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Adler was not content to continue long in this mode, and sought a playwright who could create pieces that would appeal to the Jewish public, while still providing a type of theater he could be proud to perform. This respectable work required getting up at 6 a.m., not good for a carouser. "[38], Returning to Odessa, he discovered that no one would employ him in any job other than as an actor. Jacob Hayden Adler: Awards: Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical: Movies: Aladdin: Star Sign: Sagittarius # Fact; 1: Spoke Yiddish fluently and often made appearances with his parents at a young age. Rosenberg, never the most ethical of men, withdrew his troupe from Odessa to tour the hinterland. [12] He played hooky; as a 12-year-old he started going to witness public floggings, brandings, and executions of criminals; later he would develop more of an interest in attending courtroom trials. Subscribe Now. This was my interpretation. In February 2007, he and London had their first child together, Jacob Hayden Adler. [16], At 17 he became the leader of Glebova's claque, was working as a copyist for lawyers, and going out to a theater, a tavern, or a party every night. After some major successes in Warsaw, which was under Austrian rule, he returned to London in the spring of 1889, and then again to New York, this time to play for Heine at Poole's Theater. He appeared in many summer productions at The Muny Theater in St. Louis. Lulla Rosenfeld writes that Henry Irving, the great Shylock before that time, played Shylock as "morally superior to the Christians around him... driven to cruelty only by their more cruel persecutions." The marriage to a divorcée cost Feivel Adler (and therefore Jacob Adler) his status as a Kohen (priest). [49], With the aid of a small sum of money from his distant relative the Chief Rabbi, Adler got together the money to travel by steerage to New York, with his infant son Abrom, Alexander Oberlander and his family, Keni and Volodya Liptzin, and Herman Fiedler, among others.

When she was cast by Rosenberg opposite Jacob Spivakovsky in the title role of Abraham Goldfaden's darkly comic operetta Breindele Cossack, she pulled strings so that the role of Guberman would be reassigned to Adler. Adler, exhausted from his Russian trip, was often leaving his nights unused, and Thomashefsky offered to buy him out for $10,000 on the condition that he would not return to performing in New York. (1981), Sunday in the Park with George (1984), Broadway (1987), Rumors (1988), Those Were The Days (1991), where he won the Drama Desk Award,[4] and Crazy for You (1992). [4][5] He became a star in Yiddish theater in London, and in 1889, on his second voyage to the United States, he settled in New York City. She became estranged from her family after divorcing her first husband (and leaving behind a son) to marry Adler's father. Still, newspaper connection meant that he soon heard of one of the war's other effects: the many Jewish merchants and middlemen war brought to Bucharest were a boon to Abraham Goldfaden's nascent Yiddish theater there. [Adler 1999] pp.284–299. [1][6] His last public appearance was in May 2008 at Carnegie Hall, where he recreated several numbers that evening in a gala celebration for the New York Festival of Song.

He continued his career thereafter, firmly straddling the two worlds of Yiddish and American Theatre. However, matters there proved even worse: Nezhin soon fell prey to a pogrom. He wishes to humble and terrify Antonio for the insult and humiliation he has suffered at his hands. While the authorities determined that this was not Adler's fault, and the club was allowed to reopen, the crowds did not return; "the theater," he writes, "was so cold, dark, and empty you could hunt wolves in the gallery. [47], In 1886, Adler's daughter Rivka died of croup; Sonya died of an infection contracted while giving birth to their son Abram; meanwhile, he had been carrying on an affair with a young woman, Jenny ("Jennya") Kaiser, who was also pregnant, with his son Charles. [14] Still living at home, he began to frequent the disreputable district of Moldovanka. Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996)as Peddler, Your email address will not be published. [58], In 1904 Adler had the Grand Theater built in what was to be the Yiddish Theater District at the corner of Bowery and Canal Street, the first purpose-built Yiddish theater in New York. For Shylock, however, the desired climax was to refuse the pound of flesh with a gesture of divine compassion. Around this time Lincoln Steffens wrote a piece saying that Yiddish theater in New York had eclipsed English-language theater in quality. Off-Broadway, Adler appeared in several well-received Yiddish speaking and Jewish-themed productions of the last 30 years, including The Golden Land (1985), On Second Avenue (1987),The Rise of David Levinsky (1987) and many others. Over the next decades, Adler would play in (or, in some cases, merely produce) numerous plays by Gordin, but also classics by Shakespeare, Schiller, Lessing; Eugène Scribe's La Juive; dramatizations of George du Maurier's Trilby and Alexandre Dumas, fils' Camille; and the works of modern playwrights such as Gorky, Ibsen, Shaw, Strindberg, Gerhart Hauptmann, Victor Hugo, Victorien Sardou, and Leonid Andreyev. Last edited on 15 September 2019, at 04:23, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Bruce Adler, 63, Star of Broadway and Second Avenue", "Two-Time Tony Nominee Bruce Adler Dies at 63", "Yiddish theater star revels in the colorful continuity of his ethnic roots", "Bruce Adler, Broadway actor with roots in Yiddish Theater", "Bruce Adler, Tony-Nominated Actor, Dies at 63", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Bruce_Adler&oldid=915756893, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 September 2019, at 04:23. [1] His film work was limited to voice work in animated films, notably providing the singing voice for the narrator of the 1992 Disney film Aladdin and the 1996 sequel Aladdin and the King of Thieves.[2].

