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It's the Center for Deuterium-Depletion, and I would thoroughly recommend that if everybody has the capacity to do it, call those guys, talk to them, get their determinator test. So, healwithheat.com and use code BENGREENFIELD. Question regarding C60 Companion… this is something I think could make WAVES in the equine world. I have a really great lab just north of Tulsa in the great State of Oklahoma.

And then you got the one for pets and then the hair growth. Well, yeah, cats a lot less, like a half a teaspoon.

Ben:  This stuff I just took called Revive.

TAM-818, I haven't played with personally. Her significant experience and knowledge in technology, systems engineering, business, and entrepreneurship provides insight and depth unparalleled in the media. Mysterious, I know you're up to a lot of other stuff in here. It can pipe in music via their built-in speakers. Used it on my hairline and eyebrows. They're great, actually.

: Hi Ian I am a huge fan of your products and was so excited to see you were on the BGF podcast. Please click here for the full article. Ian Mitchell is an absolutely brilliant researcher and quite the mad scientist, but he’s also very spiritually minded—one of those rare humans who combines spiritual and scientific wisdom into one kick-ass package.

Is this the same with this product?

Well, and also, it's kind of–I have a great respect for it after having been wrangling with it for quite a few years because it metabolically pivots on the fly as it needs to to make sure it can ensure its own survival. Ben:  Alright. I would recommend that people do it, especially people with cancer.

The other function, as I alluded to earlier, was if you downregulate the mitochondrial function enough and the energy level goes low enough, your ETC drops, you don't get enough ATP, then cancer can proliferate. If you give me some direction, I’ll know what studies to send your way. It's all about resonance and it's all about combinatory relationships.

Your email address will not be published. The United States has a black budget that has long been disclosed on the official... How ready is your company or city if a crisis occurs? And at the time, because they had found this, they were actually looking for things in outer space, and they saw a signature that they couldn't recognize. And I'm sure that there's a lot of validity to that. As for your shipping concern, I believe that’s being addressed at the moment with a diatributor in NZ. I also take bulletproof coffee quite a bit with a bunch of stuff in it and quite a few mushroom extracts And cbd. 10:20 —Why Ian is considered a “mad scientist” and his background with C60, The things Ian works on are very different from traditional scientists Working on whatever is going to move humanity as a whole Studying chemistry and jazz performance Getting his fingers wet and dabbling in different things, Beginning to patent C60 Taking it personally since 2012 Starting with the end in mind Adding supplements while eliminating inefficiencies The Hindu agni ceremony, The net positive effect of C60 is mitochondrial function The C60 bonding with lipids, oils, etc. They treat mold, mycotoxin, Lyme. It's very cool.

Sound Medicine: How To Use The Ancient Science Of Sound To Heal The Body And Mind. Ian:  Yeah.

Ben:  I do. Hi Ian, Instead, they make these wonderful, flavorful, I don't know if flavorful is the right word, but it's deodorant. It is the responsibility of each viewer to evaluate the facts presented and then research each story further and come to their own conclusions.”.

We did a similar–, Ben:  This was the rodent study when it was–, Ian:  Yeah. And this physician's desk manual had a ton of very compelling research on it I'd never seen before on hyperthermic treatments for cancer. Or is it like DHA/EPA that can be consumed prior to lifting but not too soon after? I have been applying nightly before bed. ~ i. Always more pleasant to hear that as opposed to “who is this daft fool and why is he prattling on about carbon?!? Please let me know how it works with specific regard to your energy levels. So, it's an allotrope, which just means another form of carbon, and it was discovered in 1985. I forget what the dosage is per day. A group of French researchers set out to study its toxicity and other effects, and came up with a surprising find — not only are buckyballs safe, a buckyball diet doubled the lifespan of lab rats. How did you sleep last night out there by the chickens?

The word’s earliest occurrence is in the Rigveda, where it is one of several synonyms for soma, the drink of the gods.

Will this need to be washed out for the serum and activator to work? Ben:  A lot of people listening in the show were interested in anti-cancer type of compounds. Ian Mitchell rejoins the program to discuss the latest cancer trials they have conducted with vets and animals across the country.

We're trying to research. Ben:  I'll have to leave it in my mouth like a [00:26:12] ______? Alright, folks.

