how to garen vs urgot

Do try this at home ! Cookies help us deliver our Services. Basically once you get them to under 25% HP you can pull them in for an execute while also getting an AOE fear/slow around you after they are executed. Lastly, if GP gets ahead you should force him to stay top as much as possible. Ranked Boost, LLC isn't endorsed or sponsored by Riot Games and doesn't reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing League of Legends. Vlad is pretty safe but this lane should be in your favor, I like to get an early executioners calling in this matchup and play really agressive early because vlad sucks early game, a lot of vlads will try to use their empowered Q on you and walk up for that, so that's when you want to go for E's on him, you can tell when he gets empowered Q by the bar below his health bar when it turns yellow that means it's close and then it will turn red is when he has his empowered Q so it's fairly easy to predict. +9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP), Pantheon is really only a problem in the early lane, start Doran's shield or corruption potion if you aren't comfortable in this matchup, once you get to level 9+ you simply just win 1v1 so hard vs this champion, I like to save my E for when he shields in this matchup if I can so he wastes his shield. Hard matchup if the jax is good, I recommend going PTA in this lane and playing for the early game because he is very squishy early, the big things against jax is you don't want to fight him if he gets his passive stacked up on minions first so don't let him do that on minion waves, and the other big thing is his counterstrike blocks your W, so in this matchup I like to E into his counterstrike right when I think he is going to release it, to do this you have to first bait his counterstrike out first with auto attacks which most of them will do, and then just E into him right as it's going off (they can activate it early so you have to judge the timing) and then you can trade with W, overall this matchup isn't too bad unless the jax is really good, you can be very agressive early on in this lane, and you will also outscale jax surprisingly now that spear of shojin is gone. Although kind of hard to hit E's in this matchup I find ryze to be pretty easy because of how weak he is early game he shouldn't really ever kill you, and if you do ever land E he is 100% dead but you may have to flash E to land them in this matchup, try to land your Q first and you can sometimes get in ranged to E him, other then that ryze loves to perma push the wave so try not to let him do that for free on you try to pressure him and push the wave back as much as possible, they will usually use their combo to push which means some of their combo will be down if you trade with them.

Wukong matchup can really go either way, early on he is pretty hard to punish, try to save your E until after he uses his clone and try not to use your Q on the clone or else your W will target that. This is crucial in team fights. Another thing I dislike heavily about this matchup is he can pull you away in teamfights and stop you from getting big ultimates off. Ward tribush when doing this red side. You should win most trades with her early and if she ever uses her shroud poorly you want to go all in and punish her for it, also when she is in her shroud you want to keep your W on since they usually pop out to trade with you and then go back invisible, having your W on means you can still trade back because it will lock onto her instantly. how to deal with GP when he place his barrel right with him? Please consider supporting us by whitelisting us in your ad blocker! Camille isn't much of a problem for me usually, the key things in this matchup are playing around her passive and not trading stupidly into it, dodging her early W's in lane is also important, and don't take hit her empowered Q's on you for true damage, if she ever E's into you then she has no escape tool and you can usually kill her, make sure to either R her right after your E or wait for her to R because a decent camille will easily use her R to dodge your R. You also outscale this matchup really hard. Not a fan of grasp against him because I don't feel like I personally trade well enough against him early or get enough "free" hp stacks against him to be worthwhile. Be wary if he has Klepto because he can free farm gold or mana pots. urgot dumps on garen right now, urgot has way more damage and is ranged. Before fighting, you have to rush on him, let him activate is shield and shoot some legs gun, retreat, and then attack again when his abilities are on cooldown. Cull is also a great early option again here since it's another scaling matchup, once you have Black Cleaver you should be trying to force fights, and especially once you get death's dance you should 100% win. The part I haven't figured out is the mid-game, he's insanely strong at Level 13, I figure pretty much just don't fight around then. early spectres cowl can be a good buy if you're struggling in this lane. Stastically urgot is not a scaling champion he spikes at 30-35 minutes but his late game is worse than his early/mid. You must be logged in to comment. Learn How Urgot Can Best Counter Garen! Stop it between the middle of lane and your tower and just walk up to block him off. He wont be able to kill you or your towers if you build youmus into deadmans and you still will be very useful for your team, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 3. My tips for this matchup: Start doran's shield and build early spectres cowl if you're struggling a lot in this matchup, because you should outscale him later. Please let us know what you think and how we can improve by clicking here.

#6 Buy some form of grevious wounds, I go executioners if I'm even or ahead, and bramble if I fall behind. As long as he doesn't snowball early you win mid and late game.


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