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2017 Lee Haney Games 3rd place WPD She spoke to one of the judges, to Lenda Murray and Alina Popa and they all told her she looked more like a bodybuilder than a physique competitor and she ought to consider changing divisions. It’s a dream come true to take ownership of some of the fitness industry’s most celebrated brands. In my more mature years I have learned Deciding to become a bodybuilder and get judge negatively for it, really didn’t I continued training diligently and was happy to hear that WOS was supporting women’s bodybuilding and bringing our division from the ashes . This is a great day for everyone who shares a passion for fitness, nutrition, training and the bodybuilding lifestyle.”. I lived and breathed hockey. The prestigious Olympia Weekend, held annually in Las Vegas, is home to one of the global fitness industry’s signature consumer tradeshows while also serving as the world championships of several professional physique sports, including the legendary title of Mr. Olympia.”. I learned to develop thick skin at a young age. That’s the bigger picture. experience, which only lit a fire underneath me even more. happy, whether people understand it or not. As we roll out a wide-reaching media and event integration, we also add key resources brought to the table by our new owner. And this helped motivate her to decide to do just that. 2013, which I placed last in both bikini and figure.

I But standing on stage with such full muscle development, symmetry and proportion she acquired a lot of fans among the audience. The sky’s the limit right now for bodybuilding. The truth is Women’s Bodybuilding has always been popular, always inspired countless, and always changed lives. But that’s what I loved. “I don’t want to set any limits on how much I can develop my physique,” so I have decided to switch to competing in pro bodybuilding. better. She just didn’t think this was appropriate on a very young girl and it made her uncomfortable. I’m from a small town in Ontario, Canada, where I work as a hairstylist. 1452 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy #515 About Muscle & Fitness and The Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend:Created by bodybuilding and fitness pioneer Joe Weider, The Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend is a Las Vegas showcase event featuring the Olympia Fitness & Performance Expo, a business to consumer destination for the fitness industry's leading brands and enthusiasts, held across 700,000 square feet inside the Las Vegas Convention Center. I currently serve as the event coordinator of Active Heroes Inc community center for our veterans. I was blessed with a top 5 finish at the NPC Junior Nationals in Chicago. Watch Brian Shaw’s Colossal 1,091-Pound Deadlift off Blocks, Zydrunas Savickas Wins 2020 Static Monsters Worldwide, San Francisco CrossFit Announces Closure After Nearly 15 Years, Devon Lévesque Bear Crawls A Full Marathon In 20 Hours and 48 Minutes, Mateusz Kieliszkowski Withdraws from 2020 World’s Strongest Man Due to Injury, Best Barbells: For Training, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and More, The 11 Best Creatine Supplements On the Market. In addition to his oversight of the Olympia, Solomon will also manage the integration and strategy for the newly acquired media portfolio, including Muscle & Fitness. “I am proud to stand with Jake and his team as we usher in a new era. Aleesha won her class and the overall against pretty decent competition. This organization has gone above and beyond for female bodybuilding and this sport.

a gross understatement.

The interest they showed in me was a great motivator and make me even more determined so succeed as a bodybuilder.” Each year my shape got better and better.

