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When you sat down, the pressure on your feet lessened and your back was relieved of the aching pain.

Summary: you’re in an abusive relationship and he’s comforting you. main blog | masterlist | prompt list | not taking requests , Request by anon: Any pregnancy fluff with Jackson Avery please?

Jackson’s heart filled with delight when he heard you saying those words. From the dates you went on, to what you wore to bed last night. Can you do an imagine where you’re alex’s younger sister and you tell him about your abusive relationship and he comforts you?

You smiled at him. Much appreciated,” he replied, taking the kick as an answer on his question. Summary: if you’ve found your soulmate, you don’t let them go. April ditches Jackson to go distract herself with work, and Jackson finds himself in a place he probably never imagined he would be: the chapel.

It was something he wished for when he was younger and now it was finally coming true. How’s moving in going?’ Arizona asked, handing you a coffee. So funny! Just let me know the name, character and whatever fandom or movie or show they are from and I’ll do my best to get it done. Then, she and Jackson head back upstairs to do what they were meant to do earlier in the day. And usually, you’d tell him everything. When you entered he smiled brightly, but when he saw your face scrunched up in pain, he quickly turned worried. , Warning: mentions of abusive relationship, physical injuried, heartbreak, blood, swearing, drinking, Also, this is before all the shit went down between Andrew and Alex! This Light Therapy Lamp Brightens Your Mood & It’s 20% Off, Gayle King Reveals She Lost 7 Lbs. You noticed how all of your shoes had started shrinking, until Jackson told you your feet were just getting bigger and more swollen.

Once you saw a pair you liked and fit in, you quickly paid and left the store. Jackson is looking at her like she’s crazy, and once she notices that she tells him she’s not going through with it and storms out of the hospital room. But now it was different. The smell, the patients, the scrubs. I’m exhausted. Summary: you’re perfect for each other, but you think the other is more perfect than you. ‘All you can do is bitch around. After her encounter with the “intern,” April picks a name for the baby — Samuel Norbert Avery. It’s in that very same chapel that Weber runs into Catherine again, and this time they can’t avoid each other. Summary: you meet again at a highschool reunion and Taron cleaned up good. It was becoming a routine. I haven’t slept in like three days because I’ve been kept up with your schemes. Jackson's mother, Catherine Avery, urged him to fight for sole custody of the baby and to get rights. It’s God who let her down, who failed her, and she can’t figure out why.

You waited in silence for a while until you felt a kick. (semi enemies to lovers). It would really help.”, “I wish I’d never met you.” “No.. you don’t mean that.”, “We didn’t even get to use the toys last night.”, “You know, I heard you talking, but I still don’t have my coffee.”, “You have something in your hair, umm.. Do you want me to get it out?”, “It’s nice that your voice was the first thing I heard today.”, “You can call me whenever you want.. After it’s all said and done, Hunt finds Amelia in the chapel and she finally confesses why she was so upset. Any kid would be lucky to have you as their mom,” Jackson said, making you tear up. After all, this is the forever cursed Grey-Sloane Memorial Hospital. She turns him down though because she still doesn’t have anyone to watch the kids, but, finally, Pierce speaks up and says she can take the kids. Hi Are you taking requests? All I need to do is paint the walls and I’m done,’ you nodded contently.

He prays out loud and demands that the God she believes in show up for her because she needs him, and it’s probably one of the best things he’s ever done for her.

It was a quiet day on the peds floor. After all, she is their half-aunt. Summary: Taron comes home from shooting and realises he’s forgotten to leave some things on set. Want to be tagged in fics for a specific tv show/celeb/series or in every single one? Are you happy to hear Meredith is going to see Derek? Summary: you and Nicky share a cell and things get handsy pretty quickly.

This is not good. I was right. Your sister Carina worked in OB/GYN also, so that’s where your fascination and passion for this specialty came from. Let me know and I’ll add you to the taglist :). He’s incredible, isn’t he? Everywhere. Enjoy x. Listen, I thought we made some agreements not to be too hard on mommy.. You know she’s already really tired of carrying you around all day, there’s no need to make it even harder for her. Being incredibly good at what you do, you got offered some jobs but none of them interested you. Warnings: small mention of blood, sadness, slight spoilers of season 10. Summary: you’re scared of hospitals and Jackson comforts you.

I love you sweetheart ❤️, I’m soooo sorry this took me so long, but I hope you enjoy it love! On the Feb. 12 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew) are forced to come to terms with the reality of their baby’s tragic fate. She reveals to Jo that she was constantly wishing bad things on them when she saw them together, and now that this horrible thing has happened to them she feels responsible.

As in, don’t be friends with him.”, “What did I say?” “You told me to behave.” “What did you do?” “The exact opposite.”, “Honestly, I only ask for your help because it’s so cute when you try.”, “You know, you’re adorable when you’re mab.” “I can literally kill you. You cleaned the house, you did the dishes, you picked out the trash.

You can tell by the look Jackson and his mother exchange that they both realize April may never recover from losing this child, and they are terrified for what will come after.

Of course once Weber commits his weekend to helping Meredith, he runs into Catherine again. Summary: Tom tries to make you breakfast. It’s a daddy feeling, y’know..” he said, hope lacing in his voice. The biggest blow for April comes when she finds out that her baby is also at risk for his bones to break while he is still inside her womb,  which means even she can’t protect him from his own health issues before he’s born. “I do too. Even after she dies on the operating table and is revived. Summary: you show each other the love you have for one another. As her and Alex get into it about Jo, the confused intern is watching them carefully, while Pierce, who has been listening to them bicker the entire time, is insulted that Meredith didn’t ask her to watch the kids. You set the bag with shoes down and leaned against the kitchen counter. Do you think you could give me a break, just this once?”, “Look, I know you’re a hardass, but can you play with my hair? Even though Jackson wanted April to terminate, he tells her he will absolutely stand by her as she does what his mother suggest.


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