oh, we had fun! In March 1994 the journal notes “beginning a new career hunt.”. ANI KRUSE TO "48 HOURS" [1995]: Without a doubt; I have no-no question that there's no possibility in my mind that he could ever. JOHN VANSICE TO KIMT [1995]: I have named my boat after her, because just -- just because she's Jodi … you can't help but love that woman; you can't help but love her. "The great hope was always when someone thought they saw her," said JoAnn Nathe, Jodi's sister, who lives in Sauk Centre, Minn. "Now," she said, "when there's news, it's usually when someone thinks they've found her remains. Ani Kruse: No, he's our friend …For me, I'm thinking, why would you hurt somebody that, that brought so much joy to your life? Vansice, 49, a district sales manager for Pfister Hybrid Seed Co., is believed to be the last person to see Huisentruit before her disappearance. "I suppose on an average about four or five hours a day.". John and Jodi's relationship.

“He is very familiar with the information,” said Basler. Chief Jeff Brinkley: That piece didn't pan out like we'd hoped. Jay Alberio: All the victims that we know, there is an element of stalking. MALE REPORTER: I mean clearly this was a woman that was just headed out to work. Ani Kruse [emotional]: That's like the end of the chapter.

The May 31, 1994, entry states: “I’m recovering from Memorial Day Weekend, unbelievable — Indy 500 — a time of my life. …but just blew it off.

It was wild, partying and water skiing. The police were also asking Kruse what she knew. And I was like, "Really?"

Police found signs of a struggle outside her Mason City apartment. "At least one witness saw a van in the parking lot shortly before 4 a.m.," Schlieper said at a press briefing Saturday afternoon. Ani Kruse: Pretty much, yeah. For nearly 10 years, the private investigator, who works out of a double-wide trailer he shares with four big dogs and numerous cats on the edge of a small South Dakota town, has studied her every move prior to her disappearance. You can help support our work by becoming a subscriber today. Doug Merbach: I haven't been back in 15 years. And … I just told my story, what I knew. They really love Jodi. No information is known about the van's license plates, Schlieper said. “I put the page together as another means of getting the word out.”. John Lessard is a prominent businessman. Ani Kruse: That's the only thing I could think of. Like CSI," she said. And so the hunt for clues crawls on – with another look at John Vansice. “You think about it everyday,” Martinson said earlier this week. With some encouragement from his friends John started a conversation with Jodi, the pretty brunette with the gorgeous smile, and took her on their first date.
The warrant has been sealed since it was filed, meaning no additional information is available publicly.


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