homemade argo tracks

Mud flaps: These flaps extend past the sides of the vehicle, deflecting mud and snow coming off of the tracks to keep your passengers and cargo clean. Here’s what you need to know to choose the right track setup and get the most out of it. Check it out! Rubber tracks: 230 lbs. Compare to other tracks Argo Atv.

The mud flaps should be removed when the tracks are taken off to keep them from rubbing against branches and other obstacles in tight spaces. Escargo is the only track that propels on water. Argo and 471

Respond 8X8 Argo that has a rear axle bearing extension.

New Hamburg, ON – Argo’s track systems increase their reliability and performance in the most difficult terrains on earth.

To install the Escargo tracks, remove some air in the back and front tires, slide the track over the wheels and roll it over the front wheel just like putting a belt on a pulley. Right Tracks manufacture the best rubber Argo tracks and tracks for similar 6 x 6 and 8 x 8 ATV units. Copyright © 2012 Ontario Drive and Gear Ltd. All rights reserved. here is a picture taken by Martwell : 2008 MAX-IV 500T 30hp Bandolero. Escargo is a unique pattented track. Increasingly, Argos are going to work in the mining, oil and gas, utility and forestry sectors.

Super tracks: 145 lbs. Inspect the track pins before using your Argo. Both ends of the steel crossers are rounded off for better skid steer. Saved from 6x6world.com. Thanks loads! We have been using Right Tracks Snowcat tracks for over a decade. Escargo tracks have two seperate belts so the mud, slush or

We also offer a variety of grouser types and patterns including poly urethane, UHMW and even ice cleats. To install the Escargo tracks, remove some air in the back and front tires, slide the track over the wheels and roll it over the front wheel just like putting a belt on a pulley.

I finally got to see a my friends Argo 6x6 Tracks. When riding on water we recommend operating with caution. Exceptional traction. Rubber tracks are compatible with 24 and 25-inch tires. If the sand is extremely fine, For off-road applications there is no… Read more ». However, tracks can be installed if standard Argo tires are mounted on the rims. Super tracks: 210 lbs.

When traveling through water, keep the treads touching the ground and don’t go through water that is higher than the hull. New for 2014 is a heavy-duty track system that is specifically designed for commercial use. Go where no man has gone before whether you are working, hunting, fishing or If ever, for some reason, one of the belt on the track tears or is damaged, it can be Rubber tracks: 295 lbs. Before installing the Escargo tracks, the argo must have a 2½" spacer kit which can be bought at any argo dealer. Argo’s wide variety of track systems allows customers to adapt their vehicles to suit specific tasks and terrain.

Be sure to check the air pressure in each tire and air them up as needed once they have a chance to cool down. These add-ons can increase your XTV’s capabilities and improve comfort.

© Copyright 2020 Right Track Systems Int. Argo North America has more than 200 dealers and continues to grow at a steady pace. Escargo tracks will get you there and back with ease.

off the ground. Instead of having a hinge, the belts of the Escargo tracks are For most vehicles, this is 26 inches deep. on water. Other track systems didn’t offer any type… Read more ». Reply With Quote. These value-priced thermoplastic rubber tracks are equipped with integrated track guides and do not require axle extensions to install the tracks.


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