human phenotypes iranid They have skulls of generally average proportions (mesocephalic) and are mildly high-skulled (hypsicranic). Maybe a little more than that, johnnytest? Eickstedt (1961) coined the term Proto Iranid based on a work of Keith (1928).

Heguos have medium olive brown skin with straight, sometimes wavy black hair. One of the main elements in the ancient Vikings. Nesaria Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Nordics and to a lesser extent Meds certainly mog everyone else, brutal.There are phenotypes not listed on this site such as "bird" phenotype and "subhuman" phenotype. Rurals have yellowish light brown skin (sometimes pale) with coarse, straight or wavy hair, mostly black or brown but with rare cases of (dirty) blondness and red-headedness. Levant, Turkey, Caucasus, Central or Southern Asia? DISCUSSIONS.

Lol @ phenotype coping. The Divenoric phenotype is very similar to the Gracile Mediterranid phenotype, shown in the pictures. They are tall and ectomorphic (more lean) or mesomorphic (more muscular). Their faces are short and shallow with weak jaws and cheekbones, with large, slanted eyes with varying shades of brown. There is a large and growing population that is a mix between all three, which has only been present in any significant degree since the industrial revolution and the urbanisation of the steppe. the eastern half of Estemoria. They have relatively large and fairly tall heads with long, narrow and often convex noses, although those of the northern Akkanurians tend to be straighter. In his Die Mediterranen in Wales (1935), Egon Freiherr von Eickstedt coined the term "Atlantid" to denote a phenotype he stated was common in the British Isles.According to Bertil Lundman, it is synonymous with Joseph Deniker's earlier postulated "North-Occidental" or "North-Western" race, and also Czekanowski's "Northern-Western" subracial taxonomy. The Western phenotype is almost identical to the Iranid phenotype, shown in the pictures. The name could be considered Technobabble. However, despite this, the North Estemorids themselves in their "pure" form have always been a minority, and it is the South Estemorids that are the defining phenotype of the nation, as they are by far the most numerous.

the western half of Estemoria south of Rulcaria. This page is undergoing an overhaul to match the geography overhaul.

Field (1939) described it as a robust East Mediterranid. Human Phenotypes (2018) classified the Mediterranean as follows: Widespread group, common all over the Mediterranean and adjacent regions.

There are, of course, variations within the Inecuroid skull, the most distinct sub-type being the Onshian skull which has wider cheekbones and a flatter but wider cranium, giving it an appearance which leans more towards the Mongoloid skull type. In modern times these phenotypes are still clearly identifiable, but there is a large and increasing mixed population. South Estemorids live in southern Rekyena, Baeruthia, Kamaria and western Estagha - i.e. They have fairly tall and narrow heads, long and narrow straight noses, and brown eyes with relatively narrow eye apertures. Therefore there is a consistency in Phenotypes in those two regions.

East Estemorids have light brown skin, and straight or wavy dark brown to black hair. History. They have fairly tall and narrow heads, long and narrow straight noses, and blue, green or rarely amber eyes, being the population with the greatest concentration of amber eyes in the world (but it is still rare at approximately 1%).

They are ectomorphic (more lean) and are of average height. Western Iran - East Kurdistan would have more robust types, whilst the North and Alborz e.t.c would have more Gracile people. Rurals greatly resemble the Ishikawa phenotype, shown in the pictures. East Estemorids live in eastern Estagha, Khagaria and Khergovia - i.e. They have long, narrow and often convex noses. Upperlanders are identical to the Anglo-Saxon phenotype, shown in the pictures.

Basic difference. They have high and narrow faces, weak chins, somewhat almond-shaped dark brown eyes and thick body hair. The Western phenotype is almost identical to the Iranid phenotype, shown in the pictures. North Estemorids are identical to the North Pontid phenotype, shown in the pictures, except with lighter hair. Westerners have light to medium brown skin and straight or wavy, black or brown hair. East Estemorids are identical to the Pontid phenotype, shown in the pictures. I wish i was as attractive as my phenotype example on that site. Much of the Human population of Eshér is likewise mixed, and the inner corner of Cortathshire bordering the Mortian Mountains (once inhabited by the Clodunic folk, separate to the Cortathians) also has a significant mixed population. The Nesarians are split between two phenotypes, the Upperlanders and the Lowerlanders, who - as the names would imply - occupy the Upperlands and Lowerlands respectively. Eickstedt (1952, 1961), Bernhard (1993) and Knussmann (1996) define Iranid as an Orientalid subrace, Biasutti (1967) even its the main variety "Iraniana", Lundman (1967) describes Iranid as an East Mediterranid influenced by Arabid.

