how to build a hvac trunk line

From the 1-1/2-inch mark, measure the height of your duct plus 1-3/4 inches and place another soapstone mark. Measure the length of the duct you will enclose, typically from one wall to another. Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience, click here to read my full disclosure policy. The insulating qualities of compressed fiberglass reduces the temperature loss from air moving through the plenum and stops condensation from forming on the exterior surface of the duct plenum. Install the damper into the duct by drilling a hole into the side of the duct and then screw the damper into place. What you need to do is hire a local HVAC company to size your trunk line and build it.

Sorry, I did not video the actual process but I would suggest this being a two-person job.

Cut one bottom rail for each side rail. Make the box of 2-by-2-inch lumber with two side "ladders" with a top and bottom plate and vertical "rails" in between, then connect the ladders with boards across the bottom with a hammer and nails. Nail two end rails to the side 2-by-2s first, to form a long rectangle. If you’re wondering if you need to install a new trunk line or redo your HVAC, read this article to help you decide that. Drag the knife perpendicular along the 1-1/2-inch mark. This homeowner's sink is leaking onto air ducts causing a nasty smell every time the air conditioning is turned on. Hide ducts inside a house with what looks like a decorative dropped ceiling, whether they are sheet metal or flexible ducts. Use plastic cable ties to secure the ducting.

Fasten the ladder rails inside two long 2-by-2s with centers spaced 24 inches apart. Center it between the joist and screw into place with self-tapping screws.

The trunk line needs to be sized correctly for everything to work properly. Because it could save you thousands! Because this will take them very little time to fabricate the line (it comes in pieces to put together).

During cold weather, gas burners create heat in the heat exchanger (Image 2), which in turn heats the air. Because this will take them very little time to fabricate the line (it comes in pieces to put together). Pull the tape measure along the piece of duct board. SIDE NOTE: My uncle helped us install the furnace and AC.

This site uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Browse a full list of topics found on the site, from accessories to mudrooms to wreaths. If a house has a basement, the trunk line is usually located there, but in warmer regions or areas where houses lack basements, trunk lines can run in the attic area. What you need to do is hire a local HVAC company to size your trunk line and build it. The word trunk often conjures up images of big things carrying lots of stuff: Car trunks crammed with suitcases, travel trunks packed with clothes, elephant trunks full of water. Attach the bottom of the trunk at an angle hammering into place.

But the most common sizes are 6″ and 7″, we are using both! This main trunk or distribution line often runs the length of a house and is punctuated by dozens of smaller feeder ducts that direct air into other areas of the home. Measure off 2-by-2s in sections to make "ladders" for the box sides; make these to the depth of the duct less 1 1/2 inches, to compensate for the width of the 2-by-2s plus the clearance. I know I said you could save money doing it yourself and you can. Build a framing box the length, width and depth of the duct you will cover. Cover the finished box with drywall, nailed or screwed to the box members, or with wood paneling or other decorative siding.

Make sure the pieces are pushed completely together using the metal pieces. Hammer the ends of the metal to attach the pieces together, later seal with sealant. So, it comes as no surprise that the trunk line of a heating system is the large duct leading out of the furnace that delivers the massive amounts of air it takes to heat or cool a house. This is the most important step! TwoFeetFirst, LLC participates in various affiliate programs, including the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Take the measurement from about 1" inside the takeoff to about 1" into the boot collar.

It has a special snap lock built in at the factory. So you will NOT be sizing the line but installing it. Align the long edge with a cut mark.

They also gave us a paper that showed us where to place each trunk piece. Note: Sheet metal hole cutters and right-angle drills are available at most rental centers or specialty stores.

Secure the end caps to the plenum. These step-by-step instructions show how to install a radiant-heat system and tile floor. The hot air goes up into the plenum and from there flows to the supply trunk line (Image 3) where it is distributed through vents throughout the rest of the home. His articles have appeared in The News-Press, a local Southwest Florida newspaper and a small Southwest Florida fishing magazine. Square the four corners of this rectangle with a speed square, then install the internal rails.

So you will NOT be sizing the line but installing it. Remove the insulation from around the edges of the pieces with the duct board knife as described earlier. Lay the duct board knife flat between the duct board and the foil vapor barrier with the tip of the knife pointing toward the 1-1/2-inch line. Duct board consists of compressed fiberglass backed with a foil vapor barrier. Measure the length you need for the supply duct. We had to purchase all the takeoffs, duct pipe, and duct sealant separately. What you need to do is hire a local HVAC company to size your trunk line and build it. Don't miss your favorite shows in real time online. Rease , based in Texas, has been a professional construction and outdoor writer since 2003. Slit the foil vapor barrier extending beyond the edges of the duct board with a duct board knife. You could have them placed before hand and have the PRO hook everything up but call the company first to see if they will do that. And because it factors in everything (vents, furnace type, & AC type) you should have a professional do this part. Repeat the process to mark each cut line, including the 1-1/2-inch mark placed near the end of the duct board. A radiant-heat floor can save homeowners up to 25 percent in energy bills. You can get it online from companies like DuctWork or go to local HVAC pros to get a load calculation worked out. By the way in a one story home, you only need 2 return vents, and all vents are in the ceilings. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Note: Use a power nut driver to drive self-tapping sheet metal screws. You need to use a round duct cutter because the cutter actually removes a thin strip of metal along the cut line (Image 2), which makes the cut a lot smoother.

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