honda silverwing 600 top speed
The Book says 115MPH - I can't quite remember which Book. Normally only need to pay for petrol, but here it is a bit thirsty, £15 every 2 weeks fill up, and that's only for average commute of 135 miles a week.

The rest of my luggage fitted into the large top box and a few items packed in vacuum bags attached to the pillion seat. A close-run thing. Blow those sluggish factory settings away with this Magnum Honda Silver Wing 600 ECU chip. The CVT found the Silver Wing was also impressive in that it has 3 difference acceleration modes that it uses depending on how far the throttle is pressed. 8500 RPM's on the rev limiter she'll go no faster and that's with 26G sliders. Glad it has ABS. It would be nice to have a slightly larger fuel tank but I get 160 miles before the fuel gauge flashes and it will make it to 200 miles before filling (I know because I've done it twice). I do my own servicing which is a doddle on this bike. Additionally, Honda has provided dual lockable cubby holes in the dash for holding your wallet, insurance slips and Fisherman’s Friend lozenges. I think it's overpriced new but used ones seem reasonable.

Indeed but the title of the thread is 'Silverwings Top speed' and the OP asked how fast it was possible to make the Silverwing go not 'How fast have you made your Silverwing go?' For it's size and weight, it is very well behaved in town although it's length can be a problem in very slow traffic but it's powerful enough to pull away from most things, particularly the moped maniacs, at the lights. Theres a youtube video of a guy going 185kph. The styling remained fresh and it withstood the test of time better than its Suzuki competitors which have now been redesigned. Unsurprisingly, the Silver Wing was Honda’s fastest scooter ever, with a 0-60 mph time of 8 seconds and a top speed of 105mph (170km/hr). Brake pads and front tyre seem to last for ever, a rear tyre goes every 4K. Thanks for the info onf the LT, I'd read it should do 130mph, I haven't pushed it over a ton yet and that's by speedo which seems to be off about 5-10%. Its a great engine coupled with a cracking drive train. I for one dought it. * Stiff rear suspension without passenger.

See the need for a larger windshield and a rack. For Big Bird on pictures----looked back thru pictures...have only a few-----trip to North Cap, found 2 or 3 Honda XBR500s, Pacifico fairing---have 3, 2 with snow background,,,then looked at 1998 in Canada---CB750 NightHawk &Kwik Camp trailer & dog....going to present SilverWing----all have the same pair of aftermarket CB750 type mirrors. I can't offer any comments on tyres other than the standard Bridgestone Hoops seem okay at the moment.

Compared to this group, the Silver Wing has the second largest motor which means great power but also lower fuel milage than most others. Two up me and her are on the weight limit and scampering about the hills had the rear shocks bottoming out. Only have 57 miles on it but like it so far! 100mph sounds fast to me - but 97mph does not.

I can't complain about the buying process which was handled well but the costs of servicing are ludicrously high. My SWing is very smooth (on smooth road) at top speed but things could get ugly if I hit a bump, had to take an evasive manuver, or need to brake quickly.

Great engine and the CVT keeps it in the right zone. Dunno why i waited so long to get one. Cost £2.5k 4 years ago. I have read that you can get fork upgrades and Hagons will do new shocks for us, ahem, 'larger' riders but I won't bother unless it gets too noticeable. I feel good cruising at 70-75mph (good roads, good weather, light traffic) but anything above that is IMHO beyond my acceptable risk limit. Brakes are ok, but a second disc would have helped inspire more confidence in braking. I have done 90 mph easy.kinda stupid and unsafe to go any faster with a little bike like this; did 125 on my 1500 Gold Wing a few yrs ago and 135 mph on my 73 Triumph Hurricaine ..that was kinda stupid too.


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