There are more brachiocephalic people at North Also Iranid at west is more Western Iranid Type, and at east it is closer to Nordindid. The Human populations of Inecuria pose something of a problem to the classical three major racial groupings of Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Negroid. They are ectomorphic (more lean) and are of average height. Human Phenotypes (2018) described the Trønder as: North European type, combines features of Paleo Atlantid, Hallstatt, and East Nordid. Although mixed populations are now somewhat common with the relaxing of social restrictions and abandonment of legal ones, the following phenotypes are still clearly identifiable in modern times. Lowerlanders have pale, sometimes slightly ruddy skin, with straight black or brown hair and blue eyes.

From quadruped catarrhini to bipedal brainy creatures, mankind has undertaken a long evolutionary journey. They are ectomorphic (more lean) or mesomorphic (more muscular) and of medium height. Mongoloid (/ ˈ m ɒ ŋ. ɡ ə. l ɔɪ d /) is an outdated historical grouping of various people indigenous to East Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, North Asia, Polynesia, and the Americas.. South Estemorids have fair skin and straight (but sometimes wavy) black or brown hair. FORUMS. There are incels of every phenotype. Wtf they made the northern european ones chad and stacy tier while slav and finn look like bloated normies. Too bad i didn't ascend because of it. Nesarians and Divenics, for example, do not see each other as kin just because they share white skin and broadly caucasoid features, whereas the Rulcarians and Estemocarians recognise their ethno-lingusitic brotherhood despite their differing skin tones and features. Urbanites greatly resemble the Choshiu phenotype, shown in the pictures. There are two distinct phenotypes found in Onshi - the Urbanites and the Rurals, although the original meaning of these definitions was irrelevant by the time of Onshi's conquest by Nesaria, as many Rurals lived in urban areas and many Urbanites lived in the countryside. I'm more like an incel version of it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Vedoid admixture could be found everywhere in Iran. Preserves elements … Light brown, almost dirty blonde hair is a rare trait amongst the northern Akkanurians. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Others mentioned Atlanto Mediterranid or Eurafrikanid from the region (Sergi, 1901), where the type can be included.

everywhere in Calsunaria besides Calparnia. They are ectomorphic (more lean), somewhat gracile and on the upper end of medium height.

They have straight, sometimes convex low-rooted noses and broad, somewhat flat faces with somewhat slanted eyes. They have dark eyes. This phenotype is found everywhere in the Western Desert besides Qaateen. The skin colour can be darker or lighter depending upon location, as a result of adaptation to differing levels of UV exposure. They are ectomorphic (more lean) and are of slightly below average height. It is a little darker in the region of Indissia, and darkest - almost sub-saharan in appearance - in the eastern region of Makkad, the hottest and driest part of the Western Desert.

The Calparnian phenotype is almost identical to the North Indid phenotype, shown in the pictures. You must log in or register to reply here. The Heguo phenotype is a relatively rare phenotype found amongst the Heguomin people who dwell in the mountains of Onshi, though traces of it can also be found in the lowlands, predominantly in the south. It also dominates in other parts of … Urbanites have light brownish-yellow skin and coarse straight black and brown hair.

They have full lips, sturdy chin… That being said, over for rice and curry phenotypes. Unlike the modern, broad conception of racial identity present in the west, the Inecurians do not have a sense of a common identity based on racial characteristics (for example "white" or "brown"); they are far more concerned with ethno-linguistic identities, of which racial characteristics are a part, but not the entirety. They are ectomorphic (more lean) and tall. They have prominent, long and often concave noses. Human Phenotypes is a racialist website which outlined a pseudo-scientific race typology by a world map and search function. Human Biodiversity Forum.

They have skulls of generally average proportions (mesocephalic) and are high-skulled (hypsicranic). Light brown, almost dirty blonde hair is a rare trait amongst the northern Akkanurians. They are assumed by some scholars to be related to the Nesarids, in particular the South Nesarids, but genetic testing has not yielded any evidence for this theory. They are tall and ectomorphic (more lean).

They have fairly tall and narrow heads, fairly long and plump noses, and brown (or rarely blue) eyes with mongoloid features.

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. What is the most common phenotypes in Northern and Western Iran? A variety in northern Cortathshire has more rounded jaws, a high prevalence of blonde and red hair and a high prevalence of freckles.

However, these differences are only minor; they are not distinct enough to justify classifying the Onshian skull as entirely separate from the larger Inecuroid grouping, seeing as all other physical traits of the skull are the same as other Inecuroid skulls.

There are three distinct but distantly related Estemorian phenotypes, known as the North, South and East Estemorids (or, in the more commonly used and less academic language, Rulcarians, Baeruthians and either Khagarians or Khergovians). They have narrow, sloping foreheads and skulls of medium proportions. An approximate map of the average Hominid skin tone across Inecuria.


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