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Food is my absolute passion and here I hope to share this passion and my experiences with you.

Realising that his talents lay in cooking as well as sport, he decided to focus on a career as a chef. The company now has seven hotels in London and makes about £5-6m a year profit.

"But some things, like the hours and lifestyle, can't change.

"It has been an organic growth," she says. When I arrive to interview him at his home a few minutes from the North Norfolk coast, he’s just got the news that Morston Hall has made it into the Good Food Guide’s 50 best restaurants in the UK for 2019 – and he’s thrilled. "The industry has opened its eyes to women's needs in the past decade, especially in areas such as training and flexible working. As an employer and mother of two, she's aware of the challenges many women face at work, particularly after having children. Red Planet Recruitment: Tagg's meteoric rise continued when, in 1991, she was spotted by Paul Whittome, owner of the Hoste Arms, who offered her a housekeeping job. North Norfolk. "Men will pigeonhole your abilities - they will think ‘she's good but she'll never make MD'. “We don’t over complicate things. Selfridge's food and restaurants director Ewan Venters, a Ledbury regular, spotted Davies and snatched her for the Wonder Bar, where she now also oversees a wine shop featuring a personal shopping service. The key to synergy between men and women is for each to play to their strengths, she says. ", Jill Stein, joint proprietor, Seafood Restaurant, Padstow, Cornwall. Community | Dubbed the neighbourhood restaurant queen, Rebecca Mascarenhas owns four restaurants 11 Abingdon Road in Kensington, Sonny's in Barnes, the Phoenix in Putney and Sonny's in Nottingham - and they're all buzzing. Highly Competitive Package on Offer!! "We're now here until our retirement," Everitt-Matthias says.

By and large she has worked for companies that have been proactive in encouraging equal opportunities for women. "The numbers are definitely improving. St. Augustine’s Gardens, If you want to see your kids, look after them when they're ill or spend time with them when they're on holiday, then the senior, time-consuming positions can be restrictive.

Decked out in a pleasantly nostalgic style, with a conservatory offering views of the grounds for visitors, the atmosphere is relaxed and relatively informal – although there's no slouching on the part of the people who work there. "Our sector is competitive whether you are male or female," she says. Invention is also key – in the form of bacon and lettuce 'gazpacho', perhaps, or a piece of battered cod served with onion and caper jam. Moore joined the charity in 2004 - after 16 years working in both the retail and industry sides of the food business - at Sainsbury's, Forte and Booker Food Service.

", Dawn Davies, head sommelier, Wonder Bar and Shop, Selfridges London. The acclaimed wine list has been classified 'outstanding'.

The 24/7 nature of the industry makes it hard for women, she admits - she has four children herself. When Jenkins first worked at the hotel 20 years ago, it was very much a male-dominated profession. "It's no good having fantastic food if miserable service is going to hamper the customer's enjoyment," she says.

"It's harder for women to bounce back after they're knocked down", she concedes, "but we have to prove ourselves just like anyone else.".

“Again it’s something I’m very, very proud of and I never take it for granted.

Hands, who has a string of other awards to her name, including being named one of the top 10 entrepreneurs in the UK at the National Business Awards in 2005, has spent more than £30m extensively refurbishing the 14 country house hotels that make up the Hand Picked Hotels group. A wonderful flint-knapped, farmhouse on the edge of the Morston Marshes caught their eye and today, Morston Hall - a small and … Seven years on and with 54 contracts, they are now competing in the same pool as the bigger corporate players. We understand the importance of home, family, friends and good food and we know that our homes have to work harder than ever before. This year Jenkins won Young Achiever of the Year at the Shine Awards, which recognise female high-flyers in the hospitality, travel and tourism sectors.

We installed it 15 years ago.

After 25 years I stopped working in the restaurants and took on more of a managerial role, overseeing new projects and interior design. Galton has held a Michelin star for 18 years and become UK Craft Guild of Chefs ‘Chef of the year’, East Anglian Chef of the Year and fellow of the craft guild of chefs.

When she opened Sonny's, her first daughter (now 17 - and she has two more), was often left behind the bar in a basket while she ran the business. He’s married to wife Tracey and together they have two sons.

", Being female hasn't ever been an issue for her: "I have always found that whenever I go you get the job based on who you have worked for and your experience. "I tend to work with women chefs because they are better team players. They are an important revenue source which supports free access of our website's content, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. Sprinkle half the salt in the bottom of a tray and add the belly, skin-side down. At 26, Lisa Allen is extraordinarily young to be head chef of this Michelin-starred restaurant/hotel, but it's her talent and hard work that earned her this position three years ago. When I started at Aubergine there were 10 men and me. In May of this year, she opened Skylon for D&D London, bringing trademark Scandinavian touches (such as hot-smoked fish) to the modern classical repertoire of dishes she has refined over the years. "I've always been obsessed by food, and I've wanted to own a restaurant since I was three," she says.

"But once here they stay because they enjoy the friendly and caring atmosphere that we provide. Instant commissions and uncapped earning potential . What changes would she like to see? A wonderful flint-knapped, farmhouse on the edge of the Morston Marshes caught their eye and today, Morston Hall is one of Britain’s leading country hotels, consistently receiving awards since the AA nominated it as Newcomer of the Year in 1992 and Emily Green as joint winner of the Country Hotel of the year along with Chewton Glen.


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