homer vs lisa and the 8th commandment script
1 Synopsis 2 Full Story 3 Video 4 Citations Homer becomes the most popular person in town, when he gets an illegal cable hookup. Directed By [3] In a joke about Mr. Burns' age, Burns recalls watching a bare-knuckle match between Gentleman Jim Corbett and "an Eskimo fellow. It was originally going to be named "Homer vs. the 8th Commandment", but the writers decided to include Lisa in the title because they wanted the cast to feel as if all their characters were equally represented on the show.

Post Production Audio Facility. Lisa pays a visit to Reverend Lovejoy at church, where he suggests that Lisa cannot turn her father in to the police for the illegal hook-up, since she must continue to "Honour Thy Father and Thy Mother", according to the Fifth Commandment. [13] The episode finished second in its timeslot to The Cosby Show, which aired at the same time on NBC and had a Nielsen rating of 16.8. Simpson and Delilah “I have hair!” Homer Simpson "Simpson and Delilah" is the second episode of Season 2. Lisa imagines what Hell might be like after becoming fearful that she is violating the Eighth Commandment ("thou shalt not steal") by watching stolen cable television. Meanwhile, Bart manages to tune into a sexually explicit adult movie channel, and Homer invites his friends over to watch a boxing match, but Lisa's protest gets to him. The title parodies Broadcast News, which was written by Simpsons executive producer James L. The episode marks the debut of Troy McClure who was voiced by Phil Hartman and based on the typical "washed up" Hollywood actor.

She fears that because Homer violated the Eighth Commandment, he will go to Hell when he dies. The story of Homer stealing cable was an excuse for dozens of parodies of early 90s cable TV, but it was also a story about Homer and his daughter and an examination of how we rationalize little acts of theft in our daily lives. 26 Special Guest Voices Homer tries a new hair growth formula — Dimoxinil — and wakes up with a full head of hair, which wins him a promotion at work. Her suspicions are confirmed by Reverend Lovejoy and she protests by no longer watching television. This episode won the Best Animated Program award at the Emmys in 1991. Homer decides to have a party and invites all of his friends to come over and watch the fight. [9] McClure became a recurring character on the show after "Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment", but was retired in 1998 after Hartman's death. Based on the Fourth Commandment, "remember the Sabbath and keep it holy", that episode originated when Jean commented to Reiss, "We had a lot of luck with Homer stealing cable, so maybe we could look to other commandments? Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment Written by Steve Pepoon Directed by Rich Moore. The introduction of cable into the home allowed [the writers] to mock many different movies and other media outlets, and this helped make the episode very entertaining. Meanwhile, Bart has set up posters on the back door for his showing of the adult-only channel "Top Hat Entertainment" for 50 cents (although his age requirement is 8), but is caught a few seconds later by Homer. Moses appears, claiming the Ten Commandments. Original Airdate

Assistants to Mr. Brooks. He instead encourages Lisa to not watch anything on Homer's cable hook-up, setting a good example that he hopes others will follow.


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