how old is amalia in wakfu season 3

Nox's next target was sure to be the Tree of Life, the largest single source of Wakfu on the planet and the source of her people's life and magic. She was also greatly relieved when she survived and was bemused when Amalia started yelling for a mirror to check her hair. We highly recommend you activate the Ankama Authenticator, since it is compatible with Steam. Count Harebourg an enemy of Joris and one of the people who took the dofus ask for Amalia's hand in marriage in exchange for the dofus. These features use cookies that notably allow these sites to track your navigation. In the end she voids the agreement after learning the Count planned to use the Sadida forests as a fuel source for his kingdom.

We can expect the upcoming season to be similar to the previous ones.

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Harebourg tells the brotherhood his plans to use the dofus instead of returning them.

Much of Amalia's past is unknown, it is revealed that during her childhood her mother the previous Queen had died and that she was very close to her mother.

Amalia is very spoiled and snooty and often doesn't like to get involved in fights unless her friends are hurt or her kingdom is at stake. Login not allowed: your IP address is hidden. 968 In the special 3-part episodes. As the group finally reached Oma Isle and learned something more of Yugo's ancestry (as well as meeting his dragon brother Adamai), they were attacked again by Nox, who had remained in hot pursuit during their travels.

6 years after Season 2, Amalia has taken her mother's position as Queen of the Sadida.

Amalia then states she doesn't need Yugo, believing the Eliotrope to be a wiser and older version of Yugo, which hurts the Eliatrope's feelings. In private, Yugo discusses his issues with Sipho (who is disguised as Ruel) while Amalia overhears. Her male form is tall and muscular, and like all male Sadida, her/his face was covered in green hair and worn in a high ponytail, and had some green chest hair. Upon meeting Oropo who claims to be an older Yugo, she is seduced by him. Yugo kisses Amalia during their fight with Black Bump, however, Yugo abruptly stops the kiss.

Race She didn't want to be wed considering she and Yugo still haven't admitted their feelings for each other, but she agreed anyways for the sake of the Sadida kingdom.

She has recently left her home kingdom after a dispute with her brother, claiming a prophetic dream from Sadida had called her to distant lands. When Amalia protests Yugo rejects her advances, calling the kiss a mistake, hurting Amalia. "The Child from the Mist" Yugo and his gang of friends form the “The Brotherhood of the Tofu”.

Amalia is a beautiful girl with long green hair like any Sadida, a strapless top and a mini-skirt made of leaves and a daisy on top of her head. They're pretty close although they do fight a lot and over the course of the series interact less and less, they care about each other a lot and Amalia often cries when Eva's hurt.

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She does not seem to like barbaric behavior and will retaliate through screaming if treated by it.

His plan was to unearth the the inland of the Sadida and frigfrost and put them in them high in the sky. Family It was implied they liked each other although Season 3 of the Animated Series confirmed it. In season 3 episode 4, She was turned into a tofu alongside the other members of The Brotherhood of the Tofu, in which she was a Tofu covered in feathers the color of her hair, and had some feathers resembling her hair, some being tied back into a ponytail about the size of her wings. When Amalia forcibly gets betrothed he is visibly upset and talks about it with Adamai who states that his feelings go beyond that of friendship but Yugo was worried that he would embarrass her if they were in a relationship and decides to hide it.

Daughter of King Sheran Sharm, Amalia is a princess who's as charming as she is spoiled. The show involves various games in a fantasy-filled plant. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

However, as said by their father when the guards brought him a souvenir from the gobbowl tournament she participated in his happiness was like a child that had been given a wonderful gift.

From enjoying a rough and tumble Gobbowl match in Bonta, to sailing the open seas, Amalia was finally being given the opportunity to enjoy a life of adventure and freedom that she only knew from stories passed around at court. The king's of the world decide to use the Eliatrope dofus to fight Ogest and stop the kingdom of Sadida from being destroyed. In Season 1-2 Amalia is the average height of a 14 year old and has long lime hair, with a headband connected to a open white flower which wilts or curls up when sick. In season 3 however, she takes a large turn. Though her bodyguard did her best to protect her, Amalia was ultimately saved from a polter's cursed touch by a small boy in a blue hat. Despite the sacrifice, the battle ended up one-sided as Nox was able to reach and drain the Tree of its Wakfu, turning Amalia and the Sadida race into trees in the process.


A fight ensues in which he dominates the family by using the power of the Eliatrope's Dofus that he explains he got back from Goultard by "cheating" but then Elely jumps to save her father as Yugo mome… Media services make it possible to enhance the site with multimedia content and increase its visibility.

Sadida Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She is usually barefoot. She and her bodyguard meet the bounty hunter Ruel Stroud outside of Emelka village, offering his services as a guide, though they decline and camp outside the city instead. When she was reunited with her, she explained to him the current situation.

Amalia often annoys him and he does to her as well, although despite this they save each others lives multiple times and always make up as friends.

After her brother battled Percedal, Eva's bow was destroyed and both her and Evangelyne were confined to her room. Amalia Sheran Sharm is a Princess of the Sadida Kingdom and a member of the Brotherhood of the Tofu.

Yugo and Adamai then decided to stay in the Sadida Kingdom and study the Eliacube.

After figuring out about their objectives, the gang had to decided to separate: Yugo and Adamai separated to find Grougraloragran's Dofus egg, while the others had to back to the Sadida Kingdom to warn about Nox's plans.

In the second season, she is often shown wearing her princess dress which is somewhat revealing. X. Her journeys were punctuated by combat and dangerous, wild quests! Yugo opted to allow Nox to retreat, instead choosing to stay behind and mourn the death of Percedal, who had been killed in the battle with Razortime.

Like everyone else, she's about the same height as before despite being 20 years old in the special episodes and Season 3.

She also started her friendship with Evangeline as the Cra was assigned to act as Amalia's bodyguard and playmate, at first, their opposing personalities clashed and Amalia was accidentally insulted by her when she attempted to show off her new dress. You may learn more about the type of cookies used, and allow them or reject them either in entirety for the entire website and services, or on a service-by-service basis.

Nox then used the Wakfu he had accumulated to put his ultimate plan in action: turn back time 200 years in order to prevent the deaths of his family., She cares a lot about him and when he was sick she stayed by him at all times, even when her friends asked her to accompany them to stop Ogrest, she needed her father himself to demand she goes.


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