Goldfaden's own account says he came there at the urging of his father; Adler attributes it to Rosenberg and Spivakovsky's "enemies". His wife Sara had branched out to do her own plays at the Novelty Theater in Brooklyn, and the family had taken up residence in a four-story brownstone, with an elevator, in the East Seventies. Adler followed with equally successful productions of Gordin's dramatization of Tolstoy's Resurrection and the Gordin original The Homeless. (Soon, though, he would come to an accommodation by which his troupe would be an officially recognized touring company attached to Goldfaden's own troupe. Aiming to bring the troupe to Saint Petersburg, they brought back their sometime manager Chaikel Bain. In the English-language book of these memoirs, Rosenfeld attempts to fill the gaps with her own commentary. I gritted my teeth. Bruce Adler (November 27, 1944 – July 25, 2008)[1] was an American Broadway actor. Adler hung on, but the Thomashefskys were making a fortune at the Thalia; plays with titles like Minke the Servant Girl were far outdrawing fare like Gordin's Dementia Americana (1909).

This is the Shylock I have tried to show. [67] Jacob and Stella Adler are both members of the American Theater Hall of Fame. 2: Lent his voice to a few Disney films. (His father had died some years earlier.)

His paternal grandfather lived with them for some eight years; he was a pious man, and the family was much more observant of Jewish religious practices during the time he lived with them. "[41], Adler arrived in London with few contacts. [73] It contains only a relatively fragmentary description of his New York career. "[21], The outbreak of the Russo-Turkish War brought on universal conscription of young men. ), By his own account, Adler took a leave of absence from his job to travel with Rosenberg's troupe to Kherson, where he made a successful acting debut as the lover Marcus in The Witch of Botoşani. Required fields are marked *. However, according to Adler, the real patriarch of the family was his wealthy uncle Aaron "Arke" Trachtenberg, who would later be the model for his portrayal of roles such as Gordin's Jewish King Lear. [8], Adler was born in Odessa, Russian Empire (now Ukraine). Through his uncle Arke, "a hot theater lover", he became interested in the theater, at first in the beauty of Olga Glebova and the cut of Ivan Kozelsky's clothes, but he had the good fortune to be in one of the great theater cities of his time. Eventually, with the aid in particular of Sonya's relative Herman Fiedler—a playwright, orchestra leader, and stage manager—the Adlers and the Grodners were able to take over the Prescott Street Club. He soon got bored with boxing, but not with his new connections to the "sons of rich fathers, attorneys without diplomas", etc. [1] The three Adlers played the London Palladium with Sophie Tucker in the 1950s. When this particular troupe broke up, the Adlers were among the few players to remain with Rosenberg to form a new one that included the actress who later became famous under the name of Keni Liptzin. He kazotskys, he soft shoes, he fandangos...He makes the oldest jokes fresh and funny!...It is impossible to watch him without being seized by his infectious spirit, his complete enjoyment in what he is doing...he brings performing brilliance to the stage! [59], This golden age was not to last.

[17] He would later draw on his own life at this time for his portrayal of Protosov in Tolstoy's The Living Corpse. In February 2007, he and London had their first child together, Jacob Hayden Adler.[1]. I thank you Shmendrick—my beloved—my own. His mother, née Hessye Halperin, was a tall, beautiful woman, originally from a wealthy family in Berdichev. Adler's memoir acknowledges many people who helped him out in various ways. Sonya died from an infection contracted while giving birth to their son Abram in 1886. However, about this time Israel Grodner and his wife Annetta reappeared. Their marriage didn't last, though the divorce was amicable: she remarried, to Siegmund Feinman. 1891) and finally to actress Sara Adler (previously Sara Heine) (m. 1891), who survived him by over 25 years. Other Broadway shows included Oh, Brother! [18] Over the next few years he had numerous love affairs, and was prevented from a love marriage with one Esther Raizel because his own dubious reputation compounded the taint of his mother's divorce. Frequently the works of the great contemporary playwrights—even Shaw, who was writing in English—would be staged in New York in Yiddish years, even decades, before they were ever staged there in English. The Grodners ultimately left to do theater in a series of other locations, notably Paris, but eventually came back to London, where Israel Grodner died in 1887.


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