handsome dog names
Nowadays, however, you’re more likely to hear Oscar, Zoey, or Emma called out at the local dog park. You’ll notice that many of the names on this list are people names as well, and would sound equally at home on a baby as they do on a puppy. NYC Subway Bans Dogs Unless They Fit into a Bag. It’s pretty much what it sounds like: stand at the back door and call out your new dog‘s potential name. You know that the little rolly polly puppy will grow into your best friend. On March 9, 1959, the fashion doll Barbie made its debut. Many canine actors have also been revered for their attractiveness such as Lassie, Benji, Rin Tin Tin, and Toto. Pet parents are not that much different than the parents of human children. Sometimes, he can even come in small sizes like cinhuha Our website uses cookies.

Even if your dog is just a typical, run-of-the-mill mutt it can still have a name that sparks pride because physical beauty is only skin deep but a heart of gold in a loyal canine companion is something to provoke true pride in an owner’s heart. We’re fans of the “back door test” for dog name selection. Disney’s Live-Action Lady and the Tramp is Here! These Big Dog Owners Accepted the Challenge. It wasn't long after purchasing Pal that Weatherwax decided not to keep the dog and traded him to a friend. If you’re having trouble deciding, keep in mind that a girl dog name can come from many different sources of inspiration, such as your favorite foods, books, celebrities, your heritage, or even dog breed history. For example, a French bulldog puppy might sport a French-inspired name like Jacques, while a Latin dog breed like the Chihuahua might be perfect for a name like Diego. Beauty, the Afghan Hound, inspired the imaginations of a generation of girls. You’ll want to select a name that you feel comfortable repeating, because you’ll be saying it…a lot. Even if your furry buddy doesn't fit the conventional stereotype of a beautiful dog,  they are probably perfect in your eyes so why not pick a special name to truly show your furry bud's charisma? Another consideration when choosing your dog’s name? As dog lovers through and through, we find dog names absolutely fascinating, and we love searching our data on the topic to discover hot trends, quirky choices, and unique twists on classics. Also, giving your pooch a foreign name instantly brings the exotic to mind and many people will do a double take when they learn your dog’s unusual foreign moniker. Everybody likes beautiful things and dogs are definitely stunning animals so why not cater to their good looks by giving them a name to showcase their unique loveliness. The pretty puppy wasn't exactly a show quality dog because of a white blaze on his face, so he was sold to an animal trainer named Howard Peck. If your dog often behaves badly but looks stunning then this name might be the perfect fit.

Is your dog handsome? The role of Lassie called for a Collie so he immediately thought of Pal. The Mattel company focused on an Afghan Hound with its silky flowing hair that was reminiscent of Barbie’s own perfect locks. Another cute pair of names is Eder for a male and Eider for a female. There are some that have withstood the test of time. Simply choose a striking moniker for your adorable canine sidekick. Other name considerations include Beau, which is often associated with a devilishly handsome individual who is a bit of a scalawag. Clifford – This name is for a super tall handsome dog. Both names mean handsome. Suk – Meaning rock, this is a name that can be given to a tough and strong male dog. Robert Weatherwax, Rudd's son, talked about the relationship between Pal and his father in an interview. Weatherwax promptly repurchased Pal from his friend for $10 and started to train the dog in the hopes he would land the role of Lassie.

500 Popular Male Dog Names Here are some dog names which look good-looking for your pooch. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our use of cookies. Dad would never again watch an MGM Lassie movie. We named her cause her fur color is like honey, Featured Famous Dog with a Beautiful Name, Biblical name meaning beautiful or handsome servant, Arabic for one who is handsome or beautiful, Irish for handsome, beautiful, and lovable, Scottish for beautiful son of a handsome man, A nice Greek for name for your handsome pup, Welsh name that will suit a perky, cute pup, Biblical for handsome and adorned servant, Arabic, great name for a sleek and gorgeous pup, A combination of Spanish and French meaning beautiful, An English term that means beautiful person, The term comes from Israel and translates into beautiful. Dog training.

Frankie – For a dog that acts like a gangster. A beautiful dog for a beautiful doll. Beauregard is another fun name that is often bestowed on a southern charmer. Pal's descendants played Lassie all the way up until the late 1990s when the first non-Pal related Collie was cast in the role. If you bestow a handle on your dog that screams beauty then everyone will probably step back and admire the animal. It was one of the most desired toys for Christmas in 1978. You can even focus on a name with the same magic for a male dog. Many girls sat on Santa’s lap asking for Beauty, Barbie’s pet Afghan dog, as their most desired present. Are you still uncertain about which moniker to choose? At the height of Pal's fame, Peck decided to fight Weatherwax for ownership of the dog. We’ve rounded up some of the most handsome, distinctive names for the new male dog in your life.

You’re not alone. Now I can’t help you predict what name your family will agree on, but I can help you come up with plenty of male dog names to get you started. The toy came with a doggy bed, blanket, food bowl,  brush, a straw hat with a flower, dog collar, leash, and best-in-show ribbons.

When you’re searching for the perfect name for your furry family member, Rover is here to help. From 1978 to 1979, Beauty ruled as a desirable toy.

The young dog refused to stop barking or chasing motorcycles, so Peck sold the pooch to another animal trainer named Rudd Weatherwax. From classic dog names like Benji to trendy names like Loki, here’s 500 popular male dog names. In the case of large dog breeds, too, you might be anticipating quite a gentle giant as the years pass! Baek – Meaning brother in Korean, this is a great name to give a dog … He buried him in a special place on the ranch and would often visit the grave. One of the most famous pooches named Beauty was a make-believe dog but still helped form the imaginations of millions of young girls.


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