how to check sennheiser original products

The materials used, the durability and the sound properties of the copy are very much inferior to Sennheiser standards. We are working actively to live up to the quality standards we set for ourselves, and to give our customers the Sennheiser quality to which they are accustomed. If you have nonetheless been unlucky enough to acquire a counterfeit, you should ask the vendor to reimburse the purchase price. Product imitations may be similar to the original at first glance, but actually having nothing at all in common with it.

Granted I did buy these when they were two weeks old on display so he gave me all the packaging he still had which was the hard box and the outer cardboard.

So it may be difficult to detect a counterfeit at first glance. If you suspect a counterfeit or think an online sales channel may be unauthorised, we would advise caution and recommend that before purchasing you find out all you can about the identity of the dealer, the origin of the product and the terms of delivery. A counterfeit product is only pretending to have been made by Sennheiser, so in purchasing it you are not acquiring the quality for which Sennheiser is noted. Setting up a Sennheiser product is simple. Naturally we offer no guarantees or service in connection with product imitations, nor do they come under statutory warranty. Get your shipping tracking number or view the shipping status, Get your serial number or activation code, Order a BackUp CD for your download purchase, Add Extended Download Service (EDS) to your order. Online dealers who offer products without any instruction manual or the like may be viewed as suspect. Unprofessionally packaged products are a strong indication of counterfeiting. Feel free to contact us!

The counterfeits are of poor quality, or do not function at all. Brand and product piracy is a problem that demands to be taken seriously.

We are working actively to live up to the quality standards we set for ourselves, and to give our customers the Sennheiser quality to which they are accustomed.

We therefore aim to publish the names of such websites in future on a Black List . 1800 22 3632 Brand protection means customer protection.

Software and firmware, instruction manuals, EU Declarations of Conformity, data sheets and more. Digital workflows for flawless daily business. For free and easy to use.

Learn how in our how-to videos.

The most important way to ensure product authenticity is to always buy from an authorized dealer.

In Sennheiser’s eyes, protecting its customers against counterfeits is a serious concern. How do I check the authenticity of my product? When it comes to online auctions you have little chance of testing the credentials of a dealer. This organisation works to protect intellectual property rights, encouraging companies to share their experiences and fostering communication between industry and the politicians.

(Action Group Against Product and Brand Piracy, Registered Association). 2020 Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG | USA. This is why we are doing all we can to protect you from counterfeits. You can keep up with the latest developments by viewing these trendsetting media reports, to be found in our press section.

© 2020 Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG | USA, Sennheiser Product Information / Downloads. In case you have serious doubts about the authenticity of your purchased Sennheiser product, please contact us through one of our Contact Centers. Only buy from dealers in whom you have confidence. The purchase of counterfeit products can involve various risks and disadvantages. Counterfeits are immensely detrimental to the market and to the competitiveness of our industry and our company.

Sennheiser is working actively to combat brand and product counterfeiters. In order to protect you against brand imitations, here are a few practical tips which we hope you may find useful: When purchasing Sennheiser equipment, we would advise you as a matter of urgency always to go through an authorised dealer from the Sennheiser network. People often go to great lengths to imitate the packaging and product design of Sennheiser equipment.

Product Information 1-(877)-736-6434 Additional questions? Sennheiser protects its products with specific security labels. Only the purchase of a genuine product will ensure that you get the good quality you desire.

In conjunction with government authorities, we also organise investigations against suspect commercial outlets and production sites.


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