how did james graham get back on the four

How Faithful Is ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’ to Its Horror Story Inspirations? Last night, Graham avenged his loss when he outsang Jenea for a spot in the final two of “The Four.” Having become the winner of the entire competition, Graham gained an automatic record deal with Republic Records and the title of iHeartRadio’s “On the Verge Artist.”. Season Two Ratings The second season of The Four: Battle … I’m going to get in to work on the album, which is a dream come true as well.

Click to Subscribe to Our HollywoodLife Daily Newsletter, How Rob’s Feeling About His New 'Healthy Physique': Plus His Weight Loss Secrets Revealed, Khloe & Tristan Unite For Cleopatra & Mark Antony Halloween Costumes, Stream All Of Your Favorite Shows With The Fire Stick That’s On Sale For Just $29, Kalani Hilliker, Brett Favre & More Stars Endorse Donald Trump For President In 2020 Election, Thomas Girardi: 5 Things To Know About Erika Jayne’s Now Ex-Husband, 81, After Divorce Announcement, Bella Hadid Calls Out Lil Pump For Endorsing Trump Before Election: ’This Kid Is A Loser’, Tracy Chapman Returns To TV For The First Time In 5 Years With Epic Performance, Feeling Stressed? The first members of "The Four" were announced on May 9, 2018. The second season of The Four premiered on June 7, 2018, and concluded on August 2, 2018. They included Carvena Jones, James Graham, Sharaya J, and Stephanie Zelaya. It still hasn’t sunk in. That might be something that could happen. You know how sometimes you have a gut feeling of I might win or I think I did this. James Graham: Me and Sharaya are so close. I’m a big talker. I haven’t been able to get my head together since. I go straight into getting my team together, like, who is going to be my producers and management and just the sorting out of my whole team. James Graham, 21, is the winner of The Four season 2! Obviously, there was going to be some nerves that creep in, but I wasn’t that nervous in the end. Graham chose the perfect song and arrangement for his final moments as a competitor, reeling in the audience and judges to secure his victory. His soul and passion add fire to everything he sings, and combined with his massive vocal range, Graham makes for an unstoppable singer. Hopefully I can come out with something really soon, and it can climb to the top! Each one of them has been FaceTiming and talking to me. Those feelings I managed to channel into good energy, and I came back harder and tougher to get my seat back, and then I carried it over to the finale as well. Following eight episodes, James Graham was announced as the winner of the season, with Sharaya J as the runner-up. Fans have seen his potential from day one, when he established his unbeatable presence on “The Four” with his cover of Donny Hathaway’s “A Song For You.”. He actually believed Sharaya J, 34, was going to take home the win! Female rapper Sharaya J, who achieved second place, was definitely a fan favorite of the season. The whole thing is crazy. Can Bunny, TikTok’s Talking Dog, Actually Talk. James Graham, 21, is the winner of The Four season 2! Then, 17-year-old Leah Jenea came along and mesmerized the entire audience with her exotic tone, captivating the crowd enough to dethrone the previously invincible Graham (but he won a seat back in the comeback episode). Are you and Sharaya close? Brad Pitt Upset Over Angelina Jolie’s Rumored Plans To Adopt? But I was speechless. But will his new deal with Republic Records be enough for him to become a mainstream artist? She’s definitely a friend for life. I get to work with Diddy and go into the studio with DJ Khaled and do something with Meghan, maybe, possibly a little duet. So I really tried to push any nerves out, which is difficult. “When Diddy said my name, I looked at him for four seconds like, ‘Really?’” Graham told Entertainment Weekly after the show. I was really proud of my performances, and the reaction was great. Vocal ability will only get someone so far — the rest is a combination of song quality and the voice the music industry is seeking out at the time.

I thought “Hello” and “Fix You” were my two best of the whole season, but I just didn’t have that gut feeling that I was going to win. I get too into it and then I overthink.

British singer James Graham pulled off a surprise win in the exciting season season finale of "The Four: Battle for Stardom".

I didn’t think I was going to win. Did that help you re-focus when you got back in?James Graham: That massively helped me. I go straight into working on the album. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'studybreaks_com-box-3','ezslot_2',118,'0','0']));After an electrifying and talent-packed finale, James Graham emerged victorious as the Season 2 champion of “The Four.” The 21-year-old singer from across the pond chose to perform “Fix You” by Coldplay as his final song to win it all, a culmination of the incredible vocal prowess and passion he demonstrated throughout the season. He stole the show with his rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You,” Adele’s “Hello,” and Coldplay’s “Fix You.”.


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