jeffrey combs the orville
Jeffrey Combs is as much Star Trek as any one actor (aside from Shatner/Nimoy/Kelley) can be. Of course enough time has passed from The Cage for him to have moved on and the argument that it’s unrealistic for the key personnel in all the Starfleet crew’s that are depicted onscreen to remain constant is compelling.

Kasidy eventually marries Sisko and the couple become pregnant, but her ending is ambiguous, with Sisko taken to the Celestial Temple and promising to return at some point in the future. Jason Alexander enjoyed a small role in season 2 of The Orville, playing the ship’s bartender, Olix. Jeff can make one character completely different from another.

Yes it WAS a mistake if they never planned to HONOR it as a true prequel to TOS, which is what we’re talking about.

He … The mistakes were Burnham’s Spock connection the retconning of canon to conform to their version and the general bad production design that looked like the ship belonged in the KU or post Picard. Just a few thoughts. Abraham briefly appears in The Orville with a cameo as a Xelayan council chairman in season 2's "Sanctuary.". I’m not the one who spends my time here counting how many black or Asian actors are on it. But yeah, Hollywood has such a history of mistreating white male actors over their long history. Why don’t you check your fucking privilege? Anyway, my point wasn’t even that the characters had changed, it’s that they changed in a bad way because of bad writing, and that’s not really the fault of any of the actors. No problem, dude. If so, then cast a lot better than we’ve seen to date. Colt…. It looks down on you. No matter what, maybe both Picard and SNW may have gotten done anyway. The blond haired helmsmsn in The Cage was actually a named character called Jose Tyler. A one-stop shop for all things video games. I am so grateful for the existence of The Orville. I was only commenting to someone who said other actors can take these roles, which they can, but its no guarantees either way. It clearly wasn’t a mistake, because it led directly to SNW. So if enough fan want this to happen, it will happen…, I keep my fingers crossed. The Cage was not a Star Trek episode, and did not air as shot.The Menagerie and everything within it is canon. I like Combs a lot, but I would imagine with the three leads all being white that racial category is full. In the promo, Ed tells the crew to “scan the surface for human bio signs.”, And we see Isaac and John somewhere unfamiliar (but is that a drink advertisement in the background?) So, I don’t know how much more blessing from the Great Bird you could get. Like the XO, the Yeoman helps manage the ship and personnel. By this time, Jeffery Hunter decided he didn’t want to do TV, so he declined to return for the second pilot.

;). Pike and Number One were really the only characters people talk about because they were the top officers in that episode and Pike just became more canonized as the franchise went on. I wish people stopped with this silliness. This is the show that was CREATED by listening to the fans. “Strange New Worlds is what Star Trek should have been the entire time.

At the time, Combs said it was a nice thought but expressed skepticism it could actually happen due to “the chasm between what fans want and what the studios want make the chances of it happening slim to none.”. The Witches of Oz follows the exploits of the grown Dorothy Gale, now a successful children's book author, as she moves from Kansas to present day New York City. Today most shows are sold on concepts as making them is awfully expensive. OMG, TWO??????

John Hoyt, strangely enough, was only 60 years old at the filming of “The Cage.” He looks older, and Combs is 65.

