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Wang, Bella ed. Much of the story’s action takes place in a magical land where there is battle between the supporters of speech and the foe of speech. The novel highlights the importance of speech and communication in comparison with silence and muteness.

However, there is still a bounty of 5.8 million U.S. dollars for his head (Allingham).

The story revolves around Haroun Khalifa the son of Rashid Khalifa. In the book Haroun and The Sea of Stories, the major characters not only develop the book into what it is by the end, but they also have significance beyond the plot.

Khattam Shud wants to destroy the sea of stories and rule the planet of Kahani. "Haroun and the Sea of Stories Essay Questions". Many of these stories were also told through song and so several of the characters in the novel use music as a means of passing along information about themselves or about the meaning of their world. In the magical land of Kahani, there are two parts, one is the land of Gup where free speech is practised and the other is Land of Chup where speech is not allowed. For example, Rushdie heavily borrows themes Lewis Carrol’s Through the Looking Glass. What follows is a war between the land of speech appropriately called GUP city and the land of silence called the Land of CHUP. The use of Hindi words for names of places and characters is an amusing way of connecting with the reader.

Sexism is unfair as it produces rebellion, eliminates women’s rights and creates a stereotypical role of women in society. Haroun must go through a series of adventures in which he almost fails because of danger and his own weakness.

The loss hits Rashid so hard that he loses his storytelling abilities, his gift of gab. Rashid, therefore, symbolizes the ancient storytellers that helped to keep tradition and culture alive through the repetition of stories. On the first level, it is a novel for children.

However, as the novel progresses, Haroun finds that there is a particular kind of beauty in silence. The novel also deals a lot with shadows. It can easily be seen that the story of Haroun (or Haroun's story?)

As in his all other books, Rushdie’s language is explicative and his language itself weaves magic. Mr. Sengupta, who is characterized as an accountant and a part of the commercial and industrial rise of the land, does not understand the power or value of story. Mudra’s shadow represents the culture and tradition joined to a person as though it were a separate kind of substance from the person; culture has a life of its own.

The loss hits Rashid so hard that he loses his storytelling abilities, his gift of gab. The novel deals majorly about the contrast of speech and silence. Here he meets strange creatures and learns that the sea of stories is in trouble as there is someone wanting to poison it. For instance, Rashid, the protagonist’s father, is being compared to Rushdie himself. He looses the Gift of Gab and his wife because of Mr. Sengupta, who is Khattam-Shud’s real-world counterpart (155).

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This sadness is embodied by Mr. Sengupta, who criticizes Rashid for his storytelling.

The book’s storyline clearly draws a contrast between speech and silence. Rushdie believes that most Muslims were only afraid of Khomeini, and there was only a small group of zealous extremists that endangered his life. The Sea of Stories itself is a symbol of free speech and the great effects of cultural identity. Free speech, in fact, can be harmful in some instances when silence is better.

He illustrates how loss of language results in loss of identity and utter chaos. Is Haroun and the Sea of Stories a novel for children or a novel for adults? The novel ridicules politicians, advocates freedom of speech, makes fun of foolish wars, admires the beauty of darkness and night, shows respect to silence and the language of silence and gestures, gives an insight into a child’s mind.

Can Haroun and the Sea of Stories be classified as a hero epic? In the novel Haroun and the Sea of Stories, by Salman Rushdie, the author uses the characterization of the inhabitants of Kahani and Haroun's experiences there to show that the freedom of speech and power of silence must be balanced in order for Kahani and the rest of the world to function in a healthy balanced way.

He also points out the grace and beauty of darkness as opposed to sunlight. 1st Jan 1970 The Sea of Stories itself is a symbol of free speech and the great effects of cultural identity.

The British-Indian author Salman Rushdie (b.

Rushdie uses this symbolizes as a commentary on how the culture of the Middle East is turned against them and changed into something they can no longer trust. Our academic experts are ready and waiting to assist with any writing project you may have.

Rushdie incorporates a number of popular cultural markers in the novel and combines them with traditional Indian folklore to create a unique imaginary world that is infused with fantastical cultural references from both East and West. We're here to answer any questions you have about our services.

Haroun is obviously glad that his mother returned and it creates a happy environment for him. The moon itself we know exists and it is a true thing, but what we are given in Haroun and The Sea of Stories has lots of magic. Thus the effect of parents’ separation on kids is also brought to fore. Yet when the storyteller actually tells his stories, the mob turns against the politicos and sends them off. The novel Haroun and the Sea of Stories is an extremely amusing, highly colourful and vivid account a young boy’s adventure into an unknown land to help his father regain his lost talent.

Company Registration No: 4964706. He highlights the need of silence and the foolishness of useless chatter. Rushdie had to thus, live a life of hiding till things cooled down and this secluded life prompted him to write on the subject of freedom of speech.

” (Rushdie 68). The major theme seems to be a Children’s fantasy novel. Rashid is a famous storyteller in a city which is so ‘ruinously sad that it has forgotten its name.’ The tragedy occurs when Haroun’s mother and Rashid the story teller’s wife elopes with their neighbour. Political Views In Haroun and The Sea of Stories Salman Rushdie wrote Haroun and The Sea of Stories, during the long period of exile and hiding that followed a 1988 contract (fatwah) put out against him by the Ajatollah-Khomeini.

Haroun And The Sea Of Stories Essay Summary: One day when it was raining heavily, Haroun skipped his school to enjoy the first rain on skin. Not affiliated with Harvard College.

On closer study the following themes emerge: The importance of stories and imagination.

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