Consider supporting the show and see exclusive interview content with Ian Mitchell and many other guests at https://www.patreon.com/SarahWestall, Turn your body into a FAT BURNING MACHINE! And what I was alluding to in our patent that was just released is we were able to very definitively show that, yeah, it works like a champ if you can actually deliver it to the body and get it able to be used where it needs to.

Do you do still make music? He explains the science and clears many misconceptions. So I decided to get one of the world's leading C60 researchers and formulators on my show to discuss C60 and beyond. Why are you not putting this out? He was a project lead on the corporate team designing and developing microfluidic multi-assay systems for use with Lab-on-Chip (LoC) devices. Sarah Westall on Ktalk w/ Jason Anderson: Election Coup, Google Lawsuit & more, Open Letter to the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, Sidney Powell, Steve Bannon & General McInerney Blow Open Election Stealing Using The Hammer: Janda, 178 Countries Join Globalists to Change Global Monetary System, Davos Reset Meeting w/Andy Schectman, Curing Aging with Cell Manipulation and Telomere Lengthening; One Year Away from Human Trials, The Secret Space Program, Trillions to the Black Budget, and the Upcoming Secret Space Conference, CRISIS: 911, Hurricane Sandy, and the 2003 Blackout – How to Manage a Crisis with Former NYPD Commanding Officer Keith Singer, Kids Locked Up in America – Youth Incarceration Rates are 5 to 10 Times Higher than Other Developed Countries. So, there's no risk to try. Tell me what you did and what this stuff is I'm holding, because I want to try whatever you just did with the coffee and the–and so what is this bottle?

Thanks. There's a few variations that paradoxically, this obsess a lot of people in the keto community like some forms of breast cancer. conflict of interest????? It takes a few weeks, but what happens is you start pumping out new neurons. I cycle it a bit. Any reason to believe (or not) that the hair regrowth serum would work to fill in a patchy beard? And ours, oddly enough, didn't do that, and they live 93% longer. And also, it changes the levels that you actually have to utilize a lot of different compounds. And the way the protocol goes is first, you get on a bicycle in a non-air-conditioned little gym they have next to the hyperthermic facility, and you're supposed to get your heart rate up and get your body temperature up to prime the pump. Thank you! amzn_assoc_default_category = "All"; Ben:  You mean once you start ingesting C60? If I took a little extra of the regular would I notice the same results? Each legging has a value up to $89.95!

What a joke. And so, I figured, what the hell?

It is more concerned with survival and your cells functioning and neural function and things like that, and cardiac function. Ian:  Alright, swish it around, put another little bit of coffee in your mouth, and chase it down. It kind of looks like your —, Ian:  Yeah.

Ive read from 97h (Baati) to 2 years (Ian Mitchell). Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

Ian:  Yeah. I am very interested in the Anti M compound you’re making.

And if you go there, I would imagine there's some people that are going to have some questions, comments, feedback, leave them all there and I'll jump in and try and point you guys on the right direction.

Cheers, but are quite different and not something designed to enhance your body in a general sense. Thanks,

C60 Truth: Nano Technology & Cancer with Ian Mitchell. It really lived up to the name. And Johns Hopkins in 2017 released a paper where they had noted that they had identified Il-6 and Il-8 as the paracrine signaling cytokines that cancer was using to promote metastasis. The prolongation of the lifespan of rats by repeated oral administration of c60 fullerene – aka “The Rat Study”, C60 Olive Oil Revealed, History & Updates with Chris Burres/SES Research, Clif High C60 & Preparing for Long Life, What’s Next? Have you guys had many horse owners use it and share their successes? You’re especially going to want to check out the anti-inflammatory for dogs, women, and men. Ian is a leading researcher of Carbon 60 and holds many new patents in the space. I've got two 20-day cycles on it based on the Khavinson protocol. We jokingly call it the cupcake of doom. Hi David, I apologize in advance for the forthcoming onslaught of nerd…. Ian:  So, it was kind of an interesting puzzle. Hi Scott, the product for humans is the one I take called Revive. Cadmium produces a number of health problems and is a known carcinogen. Ben: –and as soon as it's attached to a fat, that's called LipoFullerene? So, I've already got it, but I'm not using it. Leveraging C60: Cancer, Longevity, Hair Regrowth w/ Ian Mitchell (2of2). Cancer is nutrient primal, so it's going to suck things out of your system fastest and its favorite food is sugars. I actually measured and used the tablespoon and I felt fine.


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