If the new series opens up timelined PRIOR to Admiral Cornwall’s death, she could reasonably appear, she won’t have died until after Discovery happens. Nearly perfect for a show that begins just after Season 2 of Discovery. And of course diversity doesn’t only mean race and it’s great to see women more in charge which we also didn’t get until DS9. Tigtone and the Murder Mystery at the Death Tournament, Tigtone and the Seven-Headed Serpent of Kloom, Howard Lovecraft and the Kingdom of Madness, Scooby-Doo & Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Chapter Ten: The Spy Within the Doom Patrol, Chapter One: Challenge of the Timeless Commander, Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising, Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Dominion Wars, Poseidon's Fury: Escape from the Lost City, A Quartet of Creatures (Red King & Pigmon), Getting A-Head in Horror: Bride of Re-Animator, Ouija Board Shenanigans at the Glass Coffin, Ah! Colt needs to be human (to fit the plot points in The Cage), but young and spunky not so much. DS9 had plenty of main and supporting characters of color but the overwhelming actors were STILL WHITE. That’s where this meme comes from. Yeah I agree Boyce wouldn’t be vital to the success of the show. It’s unfortunate because Peter David advocated for such a long time to be permitted to create a new ship and crew that could grow and progress. Having already voiced Steve Smith in Seth MacFarlane's American Dad, Grimes was cast as Malloy in The Orville, the best friend of Captain Mercer, and a helmsman with an immature streak.

Isa Briones.. Filipino And the other issues were the shotty writing and plotting of course. And The Cage is the only pilot which was picked up 55 years later. What if for instance Picard was the first show out of the gate?

Rosario Dawson has been pretty open on social media that she’d love to appear in Trek at some point. Russ appears as Mirror Tuvok in Deep Space Nine and had small roles in both Star Trek: Generations and The Next Generation. But I’m liking Picard and [the idea of] Strange New Worlds SO MUCH better.

The Cage is a beautiful piece of Star Trek from another dimension. For TOS it was Gene Coon and for TNG it was Rick Berman.

(“It’s a fairly common name, sir.”), Ash shows up on the Enterprise unexpectedly with a paper-thin cover “No, my name is Jose.”. ;-). If this is a day of the week where we’re counting The Animated Series as canon, April was the first captain of the Enterprise. They don’t have to be a straight white male to do their job. I’d be up for him taking on that role or any to be honest.

True, there are some universes, more typically in fiction, where the creators never let anyone else make key creative decisions in their sandbox, but Star Trek has never been one of them.

Now, if only they would greenlight an adaptation of New Frontier.

My name is Ben… & I'm an #Orvilleholic. Hopefully SNW will just start off on a better foot in general. That decision was made between the 2nd pilot and the actual production of the series. Since joining the Screen Rant fold, Craig has been involved in breaking news stories and mildly controversial ranking lists, but now works predominantly as a features writer. Faze… “The Cage” was the first filmed pilot for Star Trek, in 1964. Especially if Viacom/CBS is sincere in their desire for it to be “more optimistic”. 331 comments so far. In fact, he’d be very overqualified, but I’d hope that he might be willing to take on a regular role in an aspirational at a Toronto or Mississauga studio relatively close to Six Nations. As for the other part of this thread, have to agree with Corinthian7 and the essence of what Tiger2 is saying.

I mean it’s hilarious watching Discovery and Enterprise side by side together. Jeffrey Combs, Actor: The Frighteners. I rather have an alien character as the CMO. Yeah but 60 fifty years ago was a lot older than 65 today. dude…. Star Trek represents a GLOBAL society and B.

But I also feel it necessary to push back on folks like Shadow Mann who appeal to GR as the only authority, when GR’s own statements about what was in or out of canon went back and forth through time, especially when it seemed to have more to do with legal technicalities than creative concerns. The EPs seemed to love their performances and had asked for more based on the “Wasn’t Peyton List great? And I count myself in that boat. If it happens to be Kurtzman’s fault, then I just hope he’ll have the wisdom by now to let some better writers do their thing. Make it happen…. I don’t know who Dr Boyce is before. It’s like because from a few tweets on the internet, all of a sudden we see an article that says tons of fans are recommending this, yet I don’t think any of us here heard about this today until we read this article? I actually wish we had more “diversity” in the Trek aliens.

They can even add more TOS characters which most fans would be much more excited about anyway, certainly me. And yet… you didn’t. I do get your point Christoph although in the case of Comb’s all the character’s he’s played on Trek have been alien’s so I don’t think it would be a problem. Where does Gary Mitchell fall into this timeline? I agree with this as well.


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