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My family is hiring an attorney, and I intend to aggressively fight this suit and defend my reputation. It’s Beta, the same organization that tells everybody it’s alcohol-free. He has since dropped out, The 20-year-old is seen above with his father, his father's wife Amy and half-sister McKinley. Lots of professional relationships he could use as a stepping-stone to a career, increase his social circle with good role models. He suffered two previous minor concussions in 2010, one when struck in the head by a thrown baseball and one when he fell out of a chair while horsing around with friends. And in the end, there is no denying that these sorts of incidents are all too common, and that you don't have to be close to the Novacek family or anyone else involved to understand the pain. "Frankly, Blake's parents sent him off as a happy, healthy, well-adjusted boy and he came back a basket case," Cooke said. Pour autoriser Verizon Media et nos partenaires à traiter vos données personnelles, sélectionnez 'J'accepte' ou 'Gérer les paramètres' pour obtenir plus d’informations et pour gérer vos choix. The allegations are entirely untrue, and I'm mystified why this person is making these claims against me. “When I heard the Piazzas’ story, it broke my heart,” Amy says. He’d heard stories about frat brats: well-bred, upper-class white kids who are born on third base but act as though they’d hit a home run. Why Pennsylvania won't finish counting absentee ballots until Friday at the earliest, Democrats maintain majority in the House of Representatives, FBI investigates robocalls warning voters to 'stay home', Postal Service says it can't meet judge's ballot order. His incident is just part of a pattern of cover-ups allowing Beta to get away with alcohol, drugs and crime.”, Beta responded to the exchange via its statement: “Before filing the lawsuit nearly two years after the alleged incident, based on all evidence known to us, at no time did Blake Novacek or his family or counsel ever express his assault allegations — verbally or in writing — to any other pledge or member of the fraternity, or to any alumni leadership of the fraternity. In an emailed statement to the Observer, counsel Arthur Hoge (for Beta Theta Pi, Beta Theta Pi Corp. of Oklahoma, and the Gamma Phi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi) disputes those claims: “We can’t comment on Blake’s motivation for filing the suit. He became a friend, and still is -- and his wife and his son, Blake, are friends, too, especially as Blake, since his mid-teens, has harbored a dream of entering sports journalism. They pointed to an Instagram picture of Novacek on October 11, 2015, the day he claims the incident occurred, which showed him at a football game in Arlington, Texas, and not in Oklahoma. His decision to play a video game instead of reporting an alleged assault seems odd, but so do other aspects of the case.

'We are offended by these false and inflammatory allegations, and we will vigorously defend our fraternity, its members, and their reputations against this baseless lawsuit,' House Corporation President Zach Allen told DailyMail.com in a statement. Despite his silence, he says backlash came when a truck full of Betas yelled profanities at him and his grandmother during a spring visit, and later when his car was vandalized, although he admits to having no proof the culprits were Betas. “He’s a shell of who he was. The Piazza family last week unveiled a coalition aimed at toughening anti-hazing laws and further restricting the accessibility of alcohol at fraternities. “But their answer is always the same, ‘Never.’ ’’, Says Novacek’s mother, Amy, “That fraternity … they robbed my son of his quality of life. “I remember the members telling us it was [the pledges’] fault that we lost to Texas,” Novacek says. Additionally, I never fully understood the "frat'' thing, so I bring whatever ignorance or bias I have from that angle ... and then it's worth noting that as I write the story about the story, the author I cite is a close friend, Richie Whitt, who shared with me that Novacek friendship from Jay's playing days and who has been for decades among Texas' finest sportswriters. During “rush,” other fraternities recruited Blake. Most, he said, occurred around 9 p.m. and this one, best he can recall, was past midnight. In extensive interviews with Blake and his family at his home, and with Cooke at his Cleburne office, the Observer asked them to explain what happened after the alleged assault.

", Cooke, his lawyer, said he was knocked unconscious around 2:30 a.m. and woke up at noon. “He feared retribution from powerful people.”. In its October 2017 statement about the lawsuit, Beta offered a sweeping denial of the charges and a stinging indictment of Novacek’s story and character. In his first interview since the events he alleges happened in 2015, Blake, son of former Dallas Cowboys star tight end Jay Novacek, speaks slowly about the … Blake Novacek, 20, claims a hazing ritual left him with brain damage and memory loss. Play it now. “It’s sad, because I’ve had to watch my best friend just be broken down into someone I barely know,” says Amado Martinez, who has spoken with Blake at least every other day for seven years. We remain convinced that Beta's record of leadership and character will shed important light on these claims, and are committed to that truth, whatever it may be.".


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