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In 2001, he began hosting the BAFTA Film Awards, a role from which he stepped down in 2006.

Stephen Fry shined particularly as a man of witty comedy.

[32] In June 2015, Fry was the guest on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs. He also appears frequently on panel games such as Just a Minute, and I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue. Fry has appeared in numerous advertisements ā€“ either on-screen or in voice-over ā€“ starting with an appearance as "Count Ivan Skavinsky Skavar" in a 1982 advert for Whitbread Best Bitter. With Dyson he invented the sea truck, a high-speed maritime vehicle that skims along the water on a layer of bubbles. However, he retracted the announcement that he would be leaving the following day. Despite his praise of the Blair/Brown government's work on social reform, Fry was an outspoken critic of the Labour Party's Third Way concept. In February 2017, Audible released Sherlock Holmes: The Definitive Collection, a complete collection of Sherlock Holmes stories, all read by Fry, who also narrated an introduction for each novel or collection of stories. The Hippopotamus (1994) is about Edward (Ted/Tedward) Wallace and his stay at his old friend Lord Logan's country manor in Norfolk. His current site, The New Adventures of Mr Stephen Fry, has existed since 2002 and has attracted many visitors following his first blog in September 2007, which comprised a 6,500-word "blessay" on smartphones. [161], BBC Four dedicated two nights of programming to Fry on 17 and 18 August 2007, in celebration of his 50th birthday.

Fry, S. (1997). Stephen believes that the root out of this chaos is to let people speak their minds. [112] Fry said of his patronage, "Iā€™m proud and delighted to be patron of the first audiobook charity to offer downloads to its members and excited about what this will mean for all print impaired people who can now listen on-the-go.

", "I saw hate in a graveyard ā€“ Stephen Fry", "Bear's Wild Weekend with Stephen Fry, broadcast 25 December 2013", "University Challenge page at UK Game Shows", "Stephen Fry.

Feels like there's a Tigger version of me bouncing inside and eager to burst out", "Nadiya Hussain and Stephen Fry reveal their mental health battles in moving Sport Relief film", "Stephen Fry: recent attempted suicide a 'close-run thing, "Stephen Fry reveals he attempted suicide in 2012", "Stephen Fry's Podgrams: Episode 1, Broken Arm", "Stephen Fry is a Star in a Reasonably Priced Car, part 1/2 (Series 13, Episode 2)", "Who are you again? [173] Fry became a vegetarian in 2017,[174] having earlier expressed a desire to become so. Fry is also known for his roles in television such as Lord Melchett in the BBC television comedy series Blackadder, the title character in the television series Kingdom, and Absolute Power, as well as a recurring guest role as Dr Gordon Wyatt on the American crime series Bones. The second night was composed of programmes selected by Fry, as well as a 60-minute interview with Mark Lawson and a half-hour special, Stephen Fry: Guilty. [110], In 2015, Fry made a live audio recording of the winning short story of the annual RA & Pin Drop Short Story Award, Ms. Featherstone and the Beast by Bethan Roberts, at a ceremony held at Royal Academy of Arts in London.[111]. [157] Later the same month, he was announced as the 2007 Mind Champion of the Year,[1] in recognition of the success of his documentary The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive in raising awareness of bipolar disorder. [41] He appeared as the Christian God in 2011's Holy Flying Circus. [52][53][54] In 2014, he began starring alongside Kiefer Sutherland and William Devane in 24: Live Another Day as British Prime Minister Alastair Davies. Stephen Fry grew up in Hampstead England and spent most of his youth in prominent boarding schools. Fry and Hitchens argued that the church did more harm than good, and were declared the victors after an audience vote. [70] In November 2012, Fry hosted a gadgets show called Gadget Man, exploring the usefulness of various gadgets in different daily situations to improve the livelihoods of everyone.

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