Jake’s love of bodybuilding is authentic. Solomon explains, "We have achieved something incredibly powerful. My competition career began in figure in 2008 at the Karen Zaremba With this acquisition, he now becomes the third owner of the Olympia contest and weekend going back to its creation in 1965 by brothers Joe and Ben Weider. Jake is a visionary and his track record for success speaks for itself. (one of those invites is the overall winner of the Ms. International Classic), This page was last edited on 26 June 2020, at 03:19. “I was particularly happy to be in bodybuilding because of Jake Wood and Wings of Strength. The Olympia is already our most valuable event partnership and the most anticipated event of the year, but I think we’re about to see something amazing under a passionate and dedicated new owner. I Truly feel Blessed to be a part of this incredible organization. These points will be earned at the IFBB professional overall women's bodybuilding competitions. He and his team have my full support.". In addition to his oversight of the Olympia, Solomon will also manage the integration and strategy for the newly acquired media portfolio, including Muscle & Fitness. at the Toronto Pro 2019. Along with the sale of the Olympia properties and titles, Chief Olympia Officer Dan Solomon agreed to a five year extension to continue promoting and producing the Olympia. From there, I my college years, I found myself in a very bad relationship, and to cope with Knowing my competitive nature and drive he She had an unusual amount of muscle, didn’t like that much and people were always noticing her physique. Then made a switch and went to school for In addition to the Mr. Olympia, the in, A post shared by Digital Muscle (@digitalmusclemedia) on Feb 14, 2020 at 11:45am PST, “In a landmark deal, American Media, LLC today announced it has reached an agreement on the sale of the iconic Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend as well as the Muscle & Fitness, FLEX and M&F Hers media brands. I As a marines daughter, Air Force sister, and army mom, I am proud to work close with our veterans and military preventing suicides. In the end Shawn Ray got the gig and what a great choice that was. She was in two car accidents in the space of 10 days and ended up with serious injuries, including herniated discs in her neck. confident in who I am, even if it means being different from those I’m I served as a firefighter and paramedic up until 2010 and I have enjoyed being a personal trainer and strength coach since 2008. CRUNCH FITNESS LAUNCHES APPLE WATCH INTEGRATION: NEW FITNESS TECH. There were several years where youngest of eight children, and have always been considered the black sheep of I was missing leading up to the Toronto Pro. It’s more than just a sport, or lifestyle. She could diet for maximum hardness and definition without fear of going “too far” for the judges. recognized my inner struggle. That’s when I gradually overcame my reservations and set my sights on being the very best bodybuilder I could be.”, One thing that motivates Aleesha is, goven her background in gymnastics and dance, she loves performing and is very comfortable on stage. now, I am busy preparing for the Chicago Pro show that will be held on July 6th The Olympia is already our most valuable event partnership and the most anticipated event of the year, but I think we're about to see something amazing under a passionate and dedicated new owner. “Having a performance background,” she says, “gives me a lot of confidence when I’m posing.”, Aleesha was eventually able to turn pro by winning the 2014 NPC USA Championship, heavyweight and overall. Chrissy made good on her determination the very next year going back to the Lee Haney games in 2018 and winning the overall title in physique. As somebody with a business sense, Aleesha did not consider making bodybuilding her career, not thinking there was a living in it, until she began getting requests for paid photo shoots. eating habits which led to weight gain. He is best-known in the sport of … second place. trying to fit a mold. Held at the Orleans Arena, the event serves as the world championships across several IFBB Professional League sanctioned physique sports. BarBend is an independent website. Finally, she felt she was where she belonged. as a young dancer/cheerleader I despised it. introduced me to the IRON. In 2017 I entered Kentucky state open, the only show in Kentucky to support women’s bodybuilding thanks to Gene Goode. I spent the majority of my After years of regional level events, I decided to enter my first national show. Your support is simply amazing! The Olympia titles currently remain under the sanction of the IFBB Professional League. The first championship show took place in conjunction with the IFBB Texas Pro, the NPC Ti… in the Ohio Natural,  1st Then one day a new group of birds lands in the pond and they look like him. Pro League President Jim Manion says, "I am proud to stand with Jake and his team as we usher in a new era. intention of just getting more feedback being new to the category, and ended up 2007 Tricky Jackson Classic figure – 3rd place, 2017 North Americans overall winner – earned Pro Card, Facebook fan page :IfbbPro Donna Williams Salib Instagram :@lilbearlifts Twitter: @SalibDonna, All Rights Reserved Wings Of Strength LLC 2019. creating such a platform for female bodybuilders, and for allowing me to be a ", Sanctioned by the IFBB Professional League, an Olympia title is the most coveted achievement in physique competition. I was thrilled to know we had a platform to show case our artwork and share our love of the sport ! I want them to know there is a method and a system that gives you far more control of your weight and your body composition than you might realize exists. World records, results, training, nutrition, breaking news, and more. !

She competed in pro physique at the Toronto Pro in 2019. I never

When news that the Mr. Olympia had been put up for sale and that Jake Wood of Wings of Strength purchased it, the news spread like wildfire. bodybuilding, and it was the best decision I made! IFBB Tier 4 point system: 2nd - 4 points, 3rd - 3 points, 4th - 2 points & 5th - 1 point. Having to closer her business and looking around for something to do, she was persuaded to enter a bodybuilding contest – the 2008 Ms. Utah. I wanted to be someone the youth could look up to and be inspired by. independent, so fitting in was never really a concern to me. 2019 Jr Nationals 1st place and IFBB PRO Card, Website: Theprettylifta.com That method is bodybuilding, not necessarily as a sport, but as the most effective approach to exercise and diet ever developed.”, COMPETITION HISTORY


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