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Caer Konig is more comfortable, slightly larger, and has a drunk dragonborn for a town speaker who’s struggling to find the invisible duergar thieves that connect us to part of the main story! ...assuming you survive Strahd. I can't see it. YES!! The third form should have double hit points, stronger attacks and spells, and a higher AC from icy crystalline armor! The speaker is useless to the party and even discourages them from searching for the lost boys who you will learn have been taken by intelligent extortionist winter wolves serving an awakened mammoth! Maybe usually, but Perkins definitely made it clear that in this module she is portrayed as a powerful, but fallible and fight-able lesser deity. Honestly, the first 2 quests have a very important motivator: Get the players to explore the 10 towns. Termalaine is described as the most picturesque town in Icewind Dale; its population is closest to the mean for Ten Towns, there’s some political drama around the speaker’s right to rule, there’s an inn, a tavern, and a recently-abandoned mine with a few kobolds and their ghost-possessed leader-- plus one of those ridiculous grells which has floated up from the underdark! Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden is the new D&D 5e campaign book, and I’ve compiled all the important info from D&D Live 2020 previews and multiple D&D Beyond interviews to share in this one post! So I suggest beginning this quest at two murders with the only connection being the icy daggers to the heart. They are great and are very useful, even for not "new DMs".

After following the tiny chwinga tracks, or fox footprints, describe the “playing house” scene from the book, but I wouldn’t require a character to play along with the chwinga’s games. Then play out the Thieves in the Wind section as written, where Elva stomps out of her snow-covered cottage on the outskirts of town, warning them about the so-called trickster spirits. Lonelywood is the primary logging town of Icewind Dale; it's a very simple town with a scrimshaw shop, a tavern, and a closed inn kindly offered to the characters by the halfling town speaker for slaying a murderous white moose and potentially the evil frost druid who’s awakening all these animals! But unfortunately I feel you lose a bit of that with your suggestions. The second form can function like the book’s stat block but be more obviously undead, with no hair or clothes and frosty blue skin. And she tells the party that Sephek seems strangely immune to the cold, “Kiss of the Frostmaiden, indeed.” This is ALL information that your party should learn through their own investigation! Or maybe to the cave of a random awakened polar bear! That being said, I agree 100% on making the murder mystery an actual mystery! Centaurs have been printed in GGtR and MOoT. This is so helpful! The main adjustment is using sidekicks to help heal the PC or do damage from a distance (or up close depending on the PCs specialty). : a dagger of ice through the heart! And rather than myself choosing which quest to launch our campaign with, I left it up to my players! Sorry for the long reply and thank you so much for your quality videos, I look forward to your next Wednesday! Wizards of the Coast Yeah-- and this connects to one of our starting quests coming up in a minute! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, A place for Dungeon Masters to discuss the D&D 5th Edition book: Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden. I could continue, but my point has been made, a pattern has been established, and it's becoming clear for 5.5e and/or 6e that more races will have to be added to the PHB to reduce the redunacies of having to continuously reprinted races. Thats why the first 2 quests force them to visit other towns, and why the entire chapter is meant to find quests in each of the 10 towns that appeal to them!

Aasimar are printed in DMG (prototype), VGtM, and EGtW, and was mentioned in the SCAG and WGtE. That is until the Everlasting Rime began in Icewind Dale. I appreciate you guys going out of your way to leave comments here and on YouTube :). I am currently playing a conquest paladin of the Frostmaiden as we run curse of strahd (started a year or so ago with no idea this was on the horizon), and our DM is looking into doing this next. In my game she’s a member of the Harpers and a contact of my player character who is secretly a spy for this noble faction of Faerun. It should be your MAIN STORY during Chapter 1 played out over several sessions while your party completes other town quests and gradually gathers clues while following Torrga’s Trading Company! Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden was released last month to general acclaim. Inspired by a post on the CoS subreddit, I came up with a list of 100 achievements for Rime of the Frostmaiden to reveal to your players when they accomplish them. Making Sephek COOLER: And at some point, one of your observant PCs will notice Torrga’s well-built bodyguard with no armor or cold weather clothing and strikingly blue eyes. The Murder Mystery: As written, Hlin tells the party all about Torg’s trading company and the owner, Torrga Icevein. Thank you thank you THANK YOU! Basics. Stuff sometimes gets put where it shouldn't, Was sick of not having a pdf, so I made one myself. And most of these clues are technically red herrings because they point to Torrga herself being THE murderer! If they do attack, have the chwingas use their natural shelter trait to disappear into the snow, cast pass without a trace, and sneak away, except the one with a fox friend who can be chased back through town! This is something I really miss from old editions. I feel so indecisive on where to start! According to the book, Sephek nearly died in a shipwreck near Auril’s island, but the spirit of a frost druid beholden to Auril possessed him, and it uses him as a living vessel to do the Frostmaiden’s work! Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden is a brand-new adventure that will take players from level 1 to 12 in an icy land filled with secrets… and horror. Excellent job, Bob. So I would have Sephek spend the night aimlessly walking the streets, wandering into the tundra, or renting a room with a window, so the characters can spy on him standing in a dark corner all night. Thanks Mark/Gonzo! When he’s killed, the body shatters like ice and reforms on Auril’s island where he was first possessed. Icewind Dale is the frostbitten end of the world. The strider-esque Hlin Trollbane is described as a retired dwarven bounty hunter investigating the murders out of boredom and a sense of moral decency because not even the council of speakers can be bothered to do so, and she’s willing to tell the party all she knows about her prime suspect, Sephek Kaltro. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Facing The Chwingas: Whoever the quest giver is, they also give your party a lantern of tracking elementals which burns bright green within 300 feet of chwingas or any elementals, making for a great ‘sting glowing near goblins’ moment if your party takes advantage of it! Goblins have gotten printed in VGTM, E: RftLW, EGtW, GGtR, with more coming. Bremen is apparently a friendly place for having an awakened plesiosaurus terrorizing the town! There is a pretty decent chance that after escaping Barovia, said DM is gonna appropriate him as a miniboss. If he dies, the druid spirit is written to be destroyed, but I would give it the chance to possess one of your characters with a DC 13 Charisma saving throw based on the ghost’s possession feature, and rather than have his cool weapons be destroyed, I would let them be wielded by a character with the Midwinter’s Child secret or just be cursed! Targos is another large walled town with an inn, tavern, and general store, where the town speaker and militia leader are agents of the Zhentarim! Cold-Hearted Killer should not be your starter quest! Many kudos to you, sir! Easthaven is a uniquely prosperous town, under the circumstances, where pick-pocketing is hilariously a legal activity! She’s a god—and a cold-hearted one at that.

New DM friendly notes is HUGE news. It’s on but not in pdf form. I have watched your video on running D&D for one player and have decided to try and adopt some things from there into this campaign such as a DMNPC.


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