how many berghia nudibranch do i need

Remember that they are fragile. The more they mate the more egg strands they lay meaning the more Berghia you get and the cycle continues. It is not a problem if you leave it longer but it can take longer before you catch all the shrimp if you do. You should usually have 8-10 slugs per 100 gallons of water but if you have very severe infestation (more than 100 Aiptasia per 100 gallon) you might want to consider a higher number of snails.

The best natural defense against Aiptasia is Berghia (Berghia Nudibranchs), as their sole diet is Aiptasia anemones. It is important to make sure that your aquarium is infested with Aiptasia and not Majano Anemones before you get Berghia. Felder, D.L. Remember that you NEED 5+ nudi's for this method to be effective against anything bigger than a baby aptasia, and yes thats 5 needed to kill 1 aptasia at a time. If you would like confirmation of which time it will be please send us an email on, You can select your delivery date on the checkout page, delivery is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Orders must be placed a minimum of 24 hours before your chosen delivery date to give us sufficient time to properly pack your Berghia. You can continue to keep a small culture of Berghia going with minimal work, or garner favor with your fellow clubbers or reefing friends by giving them your surplus in exchange for Berghia from them in the future. and D.K. “A new species of Aeolidiella Bergh, 1867 (Mollusca: Nudibranchia: Aeolidiidae) from the Florida Keys, USA”. Reeftown recommends at least 1 Berghia per 10 gallons, but NEVER less than 3 Medium Berghia.

They will commonly breed in reef aquariums while being used for Aiptasia control. You can start a breeding colony with just a few individuals. I find the need for water changes minimal due to this. Multiple Berghia will also reproduce, which is a key part of your Aiptasia eradication strategy (you must have more than one for them to successfully have off-spring). - Keeping a separate tank for your Berghia requires maintaining it like your display tank. Other Livestock: 0: 25 Mar 2020: Berghia Nudibranch: Wanted: 0: 9 Oct 2018: USA Berghia Nudi's and lots, lots more: Premium Aquatics: 6: 20 Sep 2018: Berghia Nudibranchs wanted: Sponsor Request Forum: 5: 22 Feb 2009: Berghia Nudibranchs: General Discussions and Advice: 5: 22 Feb 2009 The sea slugs will find the smallest part of Aiptasia and eat them leaving no trace of them in your tank. I then supplied ample amounts of Aiptasia from my systems. Determine how many Berghia you need see Estimating Your Berghia Needs. It can therefor be a good idea to feed them during the acclimatization process.

A note on the beautiful copperband butterfly fish.

Otherwise your gonna waste ALOt of money putting them into your tank. If you have a particularly bad bristle worm infestation consider buying a bristle worm trap, or buying a couple extra Berghia. Check on it regularly. Try again later. Many times an aquarist has to go through half a dozen or so until they get one healthy enough to survive (that doesn’t count all the fish that don’t make it out of the store, or out of the wholesalers). The first danger is fish. While it only takes two Berghia to breed since they are hermaphrodites, they face many obstacles in aquaria. Some use injections of kalkwasser, or feed them doses of the Aiptasia control product, Joe’s Juice. Living among the rock was our friend the Amphipod . They should be drip acclimatized for at least two hours before they are put into their new tank. The berghia I ship out are ADULTS. The best way to achieve this is to have a tank where you only keep Aiptasia and Berghia (Aeolidiella stephanieae). But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Turn of the light and filtration system before introducing the slugs. Click to learn more about Aiptasia and how to get rid of Aiptasia. An error has occurred, which probably means the feed is down. The more you have the quicker they will eat and more likely they are to find each other in your tank to mate. We recommend about at least 2 pairs of Berghia with one per 10 gallons being a good number for an Aiptasia infestation. Aeolidiella stephanieae was described by science in 2005 (Valdés A. In 2-3 months the tank should be completely free of the infestation. We had over 100 aiptasia anemones in a 70 gallon tank. Thank you for considering ReefTown for your aquarium needs RETURN INFORMATION Please contact us for return authorization and information. The best way to move them into your tank is to use a suitable sized pipette and place them directly on the rock in the vicinity of Aiptasia so that they easily can find food. When the Aiptasia is gone you know it is gone. This is not a complete list of fish that might eat Berghia and it is important that you keep an eye on your tank to see if your sea slugs are being left alone. The best natural defense against Aiptasia is Berghia (Berghia Nudibranchs), as their sole diet is Aiptasia anemones.

