how did richard jaeckel die

The three would re-team six years later in Grizzly (1976) (an amiable "Jaws" ripoff reset in the forest), and Jaeckel and George would team again in another "nature strikes back" story, Day of the Animals (1977). He was 70. real-world solutions, and more. In 1960, he appeared as Angus Pierce in the western, Flaming Star, starring Elvis Presley. will be published daily in dedicated articles. No hype, just the advice and analysis you need, Register with your social account or click here to log in. Born Richard Hanley Jaeckel in Long Island, New York, he was a popular brilliant character performer in films and television for over fifty years. He began his career at the age of seventeen while working as a mailboy at 20th Century Fox, making his debut in … In 1967 Jaeckel played the no-nonsense sergeant who helps convert a motley bunch of military criminals into a viable fighting force in Aldrich's violent and enormously successful The Dirty Dozen, the biggest-grossing film of the year. An actor popular with the public and within the profession, Jaeckel was rarely out of work in a 54-year career.

Jaeckel got his start in the business at the age of seventeen while he was employed as a mailboy at 20th Century Fox studios in Hollywood.

In 1977, Jaeckel appeared with Donna Mills, Bill Bixby, and William Shatner in the last episode, entitled "The Scarlet Ribbon", of NBC's western series The Oregon Trail, starring Rod Taylor and Andrew Stevens. they can to create a true meeting of independent Premium.

Newest first, -1) ? [3]:8 A casting director auditioned him for a role in the 1943 film Guadalcanal Diary; Jaeckel won the role and settled into a lengthy career in supporting parts. He played another serviceman, this time a young pilot on an aircraft carrier, in Henry Hathaway's fine account of events leading to the Battle of Midway, Wing and a Prayer (1944), before spending four years in the US Navy. Bowren, in the 1967 film The Dirty Dozen for director Robert Aldrich, and reprised the role in the 1985 sequel, The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission. One of Jaeckel's shortest film roles was in The Gunfighter, in which his character is killed by Gregory Peck's character in the opening scene. "Chisum" was a John Wayne vehicle in which Jaeckel, Christopher George and Andrew Prine all co-starred in prominent supporting roles. In 1959, Jaeckel was cast as Clint Gleason in episode "The Man Behind the Star" of CBS's The Texan western series, starring Rory Calhoun.[5]. Create a commenting name to join the debate. try again, the name must be unique, Please Enter your email to follow new comments on this article. Start your Independent Premium subscription today. Jaeckel was born October 10, 1926, in Long Beach, New York, the son of Richard Jaeckel and Millicent Hanley. In Daniel Mann's Come Back, Little Sheba (1952), he had a prime role as a college boy with sex on his mind who flirts agressively with the nubile Terry Moore and invokes the jealousy of her landlord (Burt Lancaster).

Jaeckel's most famous film appearances of the 1950s are in 3:10 to Yuma (1957) and The Naked and the Dead (1958). Get the day’s latest Coronavirus news delivered to your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter.

In 1943, Jaeckel was plucked from the mail room of 20th Century Fox to portray a teen-age Marine in “Guadalcanal Diary.” After serving in the Navy from 1944 to 1948, he played a young Marine again in “The Sands of Iwo Jima” with John Wayne. He was 70. You can also choose to be emailed when someone replies They had two sons,[7] Barry and Richard.

The most insightful comments on all subjects He received a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his role in the 1971 adaptation of Ken Kesey's Sometimes a Great Notion.

try again, the name must be unique, Please The following year he played Sergeant Lykes in the epic TV miniseries Centennial. Richard Jaeckel, Actor: The Dirty Dozen. Richard Jaeckel would have been 70 years old at the time of death or 88 years old today.

He was cast as a boxer in a 1954 episode of Reed Hadley's CBS legal drama, The Public Defender. Due to the sheer scale of this comment community, we are not able to give each post Start your Independent Premium subscription today. [5] That same year he was among the guest stars on the short-lived ABC/Warner Brothers western series, The Dakotas. Jaeckel became a well-known character actor in his career, which spanned six decades. Further film roles included Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (1973), Twilight's Last Gleaming (1978), Starman (1985) and Delta Force 2 (1990), but Jaeckel's later work was primarily in television.

[4], In 1957, he appeared as Mort Claffey in two episodes, "Paratroop Padre" and "The Light," of the syndicated religion anthology series, Crossroads. Guidelines. 'active' : ''"> Actor. Independent Premium Comments can be posted by members of our membership scheme, Independent Premium.

Seemingly ageless, when he played the devious outlaw who tries to out- gun John Wayne in Chisum in 1970 he seemed little older than as the over- confident youngster who attempted to out-draw Gregory Peck in The Gunfighter 20 years earlier. In 1971, Jaeckel was nominated for a best supporting actor Oscar for his work in “Sometimes a Great Notion.” The film, directed by Paul Newman and starring Newman and Henry Fonda, was based on a novel by Ken Kesey about a family of loggers carving a living out of the Oregon woods. Also in 1963, Jaeckel, speaking in German, played the role of Wehrmacht Sgt. Jaeckel also guest-starred in many television programs. try again, the name must be unique, Please try again, the name must be unique, Show{{#moreThan3_total}} {{value_total}} {{/moreThan3_total}} comments, You may not agree with our views, or other users’, but please respond to them respectfully, Swearing, personal abuse, racism, sexism, homophobia and other discriminatory or inciteful Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? Two of the his finest films during this period were Robert Aldrich's uncompromising picture of corruption and incompetence within the military, Attack! He revived the character in the film’s made-for-television sequel, “The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission” in 1985.


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