homegrown band members
Instead, Tonight's the Night was released in its place, and Homegrown remained unreleased for decades.

Safety copies were also used to substitute for the bits where the original tapes were damaged. Homegrown perform at the 1982 National Folk Festival of New Zealand, Wellington. The album had peaked at #24 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart in 1998. They formed The Mountain Ramblers and appeared at the National Banjo Pickers’ Convention in Ngāruawāhia as well as on Kiwi Records’ convention highlights LPs from 1969 and 1970. Homegrown Family, Albany, Georgia.

The carefree atmosphere of the Underground found Homegrown introducing Turbitt’s own songs, at first tentatively but then in a glut.

The photo was by Rick Morgan and the cover design by Paul Clarke.

Homegrown moved to a residency in the back bar of the Provincial Hotel and began taking twenty-firsts and dance gigs. "Try" – "in 'Try', a faint ray of optimism that followed 'Separate Ways' in one running order for the album, Young paid tribute to Carrie Snodgress by adapting bits of her language into verse: 'I'd like to take a chance,' yelps Young over a rollicking piano, 'but shit, Mary, I can't dance.'"

Other songs associated with the group, including "Human Highway," "Pushed It over the End" and "Hawaiian Sunrise" (aka "Maui Mama"), were also recorded during the period but possibly saved for the planned CSNY reunion album that would not materialize for another 14 years. Around 1986 it became clear the management of the Leopard Inn was in trouble. Homegrown's Scotty Smith (left) and Ian Turbitt in a promotion photo for their folk club tour in the early 1980s. The album consists of material recorded between June 1974 and January 1975.

"Bad News Comes to Town" would see new life, this time with a horn section, during Young's 1988 tour with the Blue Notes, captured live on 2015's Bluenote Café. Home Grown was formed in Orange County in 1994.

"Homefires" was debuted live in the summer of 1974 and appears on tentative tracklistings for the album on the Neil Young Archives website. The Homegrown Band - Down South.

It even brought him some work with the show’s resident group The Hamilton County Bluegrass Band. At rugby socials, weddings and twenty-firsts, rock’n’roll was snuck in amongst the veletas, maxinas and waltzes.

All four remained active in the Hawke’s Bay music scene. "It was a little too personal... it scared me" Young would later explain to Cameron Crowe in interview. She taught herself flute and after a stint teaching, then working at Radio Taranaki, she travelled overseas, which included a musical specialty job teaching music in Vancouver.

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