You will notice that copperbands pick at many things, including corals, clams, inverts and will most likely erradicate your tank of featherdusters and worms. We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. This is because we want to make sure every Berghia you receive is going to do its job well.

I feel that in aquaria Amphipods will not usually hunt down adults, since they have many other easier food sources, but this can’t be ruled out. I spend about a total of 5-10 minutes a week maintaining my nudibranch cultures. If you have space for two 10 gallon tanks you could do quite well. Peppermint shrimps are easy to remove using a trap constructed from a plastic bottle. I make sure to completely remove them from any substrate. In is the most commonly kept and sold sea slug in America. The Berghia die off will however normally not cause a big problem since they are very small and you should only have a small number of them. It takes about 2-3 months for the Berghia to clean the aquarium if you use this formula. The common name Berghia nudibranch have however stuck in the trade due to the fact that it had been used for a long time before the sea slug was re-categorized as a new species. After doing this new eggs were seen within days and the life cycle could be completed. The more you have the quicker they will eat and more likely they are to find each other in your tank to mate. It is therefore very important that you make sure not to put the Berghia directly on the Aiptasia when you introduce them to the tank. Berghia are non-toxic to corals and fish and are considered to be completely reef safe. The Berghia nudibranch can live about 10 months with a good food supply. Aquarium Culture of the Aeolid Nudibranch. Almost all sold specimens are bred in captivity. How many Berghia snails you need to control and eradicate the Aiptasia in you tank depends on how severe the infestation is. Veliger 47(3): 218-223. There is a good possibility that the Aiptasia will eventually return, since the Berghia often can’t get to every single last Aiptasia. Delivery will be made by either 12:00, 14:00 or 18:00, this depends on your address. The lightning maroon clownfish finally spawned!!! I was sick of paying outrageous prices on the net for things I needed for my tank. From our experience we recommend a minimum of 1 Berghia per 50 liters of water, with a minimum of 3. In other words they are both male and female but need to mate with another specimen to reproduce. If you see an ammonia spike at this point than you know that dying sea slugs are the like reason. Aiptasia will eat these sea slugs if they end up in the mouth area of the Aiptasia. You must accept delivery on the scheduled day, if the delivery is delayed through events not in your control (such as a delay with the courier) then we will retain responsibility for the alive arrive guarantee. Berghia Nudibranches are hermaphroditic but are not capable of asexual reproduction. Go to for music and videos. Upon recommendation from the venerable Anthony Calfo to make sure not add any live rock, I promptly removed any rock, and rubble and hunted down every Amphipod , and placed them back in the reef displays. It is not uncommon for the Berghia to start breeding in your tank. In pursuit of the Dream build: Part 1 of Cuban Reefer’s journey, New X Series DC Aquarium Pumps Released From Royal Exclusiv, Calfo, A 2004. 1/2", Due to Covid-19 Pandemic Livestock Is Limited & Some Prices Have Increased. Berghia sea slugs only eat Aiptasia. They absorb the pigment from the Aiptasia. The sea slugs will not miss any Aiptasia and you do not have to worry about it growing back. Good luck and happy reefing!

The slugs will start dying of when the Aiptasia has been removed. Juvenile Berghia are usually about 600 microns long when they start feeding actively. I by no means recommend trying to exterminate Amphipods, which is possible.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Keep tank clean. Berghia need each other to Hunt, Feed & Breed. I know there is a few here that have apatisa!

You will be surprised how quickly these guys go through aiptasia!


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